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Raeng Thévinh | Spy; Mechanist. Empty Raeng Thévinh | Spy; Mechanist.

Sun Apr 01, 2018 6:36 pm
Character Name: Raeng Thévinh

Age: 32
Gender: Female
Race: Warenlandrnen
Nationality: Warenlandrnen
Place of Residence: Taisot, Warenlandr Commonwealth

Appearance: Unremarkable (relative to her race/species). Stands at an average height of 3'5" (from head to toe) or 4'3" (from head to tail), with moderate features, an athletic build, and unassuming face. Jet-black fur/pelt, with a degree of grey and white mottling; Bright, amber-coloured eyes. Usually tends to wear close, tight-fitting clothes, with at least a few various small, concealed weapons.

Background: Raeng, with a penchant and a passion for mechanical systems and an inherent desire to know how things worked, after spending her small amount of free time away from work studying and saving up enough money for it, joined the Taisot Mechanics Guild during her teenage years. There, she flourished, finding new friends, new lines of work through the guild, and a desire to leave a mark upon the world using the skills her could hone there.

Towards the end of her teenage years, her success at the guild attracted the attention of the intelligence wing of the Warenlandr government, to which resulted in her eventual recruitment therein, mostly towards the goals of gathering of intelligence that could further the progress and betterment of the Commonwealth and to listening out for signs of developments from other countries and potential competitors.

This consequently led to various small, short-term expeditions to immediate neighbours such as the Katzlan Protectorate and the Toshkhat Empire over the years.

She continues working with both the guild and Warenlandr intelligence to date.
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