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Shinigami: God of Death Empty Shinigami: God of Death

Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:53 pm

This story is based off of the anime Bleach.


This story is about a young boy who grows up in a place called the Soul Society. The Soul Society is a place where after you die, you live here if you have been good all of your life. The large Society is modeled after the Edo Era of Japan. Bleaches story line is mostly about a race called Shinigami or literally Gods of Death. Their job is to bring souls to the Soul Society after passing away. Another job is to protect the Soul Society and to dispatch evil lost souls called Hollows. They do this by destroying the evil with their swords called Zanpakuto, which are literally part of their own soul but materialized. Other evil also lurks in the world which you will find out about in the following chapter of this story.

This is Shinigami...

Shinigami: God of Death Rainichigo-vip-blog-com-720066Bleach(3)

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Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:54 pm

Chapter I: Intro to Yoshiro Mototori

"Yoshiro? Hello?" Oichi called to her son.
"Coming Mother." Yoshiro answered.
The soft tap of his socks came on the stairs down the hallway. From there came a young boy, about 14 years old with deep dark hair. He was wearing an old kimono and had his hair up in a sort of ponytail called a queue. Yoshiro bowed to his mother.
"Good morning Mother, what would you like?" Yoshiro asked happily.
"Good morning, Yoshiro. I would like you to bring a couple of packages to your father at the store in Rukongai district 3." Oichi said while still doing work.
"District 3, ok." Yoshiro said. He was happy to get out of their cramped house and out into the bright day.
Living in District 1 was a fairly safe life for the people. There was less of a crime rate there than in District 79 or 80... and it was less poverty ridden.
Yoshiro ran to the front of his small house and grabbed the packages which lay by the door. The sun was warm in the deep blue sky looking over the Soul Society. It was only 7:00 and yet the majority of the people were out enjoying the splendid day.
As Yoshiro walked through the busy streets, he looked over to a separate city of its own. The large city was separated from Rukongai and was the home to the Shinigami, or Death Gods. They were responsible for many things in the Soul Society. Protection and security, guiding souls through the Human World to the Soul Society, and cleansing the lost souls called Hollows.
The city, mostly called the Seireitei, held the wealthy elite and noble families. During an emergency, large walls which resist spirit energy, called reiatsu, will surround the city. Yoshiro looked over to that city and thought:
"If only I were to live there, then I bet my family wouldn't have to work so hard just to stay in the first district."


When Yoshiro arrived in District 3, he quickly went to his father's shop. Yoshiro's father, Musashi, looked much like Yoshiro except different colored eyes. Five kids about the same age as him walked out with their goods and ran down the street laughing and having fun. The first was a boy with red hair up in a queue, the next was a girl, who happened to be shorter than the other and seemed to lead the group. The others were boys that Yoshiro didn't get a good look at.
They didn't seem to have noticed Yoshiro before they left for a northern district. Therefor before Yoshiro could say anything to them, possibly making new friends, his shyness got the better of him. Yoshiro went into the store and lay the packages onto a nearby table.
"Good morning father." Yoshiro greeted.
"Oh, good morning son.. oh great, you brought the packages. Good, good, good... I forgot those this morning before I left. Are you going to stay here for a while?" Musashi asked.
"Yeah, I guess I could stay for a little." Yoshiro replied.


The Mototori Shop was a well known general store throughout all of Rukongai. It was mostly a food and goods shop, and it was friendly toward all customers. Even people from the toughest district of Rukongai, District 80, Zaraki, came to the store to purchase goods. Therefore, because of their generosity and kindness, the Mototori Family was well respected to the people of Rukongai.
It was tough to live in that place though, so physical strength was very important to the family for work and self defense. There were only a few occasions where someone had tried to steal from the store, and they were usually caught by Musashi, who would use his skills in martial arts to bring them to justice. In that case, Yoshiro was also trained in the martial arts and would be considered a black belt in the Human World.


The next day, Yoshiro woke up and ate breakfast quickly. He wanted the rest of the day to himself after helping out at the store. So after hastily eating, he ran out and grabbed the packages... which his father forgot again. Again as he walked, he gazed over blissfully to the Seireitei and wondered what it was like to be there.
This time as he approached the shop, an odd sensation came on to him.
"I... whoa... what the? I feel heavy.. It is like I can't breath." Yoshiro gasped and let the packages drop onto the ground. He blacked out and fell to the ground.

A man exited the store. He seemed (in appearance) to be about 35 years old. He had a long white hair and a black kimono. In a sash, called an obi, under which he wore a scabbard and katana. He was a Shinigami.
When he saw Yoshiro on the ground, he knew exactly what had happened. He ran over to the young boy and brought him into the store.
Everything started to go blurry, then finally, he could see clearly.
"Hey...Hey, are you ok?" Asked a unfamiliar but friendly voice.
"Son, say something!- Yoshiro!" He recognized it as his fathers voice.
Yoshiro mumbled:
"What was it... that feeling?"
The man looked at his father in a apologetic way and said:
"That was my reiatsu, I am sorry... I should have concealed it better. It isn't uncommon that children experience that. In fact, that happened to me when I first met a Shinigami as a boy." The Shinigami said.
"You are a Shinigami, sir.... huh... what is reiatsu?" Yoshiro said lightheaded.
"Oh, yes... my name is Jushiro Ukitake, I am the Captain of the 13th Division of Gotei 13(Court Guard Squads). And-- Reiatsu is spirit force... you had a bit of an overdose."
Oh..." Yoshiro fully woke up. "Wait... you're a CAPTAIN!?" Yoshiro asked excitedly.
Jushiro laughed and said:
"Yes, I am..." He pointed to the Kanji on the back of his outer coat, called a Haori. The Kanji was the number 13.
"Whoaaa... I can't believe this..." Yoshiro was amazed.
"My son has always wanted to be a Shinigami, Ukitake-Sama(Honorific giving alot of respect to one person)." Musashi said to Jushiro.
"Well, it is possible for you to be one, that is, if you put your mind to it."
Musashi and Jushiro sat down at the table. They talked for a while like they were old friends who hadn't seen each other for years. Yoshiro sat patiently at the table with them and listened.
"Yoshiro, have you ever felt like that before?" Jushiro asked.
"No... I don't believe so... why?" Yoshiro asked, just a bit confused.
"Right when you blacked out, I sensed a lot of pent up reiatsu that was hidden escape. Do you have any idea why?"
"Really? No... why?" Yoshiro asked interestedly.
"You released it, Yoshiro."
"Me... ME!?" Yoshiro said in surprise.
"That reiatsu is what kept you from fainting, much faster than others would have. This theoretical means you CAN become a Shinigami." Jushiro explained.
"REALLY!!!" Yoshiro said excitedly.
"Yoshiro, I would like to teach you how to control your reiatsu, if you're up to it. Then when your turn 15, you can enter the Shinigami Academy." Jushiro explained.
"You will actually teach me!?" Yoshiro asked overjoyed.
"Yes, but of course, it is up to your parents." Jushiro said.
"Well it is fine by me... we know how much this means to Yoshiro, so the answer is probably yes." Musashi answered.
"That's great, but just in case, I'll give you all the rest of the day to discuss this over with each other. I will be back here tomorrow for your answer." Jushiro said.
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Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:55 pm
Chapter II: Jushiro's Training

After discussing the matter of training with both parents, Yoshiro got a affirmation from both. They seemed to be happy and proud for their son. It was not common for the people of Rukongai to become Shinigami. In fact, many people are scared of them and their powers.
That night, Yoshiro couldn't sleep. The excitement of that day and the anticipation of things to come, strayed within his mind.
"I will be... a... Shinigami!" Yoshiro thought over and over. "I can't believe it-- and being taught by a CAPTAIN!"
Soon enough, he did fall asleep.

....In a dream....

"Where am I?" Yoshiro asked himself.

Yoshiro found himself in a large cavern. It was snowing and very cold there. The solid rock walls surrounded him, and the only light came from the moonlit sky above. The crevices in the rock shimmered brilliantly with crystallized ice. And then another being came to life before Yoshiro's very eyes. quartz like crystals of ice shot up from the ground. Inside the ice, a single, greenish-blue eye blinked open. The ice cracked and split open into many shining fragments, and from it rose a great white wolf. It was animal, yet almost human-like. Its large paws made indentations in the snow as it moved closer to Yoshiro. Steam from its breath shone from its fanged jaws. And then, the wolf said only one word.


The cavern, the wolf, and the moonlit sky vanished in an instant. Yoshiro sat up in bed abruptly, and looked to see where he was. He was in his room, as before the dream happened.
"I'm... here!?" he said to himself. "It seemed so real, the wolf! What was that dream... and who is Shiroikami?" Yoshiro, utterly confused, fell asleep.


The next day had finally arrived. Yoshiro got up out of his bed and over to his closet. He tried to find his best kimono to wear to his first reiatsu training with Captain Ukitake. After eating a hasty breakfast, Yoshiro left the house to get to the store. He ran all the way there in his excitement. When he arrived, Captain Ukitake was standing out front with Musashi.
He stopped in front of them and caught his breath.
"Ukitake-Taicho(Means captain in Japanese), I have approval of my mother as well. I can start the training!" Yoshiro said excitedly.
"Very good, then shall we get started?" Jushiro asked.
"Yes, Ukitake-Taicho." Yoshiro responded with a grin.
All of a sudden, Jushiro grabbed Yoshiro by the collar of his kimono and rapidly, the houses were passing by them at great speeds. Finally, they stopped moments later. The two of them were atop a grassy hill which overlooked the third District of Rukongai. It had to be a least a mile and a half from the store!
"How... the...? How did we get here so fast?" Yoshiro was amazed.
"What should have taken them a half-hour to walk to, only took a couple of seconds.
"That, was called Shunpo(flash steps). It is a high speed stepping movement that only high-level Shinigami are able to use." Explained Jushiro. "Ok, now lets get started on your training."
From a bag that he was carrying, Jushiro took out a large clear ball. He tossed it to Yoshiro.
"This is a cannon ball, I obtained it from Kukkaku Shiba. It is used to direct, materialize, and solidify reiatsu. You must find a way to do this, and in the end you will form a ball of reiatsu around you." Jushiro explained.
Jushiro walked away and sat next to his bag underneath a cherry tree. There he observed and analyzed Yoshiro's progression.
"Ok... think... think!" Yoshiro tried to think of how to do it. "Maybe if I concentrate on the ball, my reiatsu will go into it."
Yoshiro stared into the unchanging clear ball until his face turned red. Frustration began to appear every minute he tried to concentrate. Doubts that he would ever become a Shinigami seeped into his thoughts.
Just then, he made his mind go blank. He thought maybe meditating would help. All he saw in the darkness of his mind, was the cannon ball. It seemed it was growing, getting larger. It grew in his mind until nothing else was present. The red Shiba Clan symbol vanished, and from his state woke Yoshiro. He realized he was sitting on the ground with the cannon ball in his lap. He finally saw that he was within a large human-sized ball of solidified reiatsu.
From the tree came a quiet clapping. It was Jushiro.
"Nice work, Yoshiro. You can now focus your reiatsu, don't loose concentration or else the reiatsu around you will shatter and explode. Instead, simply lower your reiatsu level." Jushiro instructed.
Finally, he managed to achieve that goal as well. The reiatsu ball vanished, and so did the cannon ball as Jushiro stuffed it into his bag.
"I can do it... I can actually do it! Just because I am from Rukongai doesn't actually mean I can't be a Shinigami!" Yoshiro thought.
"Good job today. You passed the first test. Its getting late, we should get along. Tomorrow, we will continue, your reiatsu is getting low, you have to rest." Jushiro said.
"Yeah, I'm exhausted!" Yoshiro exclaimed.
"I'll see you tomorrow then, grab on, I'll bring you back to The Store." Jushiro said. He put out his hand towards Yoshiro.
Yoshiro reluctantly grabbed it as if it were a snake head. The same experience of wind rushing through his ears occurred, but only for a few seconds. Yoshiro had closed his eyes from the wind, when he opened them, he found himself in front of the Mototori Store. As expected, it was closed for the night, and when Yoshiro turned, he saw that Jushiro was gone.
"He must have had to rush back to the Seireitei." Yoshiro thought. "Better get home for dinner."
As he walked home, Yoshiro looked up to the sky. The sunset had just started. The shining red, orange, and yellow of the sky was beautiful over the hills of the Soul Society.
When he arrived home, he recalled everything he had learned or done in the training. Musashi and Oichi were amazed at how far Yoshiro had gotten. After supper, Yoshiro went straight to bed. He had used most of his reiatsu, because he felt exhausted. Before he fell asleep, Yoshiro thanked the heavens that his dream, even if slowly, was coming true.

........1 Week Later........

