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Kaminos Aris | A conspirator's son Empty Kaminos Aris | A conspirator's son

Sun Apr 01, 2018 6:35 pm
Character Name: Kaminos Aris

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Mulian
Nationality: Mulian
Place of Residence: Alef Mu

Appearance: Green-blue eyes, with short, black, wavey hair, a friendly-looking face, a height of 5'6", an average, semi-athletic build, and a light, slightly tanned complexion, his physical appearance doesn't stand out too much in a crowd. No notable features like scars or birthmarks otherwise. Favourite attire includes a typical dark-blue item of clothing native to Mu, resembling a hybrid of a Chinese Changshan and more contemporary trousers and work jacket.

Background: Having been born in the capital of Mu to middle-class parents with a stable income and no particular notoriety, and having been raised with the benefits of a stable, albeit very average upbringing, with the benefit of a Mulian education and having an average, unnotable standing among social circles, Kaminos had essentially been leading an average, yet model life for a Mulian citizen.

Mu, much like the rest of the world, had its problems, but they weren't his problems. That was, at least, until the day that by accident, he saw through the cracks in the facade of normality, carefully crafted by his parents for what was likely most of their entire lives, long before his own had began; An accident that would see these problems and his own life soon come together as one.
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