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Riccu Zhannei | Inventor, Cartographer Empty Riccu Zhannei | Inventor, Cartographer

Tue Mar 27, 2018 1:45 pm
Character Name: Riccu Zhannei

Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Alitri
Nationality: Drakenlloch
Place of Residence: Lloch Duryen

Appearance: Riccu stands four feet five inches tall with an athletic build typical of his race. He has a distinctive white belly fading to sky blue feathers on the underside of his wings while his back and upper wings are a much darker blue. His scales on his hands and feet are a neutral yellow as well as his eyes.

As with most alitri Riccu doesn't typically wear clothes, though when traveling he usually carries a set of tools in a small, specially made bag. On the occasions where he does carry a weapon it is usually limited to a six-round revolver located in a holster on his back, oriented with the grip down so that he can grab it with one of his feet while in the air.


Riccu was born to and raised by a middle class family in Sáb Cala, a small coastal town in Drakenlloch. Growing up it quickly became apparent that he was very intelligent, observant and detail-oriented, showing a particular interest in technology. It seemed that he began experimenting the instant he was old enough to hold the tools, building various elaborate contraptions of questionable function. Rather than focusing on practical applications he typically put together elaborate mechanisms just to see if his mechanisms could work at all. He stumbled across a few practical designs in the process, though he and his family only managed to sell them on a small scale.

When Drakenlloch entered into conflict with the Trialith Faith extremists Riccu enlisted and aided in the capture of Frostblood, later renamed Northport. He saw very little combat, serving primarily as a scout and cartographer, a task for which he was remarkably well suited. His aerial reconnaissance proved to be invaluable, both for locating enemy forces before they managed to rally to an effective counter-attack and for finding previously uncharted paths to use as attack routes. When the conflict ended Riccu remained in Northport for some time. He put his newfound talent for cartography to use, selling maps of the surrounding regions to visitors of both Northport and Dragon's Watch. It turned out to be a decent business; between local traders, northbound expeditions and his military salary he managed to amass a small fortune.

He took this money back to Drakenlloch and used it to set up a workshop, returning to his roots as a specialist in elaborate mechanisms. His focus shifted to more practical devices, ranging from clocks to heavy lifting mechanisms, along with various experiments. When the conflict with the Tralith extremists once again escalated he began to shift his focus to weaponry. He became convinced that he could build a repeating firearm. Some of his prototypes were functional to varying degrees, though they never caught on for large scale use due to the difficulty of manufacturing, operating and maintaining such complex weapons.
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