Yoshiro had progressed steadily through his training with Captain Ukitake. The week of training had been tiring, but Yoshiro was able to complete every task given to him. Now he was able to stabilize and use his reiatsu and also to read other peoples reiatsu levels as well. His quick progression was very much noticed by Jushiro, who praised him after every triumph. Right after though, he would give out an even tougher objective. That didn't stop Yoshiro.
Finally, one fateful day, Jushiro said something that would change Yoshiro's life forever.
"Yoshiro, you have vastly exceeded my expectations in our training. I have almost nothing left to teach you, but...." Jushiro paused.
Yoshiro stared at Jushiro questioningly.
"...But, I have asked Captain General Yamamoto if I may teach you some zanjutsu(swordsmanship). And the great Yamamoto-Taicho had agreed entirely. I think he sees much potential in you, Yoshiro." Jushiro stated.
"Yamamoto-Taicho... wait... REALLY!?" Yoshiro asked bewildered.
"Yes, I believe he wants to see you become a Shinigami." Jushiro replied.
Yoshiro could hardly believe what he was hearing. He was overjoyed.
"Thank you so much, Ukitake-Taicho!" Yoshiro said as he bowed so low his nose almost slammed into the dirt. Just then, it hit him. "Wait... how can I learn zanjutsu without a katana?"
"Yoshiro, think! You've heard of what us Shinigami use. We don't use ordinary katanas, we use zanpakuto(Soul Slayer)." Jushiro retorted.
"Zan.... oh, I totally forgot. Please forgive my stupidity." Yoshiro analogized.
Jushiro grew very serious at the moment, and said:
"Now listenn carefully, Yoshiro... a zanpakuto is in essence, a Shinigami's soul. It means more to use than our very lives! But lastly.... you must learn to know each other, for a zanpakuto is a living being... communicate! Or else, you will never become a true Shinigami. A true Shinigami works together with their zanpakuto in battle. Remember these words well, Yoshiro." Jushiro said.
"Ye- yes sir." Yoshiro listened.
"Now stand up Yoshiro!" Jushiro commanded. "You will create your own destiny as a Shinigami in the palm of your hand... HERE AND NOW!"
"Yes!" Yoshiro started to tremble.
"Now do as I say... First, meditate and calm yourself." Jushiro commanded.
Yoshiro began to calm down. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply.
"Now, transfer all of your reiatsu into the palm of your hand. Imagine a sword. A sword which cuts through anything. A sword of justice, and protection. Now keep these images in your head... and materialize your reiatsu and solidify it in your hands." Jushiro instructed.
Yoshiro began to open his eyes. A blinding light appeared before him. Snow started to fall. He found himself in the trench again.... but this time, it wasn't his dream. Jushiro stood motionless next to him. He looked somewhat surprised. A frigid cold rolled in, and finally, just as in Yoshiro's dream, the crystals of ice shot out from the ground. And, the great white wolf appeared.
The white Wolf turned towards them, his large paws make indents in the snow as it walked over. Then it spoke.
"You.... are Yoshiro Mototori, now the wielder of me. You are pure of heart, and seem to posses the potential to master me... therefor, I grant you my power, Yoshiro. Will you work with me?" He asked.
"Y-y-y-yes sir." Yoshiro said amazed.
"Not sir... we are equals Yoshiro. As a gift to you.... I shall tell you my name. My name is Shiroikami(White Wolf)." The wolf said.
Just then, the cold abyss swirled and left. Yoshiro and Jushiro closed their eyes and moments later opened to see that they had re-appeared back in the Soul Society. They were sitting back on the hill.
"My.... Zanpakuto. Shiroikami." Yoshiro said in shock.
Jushiro looked amazed from Yoshiro to his zanpakuto.
"Yoshiro, that was amazing! Your zanpakuto... has given you an extraordinary gift! He has told you his name. That has never before happened in all the history of the Soul Society!" Jushiro stated.
Yoshiro looked at his zanpakuto. He... for the first time, grabbed the hilt of the sword, then unsheathed. The long blade shimmered brilliantly in the sunlight. A hint of blue could be seen in the blades edge. The hilt, which was a black metal covered in a dark blue hilt-wrap complemented the blade. The guard was ornately crafted, like that of a raindrop. A golden chain was hooked to the pommel, it ringed slightly in a swift breeze.
"Thank you, Shiroikami." Whispered Yoshiro.
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Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:57 pm
Chapter III: Birthday Celebration/ The Shinigami Academy

"So this is a zanpakuto?" Yoshiro said in wonder as he looked at Shiroikami.
"Yes, listen Yoshiro, people will get concerned if you have it unsheathed in public. So sheath it and put it in your obi sash where it belongs." Ordered Jushiro.
"Yes Taicho." Yoshiro said.
Before they started to walk back to the house, Jushiro suddenly fell onto his hands and knees and started to cough violently.
"Taicho!... Ukitake-Sama... are you ok?" Yoshiro asked frantically.
"Y-yes, I'm... fine, Yoshiro." Jushiro responded.
In all of the days that they had spent together, Yoshiro had never once seen this happen to Jushiro.
"Taicho... are you ill?" Yoshiro asked afraid.
Jushiro was still coughing. He had his hand over his mouth. After a while, his coughing ceased. When Jushiro took his hand away from his mouth, blood was all over his palm.
"You really are sick!" said Yoshiro horrified.
"Don't be so worried, Yoshiro. I never told you, but I have grown up with my.... condition. I have been ill for as long as I can remember. I have Tuberculosis. I'm used to it though... don't worry about me." Jushiro reassured.
The one thing Yoshiro wasn't reassured of is the fact that Jushiro could get back to the Seireitei.
"Taicho, how about you stay at my house for a couple of days. It is much easier, and it'll give you some time to recuperate."
"N-no, I can...." Jushiro studdered.
"I insist Taicho. My home in Rukongai may not be like that of yours in the Seireitei, but you are welcomed here. So please, as gratitude for what you have done for me and my family. Stay please, we would be honored." Yoshiro said.
Jushiro smiled and slightly nodded his head in affirmation. Yoshiro felt relieved, and happy of Jushiro's decision. Yoshiro helped to walk Jushiro to his home. As expected, Musashi and Oichi both insisted that Jushiro stay as long as he would like.
When supper came, Jushiro fit right in with the family. Everybody talked to each other and was happy. At the end of dinner, as Oichi was cleaning up, and Musashi and Jushiro were deep into a conversation concerning the history of Soul Society, Yoshiro looked over to his zanpakuto. The shiny new blue sheath and sword were lying by his side. He seemed to have been day dreaming a little, but finally snapped out of it once Musashi started to talk to him.
"Yoshiro? Yoshiro?"
"Uh...huh... oh, yes Father?" Yoshiro answered.
"Yoshiro, do you know what is happening next week?" Musashi asked.
"Well, most likely some more training, I don't know...why?" Yoshiro asked puzzled.
"Yoshiro, Yoshiro, Yoshiro...son, how can you forget you own birthday!?" Musashi asked in disbelief.
"Honny, you will be fifteen years old!" Oichi said from the kitchen area.
"Wow, I really will be,huh..." Yoshiro didn't quite know what to say.
"Son, you do know what that means, right? You're going to be able to become a Shinigami!" Musashi exclaimed.
"Yoshiro, I have put your name in for a position in the Shinigami Academy. And you being taught by me should also make the academy all the more easy for you. You will be experienced in reiatsu control and zanjutsu." Jushiro explained.
"The Shinigami Academy!" Yoshiro said excitedly.
"Yes the new students will have an opening orientation five days after your birthday, I believe." Jushiro said.
"Alright! So, from here on in, you and I will be training?" Yoshiro asked.
"Yes, zanjutsu training. Swordsmanship is the one skill which all Shinigami must be experienced at. You will be ahead of most students. And seeing as how you can control your reiatsu, you should do well in Kidou(Demon Magic) training as well." Jushiro explained.


When Yoshiro went up to bed, he took off his kimono and put on his night robes. Before he laid his zanpakuto on the floor, next to his bed, he halfway unsheathed it. In the moon light, the blade glimmered. After looking at it for a while, he sheathed it and went to sleep.
"Goodnight, Shiroikami." Yoshiro mumbled as he fell asleep.


As Yoshiro woke up, the bright sun shone through the curtains onto his face. He got up and put on his new kimono. After cinching his obi sash, he slipped his zanpakuto into it. He realized it was a medium weight with a perfect balance, perfect for him. He walked over to the shoji doors and slid them open. Sunlight poured in and flooded the room. Yoshiro squinted upon going outside.
The soft sounds of carts on the street and the murmur of people chatting filled the air.
"Wow, what a beautiful day! Perfect for training." Yoshiro said.
"Isn't it?" A voice said approaching him.
Yoshiro looked around to see Jushiro standing and looking up at the sky.
"Good morning Jushiro-Sama." Yoshiro greeted politely after a respectful bow.
"Good morning, we are to start training as soon as we finish breakfast." Jushiro said, still looking at the sky.
"Alright." Yoshiro listened.


After breakfast, Jushiro used shunpo to get to the Training Hill with Yoshiro. After the usual meditation, it was very quiet. Suddenly, Jushiro spoke and broke the silence.
"Alright, from here on in this training will be the toughest you will ever have." Jushiro paused. Yoshiro took a gulp from nervousness. Then Jushiro continued. "You will fend me off all day and night from my attacks. This will teach you endurance, and it will give you experience."
Fear started to engulf Yoshiro's mind.
"Learn how to attack, to defend, and to counter-attack! Make your own style! Draw your zanpakuto, Yoshiro." Jushiro ordered.
"Y-yes Taicho." Yoshiro answered nervously.
"The training will finish when you block 20 of my swings. When you do, you will be ready to be a Shinigami." Jushiro stated.
In Yoshiro's head, he repeated:
"This is my dream, this is my dream. I won't give up my ambitions. I will succeed!"
The look in his eyes changed. He got into a battle stance and put his hand onto the hilt of his zanpakuto.
"Let's go, Shiroikami!" Yoshiro said. "HAAAAA-"
"CRACK" A noise that sounded like thunder came from Yoshiro. He was emitting his reiatsu and preparing for his strike. His pent up reiatsu was building up quickly, but Yoshiro stopped it to a steady flow. The rocky ground beneath his feet began to break down. A ring-like fissure formed on the ground around him.
"So much reiatsu!... he will be a powerful Shinigami one day." Jushiro thought.
Just as Yoshiro unsheathed his zanpkauto, Jushiro disappeared. In a flash, Jushiro's first hit came. While still using shunpo, the blunt edge of the blade smashed into Yoshiro's chest. The force of the blow sent Yoshiro hurtling into a tree. A sharp pain came where Jushiro's hit went. He fell from the tree, the tried to pick himself off the ground. When he finally managed to pick himself up again, Jushiro would hit him again.
After hours of fighting, Yoshiro started to get better. He started to resist battle fatigue and exhaustion. He was even able to guard a couple of attacks. The sun was starting to set, and darkness was encroaching on Rukongai.
"Just because it is getting dark doesn't mean we are taking a break. Don't let your guard down. Many Shinigami must fight in the dark!" Jushiro said.
As it became pitch-dark, Yoshiro couldn't spot Jushiro except for a moments glimpse for his Captain's Haori. Time went by, and Yoshiro became accustomed to the dark. Therefore, his fight continued.


When it was sunrise, Yoshiro found himself half-asleep and exhausted. So far, he had only guarded five attacks from Jushiro. He had many cuts and bruises, but those didn't bother him much. Yoshiro right hand felt numb. He had been gripping his zanpakuto's hilt for over twenty-six hours.


From his side sprang Jushiro, his zanpakuto brandished and ready for a strike. Another powerful swing, but Yoshiro finally managed to block the blade. Jushiro side stepped and swung his zanpakuto again and Yoshiro managed to block again. After parrying the attack, Yoshiro swung to Jushiro's back and landed a hard and swift kick that sent him flying toward a tree.
Just as impact to the tree was possible, Jushiro turned his feet towards the trunk. With terrifying force and speed, Jushiro sprang off and sped toward Yoshiro in the air. The edge of his zanpakuto was pointed out toward him. Yoshiro dodged... barely... and stood, rooted to the ground surprised. A shooting pain seared through his right eye.
"AAAAAARRRR." Yoshiro yelped in pain.
When he put his hand to his eye, the feel of his blood was on his fingers. He used the reflection of the blade on his zanpakuto as a mirror. As he looked at his face he saw a long gash running on the right side of his face. The cut was from the forehead down to the bottom of his cheek.
The event seemed to trigger an unseen key in an unknown lock. The cage had opened, and the beast within let out. Yoshiro's reiatsu formed around his sword, and the blade edge was glowing blue. Ice particles were forming in the air around him.
"Hyouketsu (freeze), Shiroikami!" Yoshiro said more or less to himself.
Suddenly, Shiroikami began to change. Jushiro looked on in amazement. He couldn't help but smile.
"Amazing, simply amazing...." Jushiro said in awe of what was beholden.
Yoshiro's reiatsu became much more dense and controlled than before his zanpakuto changed totally. The hilt stayed the same. The sword guard had changed to what looks like that of a snowflake. The shape of the blade was of a scimitar. The blade grew from narrow to a long and open area with a jagged spike by the end and a hole in the center.
"What the hell happened?!" Yoshiro said surprised.
"You did it Yoshiro! You did it! I wasn't sure if you could accomplish it... but you succeed!" Jushiro congratulated.
"D-did what?" Yoshiro asked puzzled.
"You have just now, released Shikai(Initial Release)!" Jushiro explained. "Shikai is the form of your sword, its REAL form. That is Shiroikami! Your zanpakuto is elemental, which means you will have special abilities, which only you and Shiroikami can use. You must become friends,... allies... with Shiroikami. He will help you, and the better your relationship is... the more powerful you will become. Shiroikami will teach you the abilities in due time. Now, aside from Captain Hitsugaya of 10th Division, you Yoshiro, are the youngest to reach Shikai."

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Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:58 pm
About an hour after Yoshiro finished training, he and Jushiro were sitting over at the tree on the hill. Yoshiro was silent as he stared at the landscape of Rukongai and beyond. He peered down at his released zanpakuto, which still lay in his hands.
"Ukitake-Taicho, how long will Shiroikami stay in this form?" Yoshiro asked.
"Only as long as the wielder wants it to, or, in battle, as long as you are conscious." Jushiro stated.
"Hmmm, shikai huh? Taicho... are there any other forms that a zanpakuto can achieve?" Yoshiro asked again interestedly.
Jushiro sat quietly and pondered how he should respond to Yoshiro's question.

"Well... yes, but it is the very last release. Only a few Shinigami have achieved it. You must know it to become a Captain of Gotei 13."
"Is there a name for it?" Asked Yoshiro, now looking at Jushiro for a response.
"Yes, it is called Bankai(Final Release). You and your zanpakuto must be at their max level and must understand one another completely." Jushiro explained.
"Hmmm, Bainkai." Yoshiro thought to himself.

The two of them sat together for a while longer. The sun was starting to go down and Jushiro and Yoshiro both seemed to be tired. Jushiro stood up and said:
"Come on Yoshiro, we should probably head back home. After all, your training is complete."
"Yeah, it'll be nice to sleep in my bed." Yoshiro stated.
They clasped hands and used shunpo to bring them to the house. As they walked inside, Musashi and Oichi greeted them back.
Dinner was already prepared, so as soon as Jushiro and Yoshiro were settled, they ate. At the table, the conversation was as if nothing had ever happened. Musashi did ask about the training and was interested to learn of Yoshiro's achievements.
"You know son, your birthday is in three days... and two days after that is your orientation into the Shinigami Academy." Musashi reminded Yoshiro.
"Oh yeah, you're right! Ukitake-Taicho, are you going to stay until then?" Yoshiro asked.
"Actually, I have to leave the day after your birthday, I must talk to Yamamoto-sou-Taicho." Jushiro responded.
"Ok, so what will we do for the remainder of the time?" Yoshiro asked back.
"I was thinking that you would practice zanjutsu while your zanpakuto is in its shikai state." Jushiro said.
"That's all well and good, but don't do too much training on your birthday." Oichi said.
After dinner everyone talked for a while more, then went off in separate directions to go to their rooms and sleep.


As the days rolled on, Yoshiro, who had been training non-stop, had been able to block Jushiro's attacks. He had also grown more accustomed to using his zanpakuto in shikai form. Although he had not found any secret attacks, his skills in zanjutsu improved greatly.
The morning of Yoshiro's birthday, he woke up and felt like he was on top of the world. He was in a good mood that morning, and dressed quickly so he could enjoy the fresh air of the sunny morning outside.
"So peaceful!" Yoshiro exclaimed.
The sweet calls of birds could be heard in the distance, along with the hustle and bustle of Rukongai life. Yoshiro walked around the yard and to the kitchen inside the house. Where he entered, he greeted his mother a fine good morning. Yoshiro looked around the kitchen.
"Mother, where are Ukitake-Taicho and father?" Yoshiro asked.
"They went down to the store, but they asked for you to stay here." Oichi said as she sat down next to Yoshiro. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and a large smile. "Happy birthday Yoshiro."
Yoshiro said thank you and hugged her. There, they sat and talked until the sound of footsteps came to the front door.
"Hello? Who's there?" Oichi called.
"It's just us honey!" Musashi called from outside.
He and Jushiro walked in and they all said their good mornings. They all sat and had a breakfast of rice, and a small seafood soup. Afterwords they went about their usual business and routine. When Jushiro asked Yoshiro if he wanted to go to the hill to train for a little, Yoshiro responded with a yes. They left for a couple of hours but then returned to the house before night came.
When they got back, everyone had dinner and afterwords a special desert of cake for Yoshiro's birthday. Gifts were given after.
First, Oichi and Musashi handed their gifts to him. He got new clothes and also a white sash to tie his hair in the queue he had. Next Jushiro handed him a gift. When he opened it he found some small empty scrolls and quills.
"That is all very necessary for the Shinigami Academy." Jushiro said.
"Thanks you all very much." Yoshiro said.
Suddenly, Jushiro pulled out another box. Yoshiro was puzzled but opened it anyway. In it sat a silken black kimono and white obi sash. A white under-kimono, then a black hakama (loose pants) were underneath, plus a pair of light tabi sandals.
"This is..." Yoshiro looked on in excitement.
"That is the Shinigami Gotei 13 uniform, the Shihakushou(Garment of the dead). Since you have trained under me Yoshiro, Yamamoto-Sou-Taicho has requested you as a full fledged Gotei 13 member. Although you will have to go through training at the Academy with beginners, you will be much farther ahead of them and will wear actual Shinigami attire. Yamamoto-Sou-Taicho had told me that you are on my Division 13 and that you, unlike other Academy students, can carry your zanpaktuo in any place unless it is a restricted area. Congratulations, Yoshiro... and happy birthday!" Jushiro said cheerfully.
Yoshiro was speechless. He grinned wide and hugged Jushiro. After, he stepped away and bowed respectfully.
"Thank you so much, Ukitake-Taicho."


The next day, Yoshiro woke up and remembered that Jushiro had to leave that day to the Seireitei. He slipped out of bed and put on his new uniform. It actually felt nice and light weight. He slipped his zanpakuto into his obi, then left toward the kitchen.
When he entered, Oichi, Musashi, and Jushiro were talking and getting breakfast ready.
"Good morning." Yoshiro greeted.
He received the same. Yoshiro turned his head to the front entrance. Sitting by the shogi, was a bag of Jushiro's belongings.
"Well, well, well... you look pretty good in that Shihakushou!" Jushiro said playfully.
"Thanks, it fits great. Give my regards to Yamamoto-Sou-Taicho for me." Yoshiro asked of Jushiro.
"Yeah, well, I should probably get going. Unfortunately." Jushiro said.
"I guess, but remember... you are always welcomed here!" Oichi said.
"Yeah, come back and visit us sometime." Musashi said as they bowed and shook hands.
"Defiantly." Jushiro responded back with a smile.
"I'll walk you to the end of Rukongai." Yoshiro said.
"Alright, thank you."
After their good-bye's, Yoshiro and Jushiro left toward the Seireitei. When they arrived near the gate, Jushiro stopped.
"Alright, I'll go in from here, thank you Yoshiro."
"No... thank you for everything you have done for me, and my family." Yoshiro said.
There was a moment of silence, then Jushiro said.
"It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life Yoshiro." He paused grinning then looked toward the city beyond. "Best I be off, I'll see you later Yoshiro." Jushiro said.
"Yeah, tomorrow, at the orientation." Yoshiro said.
Jushiro and Yoshiro parted ways from there. Yoshiro looked back at the Seireitei and said:
"Tomorrow, I will be.... a Shinigami."
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Chapter IV: A Person I've Met Before/ Shinigami Training.

When the day first started, it was already hectic. Yoshiro woke up early and got dressed into his shihakushou. He ran out the door after eating a hasty breakfast and a tear felt goodbye to his parents. He even almost forgot to grab his zanpakuto on the way out the door. He ran from his house all the way to the end of his district. He finally reached the gate to the Seireitei. He had heard rumors in Rukongai that once you past the entrance, if you were considered an intruder, a huge wall would appear and surround the seireitei.
He worked up his courage and reluctantly put his foot past the threshold of the entrance. Nothing happened! He started to walk and then felt more calm. An archway loomed up ahead, and the large city took shape. He was soon surrounded by off white buildings with orange plated roofs in the fashion of noble homes. He had now entered his new home, the Seireitei. As he walked through the city, many Shinigami were walking around. Yoshiro noticed that their reiatsu levels were so much more different than Jushiro's. Theirs seemed almost nothing compared to his.
"So that is the difference between a Captain and his inferiors." Yoshiro thought with wonder.
The orientation would be in a couple of hours, so Yoshiro decided to try and find the 13th Division barracks.
"I wonder if Ukitake-Taicho is in his office?" Yoshiro asked himself.
After unsuccessfully trying to find the 13th Division himself in the maze of buildings and walls, he decided to ask another Shinigami. Remembering that Jushiro once told him that all Lieutenants wore white arm bands, he had to find one of them. Yoshiro started to wander aimlessly through the city to find one.
At the end of a street, he found a group of Shinigami. At the front, talking to them, was a Shinigami with a white arm band. Yoshiro approached, and the others heard him.
"Um... I'm sorry, I'm looking for 13th Division barracks..." Yoshiro said awkwardly.
The other Shinigami left on order from the Lieutenant.
"What's your name?" The Lieutenant asked approaching Yoshiro. He felt his monstrous reiatsu as soon as he got near.
"Err... my name is Yoshiro Mototori, sir. I am Ukitake-Taicho's student." Yoshiro answered and bowed low.
"So you're the Mototori that all of Gotei 13 has heard of. We are proud to have you with us." Said the Lieutenant.
"Thank you, so you are from 13th Divison, sir?" Yoshiro asked.
"Yes, the name is Kaien Shiba. I'm the Lieutenant of 13th Division." Said Kaien.
"Nice to meet you Shiba Fuku-Taicho(vice captain/ Lieutenant). Err... could you show me how to get to 13th Division? I must speak with Ukitake-Taicho." Yoshiro asked of Kaien.
"Sure, why not. Actually, I think he is expecting you." Kaien said.
Kaien led Yoshiro through a labyrinth of streets future into the Seireitei. As they walked, they took the time to get to know one another. Finally they came to a large torii gate with the Kanji(Japanese Characters) "13" on a sign on the front.

Shinigami: God of Death 13_(kanji)

"Home sweet home. This is our H.Q. and your new home." Kaien said.
Shinigami who were in the front ran to meet them. They seemed to know about Yoshiro, so he thought that Jushiro must have told them. Kaien led Yoshiro into the H.Q. and through some halls. Soon enough, Yoshiro and Kaien got up to a pair of large shogi doors. Kaien knocked on one of them.
"Sir.... Ukitake-Taicho, it's Lieutenant Kaien Shiba, Yoshiro Mototori is here to see you." Kaien called.
"Enter." Jushiro's voice said behind the doors.
As they entered the room, Yoshiro looked around. There were large bookshelves around the room and a large mahogany desk in the far side. Another pair of shojis led outside to a koi pond and a zen garden.
"Welcome to my house, Yoshiro." Jushiro said cheerfully.
"Thank you very much, Ukitake-Taicho."
"Sit, sit." Jushiro pointed his hand to some chairs and a large table. Kaien was asked to stay, so he sat as well. "Yoshiro, did you have any trouble finding 13th Division?"
"No sir... I managed to find Kaien-sama." Yoshiro said.
"Good, well, orientation starts in about an hour. All of the teachers know of your circumstances and will acknowledge you as a student, and a member of Gotei 13." Jushiro said.
"Oh, thanks you sir." Yoshiro said.
"And some more good news for you, is that once you graduate the Academy, I am Yamamoto-Sou-Taicho, and Kaien have all agreed to put you in as a seated officer in 13th Division. You will be the 4th Seat." Jushiro stated.
Yoshiro was awestruck and didn't know what to say. He sat on the chair and stared at Jushiro with disbelief written all over his face.
"I thank you humbly sir, Ukitake-Taicho, and Shiba Fuku-Taicho." Yoshiro said.
"Oh, and you can call me Kaien-Dono (honorific in a friendlier term)." Said Kaien.
"Yes si-- Kaien-dono." Yoshiro said.
"Oh, and Yoshiro," started Jushiro. "you will only have to take one year of the Academy instead of seven. After I have already taught you most of the requirements of the Academy, you only need to learn, Kidou, hakudo (hand to hand combat), and Shinigami Training."
"Alright, sir. Say... Ukitake-Taicho, I have a question." Yoshiro said.
"Ask away." Jushiro responded.
"When I graduate next year, will you teach me to use Shunpo sometime?" Yoshiro asked.
"Well... I guess I wouldn't make a very good sensei if I didn't. We have a deal then Yoshiro." Jushiro said. He gave a wide grin.
"Jeez, Yoshiro-kun. You might end up taking my rank at the rate your heading." Kaien joked.


After 45 minutes went by, Yoshiro was introduced to the 13th Division by Jushiro and Kaien. The entire Division was very kind to him and recognized him as a full fledged member of their division, and as a higher rank, even though he was but a rookie.
"Alright Yoshiro. You should probably get to Orientation." Kaien said.
"Oh yeah, I should leave. Is Ukitake-Taicho going to be escorting me?" Yoshiro asked.
"Yes, he should be out of his office in a couple of minutes." Kaien said.
Jushiro soon came out of his room and met with Yoshiro in the hall.
"Alright, we should get going Yoshiro." Jushiro said.


When they arrived in a large open courtyard, there were large groups of Academy beginners. They all seemed to be around the same age as Yoshiro. At the other end of the courtyard was large building with a sign and kanji that read "1". A pair of large doors were under the sign.

Shinigami: God of Death 12_kanji_ichi_uno

As they approached, many of the students looked at them. Most looked excitedly mostly towards Jushiro, who was of course revered as a Captain.
"Yoshiro, you must stay with the students/ I am going to be with Yamamoto-Sou-Taicho when he comes out... so hold tight." Jushiro said.
Yoshiro acknowledges and pushes through the group of students. All of the ones in his way moved immediately after seeing his shihakushou and zanpakuto. After a while, the doors finally open. As if on cue, the group of students split into two large groups leaving a path through the middle of them. From the doors came an old man who wore the shihakushou and a long wooden haori over the top. He held a long wooden walking stick. As soon as he had come out, Yoshiro could feel his immense reiatsu.
"This man, has got to be Yamamoto-Sou-Taicho." Yoshiro thought excitingly.
At Yamamoto's side stood Jushiro. They walked out to the crowd and stopped in front of the group. Then, Yamamoto spoke.
"I am Captain of the 1st Division, and General over all others... Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryusai." His loud booming voice seemed to cover the entire courtyard. He continued: "I am here to introduce all of you young people into the Shinigami Academy." Yamamoto said as he stroked his long white beard.
Yamamoto gave a long speech on "What a Shinigami is" or "What do Shinigami do" and told the strict rules to abide by in the Seireitei. When his speech seemed to be done, he scanned the crowd and then walked down the path in between the students. He seemed to be analyzing each of them. As he neared Yoshiro, Yoshrio started to feel very nervous.
"Ah, so you must be Jushiro's apprentice." Said Yamamoto.
"O-oh, yes... I am sir." Yoshiro stammered.
"Your name is Yoshiro Mototori. Is it not?" Yamamoto asked.
"Yes sir... Yamamoto-Sou-Taicho." Yoshiro responded.
"Hmmmm." Yamamoto gazed at Yoshiro and seemed to delve into his very soul. "You have very much potential. Especially since you have trained in zanjutsu under Ukitake-Taicho, and you are the youngest to ever achieve Shikai. Very good. I am happy to have you in Gotei 13." Yamamoto said kindly.
"Thank you very much sir If it wasn't for your generosity, I wouldn't ever be a Shinigami." Yoshiro said as he bowed very low.
Yamamoto left and went back to the front of the group. Then he spoke again, he bellowing voice echoing through the courtyard.
"As some of you know, there will be a student among you who is also a part of Gotei 13. This is not special treatment, but because he has some past experience with the Shinigami." Yamamoto paused. By now, every student in the courtyard was staring at him. It made Yoshiro feel very uncomfortable.
Yamamoto continued:
"All of that aside, the last thing that I would like to do is assign the 3 man squads with whom you will train with."
Yamamoto went down a long line of people from a list. Finally, he got to Yoshiro's group.
"The 8th Squad, which are... Hashiba Mabashi, Mototori Yoshiro, and lastly Kuchiki Rukia." From then on, Yamamoto finished the list and allowed the groups to meet.
Yoshiro left the crowd and sat over by a tree, then waited for his group to show.
"Hmm, Mabashi Hashiba and Rukia Kuchiki. I know that the Kuchiki clan is noble, I wonder if she minds being with someone from Rukongai." Yoshiro thought.
From out of the mob, came a short girl. She had short dark black hair and looked friendly enough. She looked around and spotted Yoshiro by the tree. As she walked toward him, her Academy uniform (white kimono and red hakama) rustled in a slight wind.
"Um... hello, you must be Yoshiro Mototori." she said.
"Yes, that me... are you miss Rukia Kuchiki?" Yoshiro asked politely, getting up to greet her.
"Yes, it take it your from Rukongai?" Rukia asked with a smile.
"Yeah, how did you know?" Yoshiro asked.
"Well, before I was adopted by Byakuya Kuchiki-Sama I lived in Rukongai." Rukia explained.
They both sat down in the shade of the tree and talked.
"Actually, I think I saw you in Rokungai District 3. At the Mototori Store." Yoshiro said.
"Yeah, your father owns the shop I guess. It is the best and fairest shop in all of Rukongai." Rukia complimented. "So you are a legitimate Shinigami and in the Gotei 13? So you're just finishing up what you didn't train on with your Captain?" Rukia asked.
"Yes, that's about it. All I have mastered is hakudo, zanjustsu, and reiatsu control. I still must learn the Shinigami's duties, advanced techniques, and Kidou. You see, my dream is to become a Captain." Yoshiro said.
"I understand, congratulations... what Division are you in?" she asked interestedly.
"My sensei's Division... the 13th." Yoshiro said.
"Hmmm, maybe when I graduate, I'll be in 13th Division as well." Rukia said.
A while later, the last group member showed up.
"Hey are you guys Yoshiro Mototori and Rukia Kuchiki?" He asked.
"Yeah, welcome aboard." Yoshiro joked.
"Sorry, I tried to find the group in the crowd." Mabashi said.
Soon they all got to know each other a little bit. As they talked, discussed, and joked under the tree, Jushiro finally showed up.
"Yoshiro, is this your group?" He asked.
"Yes, Ukitake-Taicho. This is Rukia Kuchiki and Mabashi Hashiba." Yoshiro introduced.
"Very nice to meet you." Jushiro said.
"Very nice to meet you too, sir." The two said in awe of Jushiro's very presence.
"Now Yoshiro, I've been asked by Yamamoto-Sou-Taicho to tell this to your group. Since Yoshiro is a Gotei 13 member and a Shinigami, his squad members will not have to take a dorm at the Academy. Since Yoshiro will be staying at the 13th Division barracks, so will his squad." Jushiro explained.
Rukia and Mabashi both looked shocked and ecstatic.
"Thank you very much, Ukitake-Taicho." They said.

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Later after talking with Yoshiro's new partners, Jushiro gave Yoshiro a map of the Seireitei. He soon took his leave back to the HQ. Under the shade of the tree, Yoshiro, Rukia, and Mabashi hung out since they were free until the next day. When it started to get dark, Yoshiro memorized where the HQ was using the map. When he put it away and looked back into the courtyard he saw a lone Academy student walking toward them.
"Heeey, Rukia!" He called out.
"Rukia, who's he? Do you know him?" Yoshiro asked.
"Yeah, he's one of my friends from Rukongai, his names Renji Abarai." Rukia said waving Renji over.
Renji came over. He was wearing the school uniform, a white kimono and blue hakama. He had red hair in a queue like Yoshiro's.
Rukia got up and went to talk to Renji. As Yoshiro watched, he came to a realization. He remembered a year ago when he was walking to his store.
"I knew I saw them before." Yoshiro smiled and thought to himself. "Hey, I'm Yoshiro Mototori." He greeted when Renji came over to meet them.
"Names Renji Abarai." He said back.
Mabashi also introduced himself and the 4 of them talked for a while. Since it was getting late, Yoshiro decided to leave. Yoshiro's squad said good-bye to Renji and soon got up and left for the HQ. Following the directions he remembered, Yoshiro, Rukia, and Mabashi managed to find the HQ easily.
As they entered, many Shinigami were lounging around. When the group came in, they were greeted in open arms. Yoshiro introduced Rukia and Mabashi to most of 13th Division when Kaien came in.
"Oh, hello Yoshiro, I heard you made it back safely. And right before Academy curfew." Kaien said.
Only seconds after Kaiens remark, a toll of a bell rang out through the Seireitei. Yoshiro looked at his squad mates and involuntarily yawned. He rubbed his eyes and then looked to the stairs.
"I think I am going to bed... G'night." Yoshiro had barely enough time to say "sir" before Kaien left to go into his own room for the night. Yoshiro led Rukia and Mabashi to their own rooms and then they said their good nights.


Only one week had gone by since the orientation. He had been excelling in all of his classes. Kidou, Shinigami duties, combat training, hakudo, and the history of the Soul Society. In all of those classes, he had made many friends, and he also grew very close to Rukia and Mabashi. Along with his squad, he considered Renji and Kaien best friends. On off days, he would do his duties as a Shinigami which would consist of guarding, patrolling, and training. He also sent letters to his mother and father almost every week. Then whenever he could, he would train with Jushiro and practice with his zanpakuto's skikai. Along with the academy students, he had grown many friendships with his fellow Shinigami. He had been assigned by Jushiro, as a Shinigami under Kaien as the vice-leader of the squad. That meant if Kaien couldn't give orders to his personal squad... Yoshiro would.
Being a Shinigami, Yoshiro met many Captain or Lieutenant class Shinigami who talked with him or his Captain. So far, Yoshiro met Shunsui Kyouraku, Captain of 8th Division; Toshiro Hitsugaya, Captains of 10th Division; and Rangiku Matsumoto, Lieutenant of 10th Division. Then while helping a fellow student when they got hurt during kidou training, Yoshiro met Retsu Unohana, Captain of 4th Division (also known as the "supply and aid" division). and her Lieutenant, Isane Kotetsu.
Yoshiro's favorite class was history of Shinigami's, but he enjoyed Kidou class as well. He already mastered 2 incantations. On his 3rd Kidou class, he finally managed to perfectly hit the target.
"Hado no Sanjuu Ichi, Shakkahou!" Yoshiro yelled out the incantation for Way of Destruction spell, # 31, Shot of Red Fire.
The ball of red colored reiatsu shot out from his palm and destroyed a target and created a small crater on the blast wall behind. Afterwords, he completed yet another spell.
"Hado no yon, Byakurai!(Way of Destruction, spell #4, White Lightning)" From Yoshiro's forefinger, a blast of lightning shot out and pierced a hole in another target.

Rukia had also excelled in her Kidou training as well. She had completed the ones he did too. Mabashi on the other hand wasn't doing as well.
"Oh jeez... you know what, I think I am much more suited for hakudo or maybe just zanjutsu." Mabashi groaned.
"You'll get it, don't worry." Yoshiro said patting his on the back.
"Hey Yoshiro, have you met my squad yet?" Renji asked.
"No, I don't think so... are they coming.?" Yoshiro asked.
"Yeah, they should be." Renji relied looking through the crowd of students. Soon they left the class when it was finished and went to they now usual hangout under the tree in the courtyard. After five minutes, the other squad showed up. One of them was a girl about as short as Rukia. She had her dark brown hair in a bun. The other was a tall guy, about as tall as Renji and Yoshiro. He had short blond hair with a long bang in the front.
"Yoshiro, Rukia, Mabashi... this is my squad. This is Momo Hinamori, and this is Izuru Kira." Renji introduced them.
They all exchanged greetings and sat under the tree again.
"So you're actually a Shinigami?" Momo asked.
"Yeah, I guess you could say that." Yoshiro said humbly.
"Yeah, and he even has a zanpakuto!" Mabashi said pointing it.
"And I heard that you train with Ukitake-Taicho and are the youngest to ever reach shikai." Said Izuru. "Is it true?"
"Yeah, I train under my Captain... and yes, I have achieved Shikai." Yoshiro admitted.
"Could you show us?" Asked Momo.
"Well... I guess it's alright. This isn't a restricted zone for me, so yeah, I'll show." Yoshiro said as he got up from the tree and walked out into the courtyard.
Even Yoshiro's own squad had never seen his zanpakuto out of his sheath. As he drew his zanpakuto, his viewers looked on silently at the glimmer of the blade in the sunlight. The shine of freezing blue shimmered in the blade edge. The golden chain at the end of the hilt clanged softly in a slight breeze. Yoshiro began to prepare for releasing his shikai.
"You guys should back away a little, I am going to be releasing a lot of concentrated reiatsu, and when it does release the air around me will freeze." Yoshiro explained.
Once they did so,Yoshiro got into position. He started to release his reiatsu. He tryed to make it so that his friends wouldn't feel any of it, but they did none the less.
"This reiatsu... is so heavy." Mabashi said leaning away a little bit.
"HAAAAAAAAA..." Yoshiro's reiatsu rose a little higher, the air around him began to freeze over. Ice particles started to form. The others stared on in amazement at what they were seeing.
"Hyouketsu, Shiroikami!" Yoshiro yelled.
A burst of ice formed around his his zanpakuto and in the air. Slowly, it started to chip away, and finally it revealed the released zanpakuto. The long scimitar blade froze the air around it whenever it moved.
"Wow, Yoshiro... that was amazing!" Rukia said staring at the elegant sword.
"Thanks." Yoshiro replied in the same awed manor.
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Chapter V: The Normal Days

As far as classes go, Yoshiro and his squad were doing well. Mabashi had improved in kidou class, but was still a bit behind. Yoshiro and Rukia had mastered Shakkahou and Byakurai and just now had started a new spell. In the field behind 13th Division HQ, they all practiced kidou and zanjutsu.
"Hado no sanjuu san, Sokatsui!(Way of Destruction # 33, Blue Fire, Crash Down). Rukia yelled.
A wave of blue energy bust from her palm out into a target they had set up on a dirt hill.
"Nice job Rukia." Yoshiro said. "Mabashi, it's your turn. Are you going to work on Shakkahou?"
"Alright." Mabashi groaned as he gloomily got into position. He extended his palm toward the kidou hill. "Hado no sanjuu ichi, Shakkahou!" The shot of red energy blasted into the hill.
"See, I told you.... you got it, well done Mabashi." Yoshiro said clapping him on the shoulder.

After practice, the group of them went into the HQ. It started to rain outside. They sat at a table in the mesh hall and drank mugs of hot cocoa. Yoshiro blew on the hot drink and then glanced out the window at the falling rain.
"Hey, Yoshiro?" Rukia called out to him.
"Hmmm..." Yoshiro mumbled back.
"Are you going to visit your parents sometime?" She asked.
"Yeah, probably. Once I have some free time. Why?" Yoshiro asked still looking out the window.
"I'd like to meet them... and also.... I would like to visit a place in Northern Rukongai." Rukia said looking at her reflection in the light brown cocoa the swirled with her spoon.
"Yeah... sure, I'll bring you." Yoshiro answered finally looking at Rukia's forlorn face.


As months passed, Yoshiro got used to his routine. Classes were going by very fast. Yoshiro had finally mastered most of the destructive kidou that classes taught, and now he was starting to learn binding kidou. On the first class of binding kidou, there was a certain way of performing the practice. There had to be a target... and a caster. Their first practice, Yoshiro and Renji were picked as partners.
"You ready Renji?" Yoshiro asked.
"Yeah, fire away." Renji said as he smirked and braced himself.
"Alright.... Bakudo no ichi, Sai!( Way of Binding, number one, restrain) Yoshiro said as he swiped his hand at Renji.
Suddenly, Renji fell to the ground onto his knees with his hands behind his back. The spell had worked.
"ARRRGH!" Renji tried to break the kidou by straining his muscles and limbs to break free of the spell.
"Jeez Renji... it looks like you're all tied up." Yoshiro started to snicker.
"Yeah, yeah... very funny." Renji said still smirking. By this time most of the class was laughing. "I can't break free... I yield."
"Alright... release!" Yoshiro commanded. The spell broke and Renji was able to move again.
Renji got up onto his feet and they switched spots.
"Give it your best Renji." Yoshiro said with a nervous grin.
"You asked for it." Renji responded. He got into position and was about to cast the spell when Rukia came from the crowd of students and smiled.
"Don't worry Yoshiro... Renji isn't exactly 'gifted' in kidou." Rukia said jokingly.
Yoshiro laughs as do many other students in the room. Renji gives her a look.
"RUKIA... let me concentrate!" Renji said forcefully. "Alright, Bakudo no ichi, SAI!" Renji yelled as he went through the same moves as Yoshiro.
The spell latched onto Yoshiro, who fell over onto the ground and struggled to break the kidou. The spell gradually started to weaken and soon, Yoshiro broke through the spell and stood back up breathing hard from the strain.
"Sorry Renji, I broke it... it was pretty strong at first. Maybe kidou just isn't for you." Yoshiro said.
"I figured that out a long time ago." Renji said with a smile.
"And you're really good at hakuda and zanjutsu. In zanjutsu class... I can hardly keep up with you." Yoshiro complimented.
"Yeah well... I know your holding back... you don't even release your zanpakuto." Renji said.
"Sooner or later, you and Rukia will achieve Shikai, so until then, just do your best." Yoshiro said
"Thanks." Renji said.


It was nearly half of his year at the Shinigami Academy. Yoshiro was at the top of his class in kidou, hakuda, zanjutsu, and History of the Soul Society. In Shinigami's duties class, Yoshiro learned exactly what the title suggested... Shinigami Duties. When a Shinigami finds a lost soul, or a Hollow, the first and foremost duty is to defeat it. The zanpakuto won't kill the Hollow, rather "cleanse" it. Another of Shinigami's duties are sending spirits to the Soul Society. The Konsoh (Soul Burial) will send the spirit of the dearly departed to the Soul Society. Konsoh is done by touching the pommel of the zanpakutoto the spirits forehead.
The other duties of a Shinigami consists of: Training, guarding the Seireitei and Rukongai Districts, patrolling the streets, patrolling the World of the Living, and if the order comes from Central 46... then to go to war.


Life outside of the Academy seemed to be just the same. Yoshiro performed the duties of a Shinigami for the 13th Division everyday. Since Yoshiro knew the Seireitei like the back of his hand, he was ordered many times to patrol the city. Out of the Academy, Yoshiro would train with both his squad, and Renji's/ He and Renji would spar together using zanjutsu. Even though Yoshiro wouldn't use his shikai against Renji, he would still put a lot of reiatsu into his sword blows. Momo and Rukia would usually study or practice kidou. Mabashi and Izuru would usually do anything.


Only about 3 months before the end of the year, Yoshiro's last class to pass before Graduation commenced. Hollow Training. One of the most advanced courses, but very necessary toward becoming a Shinigami. The course would have the squads travel to the World of the Living and cleanse fake Hollows while inside of a barrier... usually made by advanced 7th Year students. It was a sophisticated kidou that they had learned, and it was to keep the real Hollows out.
When the day had finally arrived, Yoshiro and his group were excited to start. After dressing into his shihakushou, he met up with his squad in the 13th Division lobby.
"Ready?" Yoshiro asked.
"All set." Mabashi said as he strapped on his new zanpakuto to his back.
"Same here Yoshiro." Rukia said.
"Alright, we should leave now." Yoshiro said. They headed toward the door to the outside. When they exited the HQ, the chill in the air stung their cheeks. The cold felt ominous to Yoshiro. Unconsciously, Yoshiro tightened his zanpakuto in his obi. As they started to walk toward the meeting spot for the Hollow Training, a voice called out for Yoshiro. He turned around and was surprised to find Jushiro walking toward them.
"Good Morning, Ukitake-Taicho." Yoshiro said and the others followed suit.
"Good Morning Yoshiro, Rukia, Mabashi. Yoshiro... may I speak to you in private for a moment?" Jushiro asked.
"Of course sir." Yoshiro said.
Jushiro and Yoshiro walked far enough away so that the others couldn't here them.
"Listen, Yoshiro... good luck with your Hollow Training. Listen to the 7th Year students who will be commanding the freshmen. You may be more skilled then they are, but they have much more experience in slaying Hollows than you. I have been told Shuhei Hisagi is leader, so listen to him. And also.... if necessary. protect your group, if anything were to happen. Alright?" Jushiro said.
"Yes sir, I'll do my best." Yoshiro responded. "I mean, it's not like we are fighting actual Hollows!"
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Chapter VI: My First Hollow

After speaking with his Captains, Yoshiro had and odd feeling in the pit of his stomach. As he, Rukia, and Mabashi walking closer to the meeting place, the feeling only got worse. It was as though someone had kicked him in the gut.
"Are you ok Yoshiro... you look kinda pale?" Rukia asked.
"Yeah... I'm ok." Yoshiro insisted.


When they approached a small courtyard, a mob of students stood by waiting. They met up with Renji's group and talking until a voice ruse above the mumbling crowd.
"Alright, freshmen, get into order." said the voice.
The voice belonged to none other than Shuhei Hisagi, a 7th year student who had black hair, a spiked choker, and the number 69 on his right cheek. He was famous in the Shinigami Academy for his reputation and his infamous skills.
"Hey, you must be Yoshiro Mototori." Shuhei said as he approached him.
"Oh hello sir, yes, I am Yoshiro. How could you tell?" Yoshiro asked.
"Well, you are the only one here wearing a shihakushou and you have a high reiatsu." Shuhei complimented.
"Thank you sir." Yoshiro said as he bowed.
"You don't have to call me sir... you can call me Shuhei, we are pretty much equals anyway." Shuhei replied.
Yoshiro introduced his own squad and then Renji's. They all talked for a little before Shuhei cut them off to order the freshmen students.
"Alright, let's get this lesson over with for today. Remember everyone, this is just practice, they aren't real Hollows, but by chance, If anything were to happen, you all must obey my commands." Shuhei said.
Suddenly, a large pair of shogi doors appeared in the end of the courtyard behind Shuhei. This was a Senkaimon(outer world gate) to the World of the Living.
"We are traveling to the Mortal World, so everyone goes through this Senkaimon."Shuhei ordered.
The doors slid open unto a blinding light. After the order from Shuhei, the Academy students filed into the portal.


Seconds later, everyone reached their Destination of the World of the Living.
"Hmm... the amount of spirit particles here is much less than the Soul Society." Rukia stated.
"Yeah, you're right. It feels kind of weird." Yoshiro commented.
Their location was a large industrial park teeming with many old warehouses. Its buildings cast long foreboding shadows across the ground in the moonlight. They seemed to be in the middle of a large forest of buildings.
"Alright, listen up!" Shuhei began. "Anyone who roams away from these grounds is in trouble. A barrier is set up all around this compound to protect it from real Hollows. 7th Year students are performing the kidou as we speak. Groups must stay together, but separate from the other groups. Your mission is to find and destroy all of the fake Hollows... AS A TEAM. So... GO!"
All of the squads went their own ways to search for Hollows. It was almost completely dark outside aside from the rays of moonlight that gleamed through the cracks in between buildings. Yoshiro's group headed deeper into the Industrial forest. As they rounded a corner, they finally spotted their first "Hollow".
Even though the Hollow was actually made by the technology and research bureau of the 12th Division, they were made realistically. The 12th Division's Captain, Mayuri Kurotsuchi created them to mimic how actual Hollows attack and react in battle. They were small, but packed some power.
"Rukia, Mabashi, unsheathe your zanpakutos!" Yoshiro ordered as he did so himself. Shiroikami's blue edged blade shimmered like ice in the moonlight. "Alright, Mabashi, I want you to get behind the Hollow and attack when I say go. Rukia, I want you to use a binding kidou to keep it from running. Right after your binding, I'll use a destructive kidou to attack it, then Mabashi... I want you to finish it off with a clean cut from your zanpakuto." Yoshiro ordered in a whisper.
"Right!" whispered Mabashi and Rukia back.
"Now! Rukia!" Yoshiro yelled.
Rukia had then jumped out from behind a warehouse and yelled out her incantation and then the spell.
"Bakudo no ichi, SAI!" The Hollow gave a mechanical yelp and fell to the ground immobilized for the moment. It started to struggle to break free. Yoshiro has suddenly burst out from behind another warehouse.
"Hado no yon, Byakurai!" A blast of white lightning shot out from his index finger straight through the Hollow. Split seconds later, Mabashi had appeared brandishing his zanpakuto. He jumped high into the air and came down upon the Hollow with a clean slice to the head.
The Hollow shattered into hundreds of pieces and smoked on the ground. The pieces blew away in a breeze, Yoshiro sighed and looked to his squad mates.
"Nice job Mabashi, Rukia." Yoshiro said. "I think we completed our part of the mission, so we should head back to Shuhei."
"Yeah, I think your right." Mabashi agreed.
As they turned around, a piercing roar sounded off in the back of them. Startled, they looked behind and saw nothing.
"What was th--." Mabashi was cut off.
Out of the darkness, a saber-like arm impaled Mabashi through the back. Mabashi hung limp on the arm until it shook him off. Mabashi fell onto the cement ground, unmoving. As he lay there motionless, a pool of blood formed beneath him.
"Ma--ba--shi..." Rukia studdered in horror.
Another earth-shattering roar blasted through the air. A giant clawed foot shone through the darkness. Then the grotesque body and head of the creature appeared.
"It's a ... real Hollow!" Yoshiro stammered.
Rukia and Yoshiro backed away from the Hollow in terror. But Yoshiro's fear soon turned into blinding anger as he gazed upon his dead friend. His hatred for the monster that took Mabashi's life overflowed within him.
"HAAAAAAAAAAA!" Yoshiro screamed in rage.
His reiatsu had blasted from him, creating a crater underneath him. The air around him started to freeze over. He gripped the hilt of his zanpakuto so hard, he started to bleed. Pain had left him, and he felt numb from his boiling anger.
"Hyouketsu, Shiroikami!" Yoshrio said.
His reiatsu grew in pressure even more as his zanpakuto changed into Shiroikami.
"Let's go, my friend." Yoshiro said to his zanpakuto kissing its blade.
Yoshiro charged at the Hollow and jumped into the air. The force with which he came down with Shiroikami split open the ground and the Hollow in two. The Hollow gave out a long terrifying groan before it dissipated into the air.
Yoshiro walked over to Mabashi's body and fell to his knees. He meekly looked over to Rukia who stood looking down at Mabashi with a face of shock and despair.
"Mabashi... I should have... I should have been able... to save you!" Yoshiro broke down.
"This... this is all wrong. It wasn't... supposed to happen this way!" Rukia cried out.


"I need to snap out of it." Yoshiro thought to himself.
He had an idea then to take action. He took a deep breath and started to perform a kidou incantation.
"Bakudo no nana-juu nana, Tenteikura(Way of Binding number 77, Heavenly Rickshaws in Silken Air)."
A small screen-like spirit formation formed on the ground where he lay his hands. An image of Shuhei Hisagi showed up. He seemed to be in trouble and he had his zanpakuto drawn. In the background Yoshiro saw Academy Students running and Renji's group next to Shuhei.
"Binding spell Successful." Yoshiro said. "Alright, Shuhei... sir. Can you hear me? This is Yoshiro Mototori." Yoshiro asked.
After a minute he answered.
"Y-Yes, Yoshiro. Are you using Tenteikura?" Shuhei asked.
"Yes... listen... I have a big problem here. Mabashi has been killed by an actual Hollow. How the hell did it get through the barrier?" Yoshiro asked.
"Mabashi's dead? Dammit! Well, he's not our only casualty. Somehow the barrier was broken and there are swarms of Hollow invading our area. I just called for back-up from the Soul Society. They're sending Aizen-Taicho of 5th Division, and his Lieutenant, Gin Ichimaru." Shuhei said. "Look... you and Rukia had better get to us quickly. Oh and what happened to the Hollow that attacked you?"
"I destroyed him of course, they are pretty easy when you know where to direct your attack." Yoshiro said.
Shuhei's eyes widened in disbelief and amazement.
"Well, I can see why Ukitake-Taicho chose you as his apprentice. You'd better go. I'll see you at the gate to the Soul Society." Shuhei said.


Yoshiro stopped the Tenteikura and picked up Mabashi's body.
"Come on Rukia, we have to get to the Soul Society." Yoshiro said as he hoisted Mabashi over his shoulder in the most respectful manner as he could muster.
"A-Alright." Rukia said after collecting herself.
They both ran back toward where they had come from. Screams, shouts, and roars came from up ahead. Clangs from zanpakutos rang out in battle. Finally, Yoshiro saw many Big Hollows(Type of Hollow) surrounding Shuhei, Renji, Momo, and Izuru. They were the only ones who stayed behind. Just as Yoshiro was about to lay down Mabashi and attack, a unknown voice rang out clear above the commotion.
"Ikorosu(Shoot em dead), Shinso." Said the voice.
The gleam of a zanpakuto's blade appeared in the moonlight. It extended like a speeding bullet far into the sky and pierced three Hollows in a row at once.
"That was... Gin Ichimaru's zanpakuto. Wow... they're early." Yoshiro said.
Another Shinigami with a flowing white haori, much like Jushiro's, appeared above another Hollows head. With one slash he destroyed the Hollow.
"And that was... Aizen-Taicho!" Rukia said in awe of the sheer power behind the reiatsu he was emitting.
When they approached the battle-zone, Yoshiro was shocked by what he saw. The other two 7th Year instructors were dead on the ground along with a couple of students.
"Wow, there were a lot of Hollows over here." Yoshiro said.
"Yeah, looks like my group got the brunt of it." Shuhei said, coming out of the darkness with Renji, Momo, and Izuru.
"You guys are fine. That's good." Yoshiro said happily.
"I would be way better if those kidou jerks could have not done a half-assed job on the barrier... jeez!" Shuhei exclaimed angrily.
When Shuhei saw Mabashi, whom Yoshiro was still carrying, his face turned grim.
"Damn... well, we should get back to the Soul Society. Ichimaru Fuku-Taicho(means Lieutenant) and Aizen-Taicho can handle it from here. I'll go get the other bodies." Shuhei said.


One week after the incident at the World of the Living, Mabashi's and the other casualties' funerals took place. Rukia and Yoshiro felt weird... different since Mabashi died. They would still spend most of there time together or with Renji's group, but they would seldom talk. After the funeral their spirits rose again and they tried to get back to their original routine as best they could.


Two months away from Yoshiro's graduation, during the night, he thought of what Jushiro had told him about the relationship between a Shinigami and their zanpakuto.
"Hmmm... to grow in power and wisdom, a Shinigami must bond with their zanpakuto..." Yoshiro mumbled Jushiro's words.
Yoshiro sat up in bed and glanced over at his sheathed zanpakuto which leaned against his wall.
"A Shinigami must bond with their zanpakuto..." Yoshiro repeated to himself.
Seemingly making up his mind, Yoshiro slid out of bed and dressed into his shihakusho. Softly, so as to not disturb all of 13th Division, he tip-toed over to his zanpakuto and crept into the hallway. When he got into the kitchen, he was surprised to see Kaien still up.
"Kaien Fuku-Taicho.... sir? Why are you still up?" Yoshiro asked.
"I should be asking you the same question." Kaien said. "Well, I couldn't sleep. So how about you?"
"I'm going out to um.... meditate." Yoshiro said.
"Hmmm..." Kaien seemed to know what he meant by meditate. "Alright, can I come with you?"
"Of course sir." Yoshiro said bowing low.
As they both crept out of the 13th Division HQ, they crossed the fields of green in back and found an area to stop amongst the high grass.
"You would like to bond with toy zanpakuto huh?" Kaien asked suddenly.
"Yeah... how did you know?!" Yoshiro asked bewildered.
"Well... Ukitake-Taicho told me to make a bond with your zanpakuto when I first got into 13th Division. Almost every week, I would pick a night to go out and meditate." Kaien said.
Soon enough, they found a spot on a grassy plain to meditate. Both sat down and laid their zanpakuto on their laps. The slight rush of the wind and rustling leaves on the trees helped to calm Yoshiro. He began to slip into a deep meditative state.


Yoshiro's thoughts or worries left his mind and left it blank. Only minutes later, a familiar feeling encroached into him. Cold. A new world formed in front of him. The trench with ice crystals and the moonlit sky. Everything was what Yoshiro anticipated. The Great White Wolf appeared, not in the ice crystal, but resting... curled up warmly in a corner.
"Shiroikami?" Yoshiro called out. The wolf's electric blue eyes slowly opened. "Hello Shiroikami... I have come to talk to you. To get to know you better." Yoshiro said awkwardly.
"I know why you have come here Yoshiro... come and sit by me." Shiroikami said.
Yoshiro did and Shiroikami put his head on Yoshiro lap.
"Don't you ever get tired of this place, Shiroikami? Don't you ever just want to leave this cold, dismal cavern?" Yoshiro asked as he stroked beneath Shiroikami's pointed furry ears.
"No... this is my home, and I don't mind the cold. Besides, I have left this place many times." Shiroikami said matter-of-factly.
"When?" Yoshiro asked.
"Well, every time you and I battle together." Shiroikami answered.
"Maybe so, but you aren't physically in my world." Yoshiro stated.
"No, I suppose not. But when you attain Bankai, I shall be." Shiroikami said.
"Really!? But will I ever attain Bankai. Only a chosen few are actually able to. When will I?" Yoshiro asked.
"When you are ready. Most Shinigami must train for 100 years before they achieve Bankai. And then they must have another 100 years to master it. You and I must still master Shikai before worrying about that." Shiroikami stated.
Yoshiro and he continued to talk and learn more about each other. Yoshiro finally felt that he understood what Jushiro had meant by:
"A Shinigami must bond with their zanpakuto."
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Chapter VII: Graduations and Promotions

Every week for one night, Yoshiro would go out to the fields and meditate. He felt that his relationship with his zanpakuto was very strong now. Many times, Kaien would join him much to Yoshiro's pleasure. Graduation was getting very close. One month was left and grades for classes were about to be decided. Yoshiro had mastered most necessary Hado and Bakudo Kidou spells aside from levels 60-90. He was achieving good grades in all other classes and was honored with the top scores in both zanjutsu and Hollow Training.
Two weeks from Graduation, Yoshiro decided to visit with his parents for a couple of days. And, since he promised Rukia could come, she was. That morning, Yoshiro was excited to see Musashi and Oichi again. Since the very beginning, he had sent them letters, telling of his experiences in the Academy. Even though they knew about Rukia, she was a little nervous about meeting them. Nevertheless, she felt very excited to see Rukongai again. When they passed the threshold between the Seireitei and the 1st District of Rukongai, Yoshiro thought back to the beginning of the year when he first entered the Seireitei.
"Hmmm... that's nostalgic." Yoshiro thought to himself.
He felt it had been many years since he had last saw his parents. The thoughts of: '"How are they?", "How's the shop?", and "I wonder if they missed me?" swam through his head as he and Rukia neared his street.
"So, you lived in the 1st District. It's so much more peaceful then where I grew up!" Rukia exclaimed.
"Well, I guess either way... all of Rukongai couldn't match the Seireitei." Yoshiro said.
"Yeah, I suppose so." Rukia replied thoughtfully.
When they finally reached his home, he was surprised to see his father watering the plants in front. He had his back to them as they approached.
"Father, I'm home!" Yoshiro called out.
"Yoshiro? Yoshiro is that you!?"" Musashi turned abruptly and beheld his son and how he changed as he stood in front of him. "My, you've change... grown! And only in 10 months!"
Musashi resumed to look over the changes in his son. Then he spotted Rukia. Yoshiro noticed that she look like she felt she was out of place.
"Father, this is one of my good friends and squad-mates, Rukia Kuchiki." Yoshiro introduced.
"Welcome, welcome... there is no need to feel like a burden. Our home is your home. I'm Musashi Mototori." Musashi greeted.
Rukia blushed and then bowed politely to Musashi. "Thank you very much for your hospitality."
"Yoshiro, your mother is somewhere in the house, why don't you first go and get Rukia-san set up in one of the guest bedrooms, and then have your mother fix some lunch." Musashi said.
"Yes father." Yoshiro said.
Yoshiro led Rukia to a bedroom across from his own.
"This is the guest bedroom. It might not be like the Kuchiki Manor, but it has a nice view of the garden and pond outside." Yoshiro said. "You can leave your belongings in here and settle down for a bit, if you want."
"This room is great, thank you Yoshiro-kun." Rukia said with a light smile.
Yoshiro left Rukia to unpack and he went to look for his mother. After calling for her a couple of times, he found her in the backyard koi pond feeding the carp.
"Hello honey... it's been so long. Look at you! You have grown up so much since we last saw you!" Oichi said as she got up from the pond side to go give a hug to Yoshiro. "You have gotten taller, and bigger. You’re turning into a man, like your father."
Yoshiro blushed a little and then mumbled something along the lines of 'thank you'.
"So, what is the Seireitei like?" Oichi asked.
"It's huge and...." Yoshiro interrupted himself when he glanced back to the house and saw Rukia standing by the doorway. "Oh, how rude of me. Mother, this is one of my close friends and squad-mates, Rukia Kuchiki." Yoshiro introduced.
"Hello, Mrs. Mototori, It's a pleasure to meet you." Rukia said bowing.
"Its very nice to meet you too, Rukia-san. Welcome to our home. I'm sure Yoshiro showed you to your room?" Oichi asked.
"Yes, he did." Rukia answered.
"Oh, mom. Father would like you to fix some lunch for everyone. He is working in the front yard right now." Yoshiro said.
"Oh, that's right! Ok." Oichi said as she bustled into the kitchen.
Yoshiro and Rukia looked at each other. Rukia grinned and said: ""I like your family."


After a while, Rukia felt right at home. At dinner, everyone would chat around the table like one family. Yoshiro was happy that he was home. He had missed his parents for the time he was away. The next morning, Yoshiro sent a message by Hell Butterfly to Captain Ukitake. The message said how he and Rukia were planning on staying for one more day than expected. Later that afternoon, another Hell Butterfly came and was an affirmation from Ukitake.
Since Yoshiro was a Shinigami, he also had to perform his duties even though he was outside of the Serieitei. As the afternoon progressed, Yoshiro decided to patrol his section of the Rukongai, which were districts 1-5. Before he left, he slipped his zanpakuto into his obi and went to the door. Just as he passed trough the exit, Rukia called out to him.
"Patrolling? Do you think I can tag along?" She asked.
"Yeah, sure. It's pretty boring being alone on these streets." Yoshiro replied happily for the new companion.


As they passed into the busy streets of the second district, Yoshiro and Rukia talked, while also keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. The dusty street of the town was filled with pedestrians of all types: Peddlers, merchants, customers. Everyone was out on an enjoyable day.
"So, we have until tomorrow until we must return to the Seireitei?" Rukia asked.
"Yeah, I would have wanted to stay the entire week, but Ukitake-Taicho wants us to get back to classes." Yoshiro said.
"Classes? It's not like we are doing much anymore. It's nearly the end of the year." Rukia backed up.
"I know. Well... at least I'll be graduating." Yoshiro said cheerfully.
"Lucky... Renji and I still have 6 more years. Yoshiro, what do you plan on doing after you graduate?" Rukia asked.
"Hmmm..." Yoshiro thought out loud. " want to work myself through the ranks until I become a Captain." Yoshiro said, his eyes glimmered faintly with ambition.
"A Captain huh? Well... that will take a long time." Rukia said.
"I suppose so, but it will be worth all of my labor in the end." Yoshiro said.


Yoshiro and Rukia were now in the 4th District of Rukongai. The sun was starting to go down and the air grew chilled. By the time they had reached the end of the 5th district, the sun was completely gone and the only light came from the paper lanterns that lined the streets.
"I wish I knew Shunpo... then I could get us back to the house in a flash." Yoshiro complained.
"Quit complaining and lets just head back." Rukia said as she shivered from a gust of a cold breeze.
"You look a little cold... here." Yoshiro said as he took off his outer kimono. He handed it over to her, which she gladly took and wore it over her Academy Kimono.
"Thanks, but won't you be cold?" Rukia asked.
"No, I'm ok. Besides, I still have my under-kimono." Yoshiro said.


When they finally returned home, supper was finished and waiting on the table. Rukia gave Yoshiro back his kimono, which he decided to put back on. The smells wafted to them from the genkan (A small room at the entrance where shoes are placed) of the various dishes prepared for dinner.
"Oh, they're home." Musashi said.
"Supper is ready, come on in." Oichi said from the kitchen.
Dinner was as great as always, noodles udon, with several sea food platters, chicken, potato dishes, and vegetables with salad. Everyone was full by the end of dinner. They all talked for a while. After insisting to do the dishes for Oichi and Musashi, Yoshiro went out by a small koi pond in the back garden because he couldn't fall asleep. Small crickets and bugs chirped their songs into the night under the glistening starts high above. All was peaceful as he gazed toward the full moon.
He ended his gaze when the sound of the shoji door sliding caught his ears. He looked behind him and saw Rukia walk toward him in a light purple kimono with yellow flowers embroidered. She sat down next to him and looked at the stars.
"Can't go to sleep?" Yoshiro asked.
"No, you?" Rukia asked back with a small grin.
"I could, but I don't want to. I think I am going to speak with Shiroikami." Yoshiro said looking to his showed which lay in his lap.
"Shiroikami... that's your zanpakuto's name. So you came out here to meditate." Rukia guessed.
"Yeah, would you wanna join me?" Yoshiro asked.
"Sure." Rukia replied, sitting Indian-style like Yoshiro. They both closed their eyes, and let their minds wander.


The next day Rukia decided to show Yoshiro where she lived in Rukongai. They both left early in the morning because Rukia lived far in Northern Rukongai, so it would be a long walk. When they both arrived in a poor and rough looking district, Rukia frowned and said:
"Nothing has changed... this is the district I grew up in."
Yoshiro didn't know what to say, so he chose to say nothing. They walked a little bit further, and through a narrow alleyway. Yoshiro followed Rukia, as he did not know his way around these parts. When they exited the alleyway, they stood on the eves of a river separating the northern and southern districts.
Rukia walked up to a small hill which looked over the river and all of Rukongai. The Seireitei loomed in the distance, marked by white buildings and orange plated roofs. She stopped at the top and looked mournfully down at the ground. When Yoshiro caught up with her, he saw that she stared at three simple headstones of gray rock. They sat at the very top of the hill.
"These three people were Renji's and my best friends. We grew up together. We had fun, but we grew up in a life that was harsh and unforgiving. That is why Renji and I left to get away from this place." Rukia had said suddenly. Silver glimmering streaks of tears ran down her cheeks, which she rubbed away with her hand.
"You did the right thing, Rukia." Yoshiro said. "You don't deserve to live that way, after all... you are a natural Shinigami." Yoshiro said.
Rukia gave a smile and hugged Yoshiro.
"Thank you, Yoshiro." Rukia said.


After a last night filled with talking and laughter at the dinner table, the next day soon came. Orders were for Yoshiro and Rukia to return to the Seireitei. After exchanging another set of good-bye's to his parents, Yoshiro and Rukia set off back toward the Seireitei.
The day they returned there were many greetings from those of Gotei 13 and the Academy. Other than that, their weekend was altogether no different than the previous ones. On Saturday Yoshiro, Rukia, Renji, Izuru, and Momo all decided to take it easy and rest in the fields behind the 13th Division Barracks.
Renji and Yoshiro practiced some zanjutsu for about an hour and a half. Rukia and Momo practiced Kidou, and afterward, they all studied for next weeks final exams. But as night approached, Renji and his squad had to say goodbye and get back to the Academy Barracks. Rukia and Yoshiro decided to turn in for the night as well, so they played some card games with Kaien and other 13th Division member before heading off to bed.


Before Yoshiro knew it, the weekend rolled by like the waves hitting a beach. Last minute studying was involuntary. When the tests came Yoshiro felt that he was finally ready for them. Zanjutsu, Hakuda, kidou, and Hollow Training went without a hitch, and Yoshiro felt good. The other tests were somewhat difficult (as Yoshiro suspected) but he did his very best in each one. Now, all he had to do was receive his grades and hopefully graduate.
About two weeks after the finals, Yoshiro received a letter from the Academy. He and Rukia were out in the fields when Kaien came out of the barracks holding the letter. Yoshiro quickly opened the envelope. Inside where two cards, one addressed to Yoshiro himself, and the other addressed to Rukia.
"This is it..." Yoshiro mumbled as he opened the note. He read:

"On this card are your personal grades of the four semesters, including mid-terms and finals. These are determined by trained Shinigami, and checked by the Captain- General of Gotei 13."

Yoshiro read on for his results.

. . . .

Final Grade:

Zanjutsu: A+

Hakuda: B

Kidou: A

History of Shinigami: A+

Shinigami Duties: A

Hollow Training: A-

Avg Score: A

. . . .

Yoshiro felt as though he was lifted of a great burden. He had finally finished at the Academy, achieving high scores was surprising to him, leaving him speechless. He and Rukia shared their grades happily. Rukia had achieved high marks as well.
"Nice job, Rukia!" Yoshiro congratulated.
"Yeah, you too Yoshiro." Rukia replied.


The moment Yoshiro had been waiting for had finally come, days later. Graduation. Yoshiro did feel bad that Rukia, Renji, and many of his other friends of his still had six more years until their own graduation. That day, Yoshiro, Rukia, and Lieutenant Kaien walked out from the barracks toward the Academy Courtyard. It seemed nostalgic as Yoshiro remembered the first days of the Academy. Jushiro met up with them when they reached the courtyard.
When the ceremony started, the 7th year graduates and Yoshiro lined up in front of the podium. Captain General Yamamoto came out from the Academy Building with his Lieutenant Chojiro Sasakibe who pulled up a cart with all of the diplomas in it. For all the 7th Year Shinigami, there were also Shihakushos.
Yamamoto gave the opening speech, which proved to be quite long, and it congratulated the graduates. When he finished, the graduates names were started to be called out. He or she was to go up to the podium, take their certificate, bow, then go back. It was long and relatively boring, until they got to the "M's".
"Keiji Matsuya!" Yamamoto called.
The graduate stood and went up, going through the entire cycle.
"This is taking forever." Yoshiro mumbled.
"Tell me about it." Shuhei Hisagi said. He had found him in the crowd of students and decided to stay by him. When Shuhei received his diploma, there was a thunderous applause and many cheers.
"Yoshiro Mototori." Called out Yamamoto.
"That's you Yoshiro!" Shuhei said as he gave him a push.
Yoshiro's heart seemed to skip a beat. He was very excited.
"This is it!" Yoshiro thought.
When he went up to receive his diploma, Yamamoto congratulated him with a smile.
"You did a great job in the Academy, I am expecting a lot from you." Yamamoto said to Yoshiro.
"Thank you sir." Yoshiro said with a low bow.
A roar of applause erupted from the crowd of people watching the ceremony. Students and Shinigami alike. After the last graduate went and received their diploma, the ceremony was complete. Yoshiro left the students to go and find Jushiro and the others. When he found them, Renji gave him a smack on the back.
"Nice job Yoshiro. You had better be here in 6 years for us." Renji said with a grin.
"Of course I wouldn't miss that." Yoshiro said.
"Yoshiro," Jushiro started. "just as I promised, you are now promoted to 4th Seat of the 13th Division. Congratulations!"
"Thank you very much." Yoshiro said with another low bow.
"Looks like you're a full time Shinigami now, huh?" Momo said after giving Yoshiro a big hug.
"I know, It'll be weird not going to classes anymore with you guys." Yoshiro said.
"Hey, Yoshiro... Congratulations!" Came a voice.
Yoshiro looked around until sure enough he saw Rukia waving to him. She was separated from the rest of the group as she was standing next to a tall Shinigami. He was wearing a white haori over the shihakusho. He had a very expensive looking blue scarf on and a ornate white head piece signifying nobility. Yoshiro walked over toward them and realized how dense the Captains reiatsu was.
"Wow, who is this Captain? I've never seem him before." Yoshiro thought.
"Nii-sama (Means Honorable Brother in Japanese), this is Yoshiro Mototori." Rukia said to the Shinigami.
"Nii-sama... as in BROTHER!?" Yoshiro thought.
"It is a pleasure to meet you Mototori Yoshiro. Congratulations on your graduation." he said.
It finally dawned on Yoshiro, he knew who this man was. Yoshiro bowed low.
"It is a pleasure to meet you too. Thank you, Kuchiki-Taicho!" Yoshiro replied.
Rukia looked surprised by how Yoshiro knew her brother and how he was acting, ah he had never acted in such a way near Captain Ukitake.
That night, Yoshiro decided to meditate. Out in the fields, in his encounter with Shiroikami, he told him of his graduation and achievements.
"Congratulations Yoshiro. And before you leave, I shall give you a gift for proving to me that you are indeed worthy of this. There are four elementary attacks in your Shikai form. They are called Yon no Arashi (The Four Storms)." Shiroikami said. "[i]Ichi no Arashi, Burizado.[/b] (First Storm, Blizzard) That is the first storm."
And, just like that, Yoshiro came out from his meditative state. His new knowledge of his Shikai made him ecstatic to say the very least. Yoshiro looked over to Kaien who had been meditating next to him.
"Hey, Kaien-sama.. may we go in now. It's getting cold." Yoshiro said.
"You're cold, that's a first." Kaien said with a smirk.
As they walked to the barracks from the fields, Yoshiro muttered:
"I have a feeling that this winter will be very cold."

~~~~ 6 Years Later ~~~~

"Yoshiro Mototori... sir, Ukitake-Taicho would like to see you in his office." Said a Shinigami who had just popped his head into his office.
Yoshiro looked up from his paperwork at his desk.
"Thank you, Sarukage-san." Yoshiro answered.
Yoshiro now had grown taller as a 21 year old. Like the past, his hair was worn in a queue. His obi was longer, and now he had a short beard and goatee. In the time away from the Academy, Yoshiro had finally mastered his Shikai. His and Rukia's relationship hadn't changed, although now he had less time to spend with her and his other friends.
Since he was now a 4th Seat Officer, he had his own platoon of Shinigami in the 13th Division. He had been assigned hundreds of missions already, most of which were direct combat in executing Hollows. Every time Yoshiro heard a Hollows deafening roar, he would sadly think back to six years ago when Mabashi was killed.
As Yoshiro knocked on Jushiro's door, a answer followed.
"Come in." Jushiro said.
Yoshiro stepped in and bowed low on a mat, waiting for his orders.
"You called for me, Ukitake-Taicho?" Yoshiro said.
"Yes, I was just wanted to say that tomorrow is the Academy's Graduation. You and I have been chosen to hand out diplomas." Jushiro informed.
"Really? Great, I would be honored for such a task." Yoshiro said.
Yoshiro left that day and patrolled around the Seireitei. Everything was calm. The warm sun was shining in the deep blue cloudless sky. Yoshiro felt utterly content that day. His work was done, and now he was left for time to enjoy himself. Yoshiro stopped walking to look up at a bird in its nest, nestled between two large branches of a tree. As he stood, a voice in the distance called out to him.
"Are you 13th Division, 4th Seat?" The Shinigami's voice asked.
"I am Rino Tsugayama of the messenger division, sir." Rino replied as he walked to where Yoshiro stood.
"Do you have business with me?" Asked Yoshiro, a little puzzled.
"Oh.. yes sir. I have a letter for you from Yamamoto-Sou-Taicho." Said Rino. He handed the note to Yoshiro.
"Thank you very much... you're dismissed." Yoshiro said as he looked at the 1st Division seal on the envelope.
Rino left Yoshiro to read the note. He ripped the envelope open and read the letter.

From: Capt. Gen. Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni
To: 13th Division, 4th Seat: Mototori Yoshiro


Concerning your squad mate Rukia Kuchiki, you will give her this message after her graduation. ---

After graduating, from here on in, Rukia Kuchiki will be assigned under the command of Captain Ukitake and Lieutenant Shiba. Her squad will be under the command of you, 4th Seat Mototori.


Yamamoto Genryuusai.


After reading the note, Yoshiro felt even better than he had before. Rukia was assigned to 13th Division and under his squad!
"This is great. Rukia's in my platoon." Yoshiro said out loud to himself.
The rest of the day, Yoshiro finished up his patrol and afterward had dinner with Jushiro and Kaien. Shunsui Kyoraku, Captain of 8th Division came as well as his Lieutenant, Ise Nanao.
From the day Yoshiro entered the Academy, he had met and talked with Kyoraku-Taicho. Both Jushiro and He were very close friends and have been since they were in the Academy. They would have a history of working together a lot.
"So Yoshiro-Kun, when do you think you will become a Captain?" Asked Shunsui.
"Oh jeez... Kyoraku-Taicho... I haven't even thought of it. I just mastered Shikai. I have a long way to go!" Yoshiro said.
"Maybe... but then maybe not. You're very talented. You may just make it earlier than Hitsugaya Toshiro-Taicho!" Shunsui replied.
All of them talked for a while more then had to take their leave to go to bed. The day would be long tomorrow, and early. Before Yoshiro fell asleep, he thought.
"I wonder if I really will become a Captain..."


"Graduation, huh? I never thought it would be here again." Yoshiro said.
He was standing in front of the courtyard and the 7th Year Graduates with Jushiro and Yamamoto.
"Now, you know what to do?" Yamamoto asked after making the very same long speech as he did 6 years before.
"Yes sir, I know what to do." Yoshiro replied.
Jushiro would call out the names, while Yoshiro handed the Graduate their diploma. It was a fairly simple task.
"Abarai, Renji!" Called Jushiro.
Renji came up and Yoshiro handed him his diploma and Shihakusho.
"Nice job Renji." Yoshiro said.
"Thank you sir." Renji answered with a smirk.
More names were called and then another familiar one cam up.
"Kira, Izuru."
Izuru walked up and grinned at Yoshiro.
"Congratulations, Izuru. It's been a while." Yoshiro said.
"I know, looks like I'll being seeing you more often, sir." Izuru answered.
More names called and then:
"Hinamori, Momo."
With a radiating smile, Momo walked up to the podium and looked up at Yoshiro.
"Wow... you look so different Yoshiro-Chan!" Momo said half-jokingly.
"So do you Momo-Chan... getting shorter?" Yoshiro joked right back. Momo grinned. "Congratulations Momo."
Thank you, sir." Momo replied.
Finally, one of the last Students were called up from the girls' group.
"Kuchiki, Rukia."
She walked up and looked at Yoshiro.
"Long time no see, Yoshiro." Rukia said.
"Yeah, it has been. Congratulations, Rukia." He said as he handed her the diploma and Shihakusho with a smile.
"Thank you, Yoshiro... sir." She said. She gave him a wink and a grin then walked back to her seat. Yoshiro then remembered.
"OH, Rukia! See me after Graduation!" Yoshiro called out to her.
Rukia merely nodded and sat down waiting for the long ceremony to come to an end.


As the graduation came to an end, Yoshiro waited for Rukia over by a tree in the courtyard. As soon as everyone started to leave, Rukia walked out from the mob of people.
"You wanted to tell me something, Yoshiro.. sir?"
"Yeah, first... you don't need to call me sir, and secondly; I just got a note from Yamamoto-Sou-Taicho from 1st Division." Yoshiro answered.
"And...?" Rukia asked curiously.
"I got your assigned division and squad." Yoshiro said.
"Really!? Soooo... tell me!" Rukia said excitedly.
"You are hereby in the 13th Division under the command of Ukitake-Taicho, Shiba Fuku-Taicho, and... me." Yoshiro said happily.
"So that means, I'm still in your squad?" Rukia asked with anticipation.
"Yes, you are in my fighting platoon." Yoshiro replied.
"This is seriously one of the best days of my life." Rukia said with mirth.
"Yeah, It must be for a lot of people." Yoshiro answered with a grin.
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Chapter VIII: The Beginning of the End

Days after Rukia's graduation, Yoshiro learned of the different Divisions that everyone else was placed in. Renji, Izuru, and Momo all were assigned to 5th Division. They were under the command of Sosuke Aizen. Yoshiro knew that they would all do quite well as Shinigami.
Years later, Yoshiro found out that Renji was transferred to 11th Division, under the command of Captain Kenpachi Zaraki and his Lieutenant, Yachiru Kusajishi. Aizen's old Lieutenant, Gin Ichimaru, had been promoted to Captain of 3rd Division soon afterward. Izuru was then transferred to Gins Division, while Momo was left in 5th, which she didn't mind at all.
Whenever Yoshiro had a break, he would usually go and find Renji, Izuru, and Momo to visit. Rukia would almost always tag along, as she had the same breaks as Yoshiro did. Anytime that the five friends had a break together, they would normally train with their Shikai. Rukia almost mastered her Zanpakuto, Sode no Shirayuki, and Renji was close to mastering his own, Zabimaru.
As the years kept progressing, Yoshiro's life went on as usual. Even though his power was on par with a Lieutenants, he still decided to stay as the 4th Seat. He felt happy there. Rukia was happy too being under Lieutenant Kaien's, and his own Command. It was considered a "Golden Age" in the Soul Society. She was close friends with both of them.
One fateful night, a terrible event befell all of the 13th Division. Kaien's wife, the current 3rd Seat and leader of the Recon Squad of 13th Division was out on duty when her group was attacked by an unknown Hollow. Yoshiro was on break at the time in the kitchen when he heard a racket outside of the barracks. He quickly grabbed his zanpakuto and shoved himself through a crowd of Shinigami. Kaien, Jushiro, and Rukia were standing over a half-conscious Miyako (Kaien's wife). She was the only survivor of the attack.
"Wh-what happened?" Yoshiro asked.
"There was a unknown Hollow that attacked our Recon Squad, sir." Rukia said.
As the others tended to her, Yoshiro went out of the Barracks and started to give commands to his own squads to arm themselves and stay on stand by. About ten minutes later, screams pierces the still air around the barracks. Yoshiro was startled. His private guard unsheathed their zanpakuto and prepared for a fight. Yoshiro himself lay his hand on the hilt of Shiroikami. The screams started to get closer and closer to Yoshiro and his squad. He started to unsheathe his blade. A drip of sweat went down his neck.
"What's going on sir? Is it a Hollow?" One of the Shinigami Guards asked.
"I have no idea. I suppose we will find out." Yoshiro said through gritted teeth.
Suddenly, a lone Shinigami with their zanpakuto out, sprinted passed them and down a side street toward the woods in back of 13th Division.
"Who the hell was that!?" Yoshiro asked no one in particular.
"It looked like Kaien's wife sir." Answered a guard.
"How odd... I could have sworn that I felt the reiatsu of a Hollow a minute ago." Yoshiro said.
Only seconds later, three sets of footsteps came from near the barracks toward Yoshiro. Yoshiro turned around to see who approached as he decided to sheath his zanpakuto finally. He was surprised to see that is was Kaien, Jushiro, and Rukia again.
"Jushiro..." Yoshiro thought.
They had come running out of the darkness, then stopped when they spotted Yoshiro.
"Yoshiro, is your squad alright?" Jushiro asked hurriedly.
"Yes, nothing happened. But.. we all just saw Miyako sprinting off toward the woods in back." Yoshiro said as he pointed a thumb in the direction. At that, Rukia and Kaien ran off toward the woods.
"Ukitake-Taicho, what the hell is going on here?" Yoshiro asked with concern. Jushiro answered:
"That Hollow earlier took control of Miyako's body and it slaughtered some of our Shinigami." Jushiro said. "Don't follow, Yoshiro. I want you to command the rest of 13th Division while Rukia, Kaien, and I stop this Hollow. Both of the 5th Seats are on away missions... so I am counting on you."
Just like that, Jushiro vanished back into the darkness toward the woods. Yoshiro would have tagged along, but he had to follow his orders.
"Well, it looks like we have out orders." Yoshiro sighed.


"Alright, men, we have a situation on our hands. I'm in charge of the 13th Division for now, so here are my orders." Yoshiro began.
All of the 13th Division was assembled before him and awaited orders.
"Alright, I want 1st through 5th Platoons surrounding the barracks. 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th platoons are on stand-by. Finally, 10th platoon, I want you to scout the area for any of our injured. Bring all the wounded to 4th Division, unless they are minor wounds. Go!" Yoshiro ordered.
The Shinigami ran to fulfill their duties.
"Sir, do you think that Shiba Fuku-Taicho, Rukia-san, and Ukitake-Taicho will be ok?" One of Yoshiro's guards asked.
"Of course, Ukitake-Taicho may be sick, but he was honored with the title of Captain for a reason. And if I know Rukia and Kaien Fuku-Taicho, they'll be ok too." Yoshiro replied optimistically.
Half an hour slipped by and no word of Rukia, Jushiro, or Kaien came. All the wounded were sent to 4th Division.
"Ok, 6th through 9th platoons are off from stand-by and put on guard. Tell the ones from 1st through 5th to take a break." Yoshiro ordered glumly.


When it came down to an hour, Yoshiro began to wonder if he should go into battle. None of them had returned yet, and a normal Hollow would never have taken a full hour to destroy. Something was wrong, and he could feel it.
"I really want to help them, but Ukitake-Taicho told me to command... dammit! I can't ask a 6th or 7th Seat Officer to command the entire Division. They would go crazy." Yoshiro thought.
Out of the pitch black of night, a hint of white shone clear. Yoshiro looked closer and realized it was that of a Haori.
"Ukitake-Taicho!" Yoshiro called out.
Jushiro was walking toward them slowly. His head was down as if he were mourning. About one hundred feet away from the gate, he collapsed to the ground.
"Ukitake-Taicho!" Yoshiro yelled again as he ran over to help his Captain along with his guards. Other Shinigami of the 13th Division watched in fear from all around him.
"Someone help me... we need to bring Ukitake-Taicho to his bed, NOW!" Yoshiro yelled to his men.
With the help of his men and guards, they were able to bring Jushiro to his quarters to get some much needed rest. He noticed as they lay him down, he had absolutely no wounds to speak of.
"He must have had another attack from his Tuberculosis." Yoshiro thought.
Jushiro lay on his bed, look exhausted in his sleep. Yoshiro wanted to know what had happened with Kaien and Rukia. He ordered that a squad from 7th Platoon guard the front entrance to the 13th Division in case of their arrival. Hours later, a guard from that platoon ran back to the barracks to Yoshiro.
"Sir, Rukia Kuchiki has returned!" The guard said.
"Thank you, you are dismissed." Yoshiro replied.
He got up from Jushiro's bedside and ran to meet with Rukia and hopefully get some answers. When he arrived outside, there were a crowd of Shinigami around her.
"Alright, everybody, leave her alone and get to your posts." Yoshiro ordered.
The crowd dispersed quickly and Yoshiro approached Rukia. She was standing still, not making any sound. She looked haggard, worn, and just as exhausted as Jushiro appeared to be.
"Rukia... are you alright?" Yoshiro asked.
She had a glazed look over her eyes, as if she had seen something that she had seen a ghost.
"Rukia.. Rukia!?" Yoshiro called out to her. "Where is Kaien?"
She slowly turned her head to Yoshiro. With out shifting her glazed look, she said:
"Kaien Fuku-Taicho, is.... dead."
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My lord. I've never watched Bleach much, but just reading this, I don't think I need to! cheers

Such good detail and writing! Also, that drawing is BEAST.
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Tue Sep 29, 2009 3:11 pm
Did you actually read it all!? Wow, thanks Merc. =D
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Tue Sep 29, 2009 9:51 pm
It was longer than.., well, that's not the point. I didn't read it all, but I read most of it. I read about 75% of each chapter. Still, It was amazing/
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Tue Sep 29, 2009 10:11 pm
Thank you very much. The next chapter, also being the very last one of Book One will be here sooner or later.
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God, I'll be on vacation, there'll be like... 15 BAGILLION pages by the time I get back.
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Hell no!!! I have all of these chapters written out in notebooks. I am currently on chapter 34 of the entire series, book 3. I have only typed out until chapter 8 on here. Those chapters take FOREVER to type out!
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Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:05 pm
I didn't read all of it yet, but this is pretty cool, Bleach! It looks like you spent a lot of time on this and it's good!
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Sun Jan 24, 2010 11:44 am
lol, thanks guys. Maybe some point soon, if I don't have too much homework for school, I could start typing out the rest of Chapter 9.
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