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Leeta | Wandering Mage Empty Leeta | Wandering Mage

Tue Mar 27, 2018 1:45 pm
Character Name: Leeta

Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Fairy
Nationality: Drakenlloch
Place of Residence: Nathair Beinn Mountains

Appearance: Leeta is an avian fairy, having a coat of feathers on her torso and legs as well as a set of small, triangular wings. Even among fairies she is on the short side, standing at just over five inches tall, with a seven inch wingspan. Most of the feathers along her back are a glossy green while her chest and belly are gray-white, fading to a dark gray towards her legs and on the underside of her wings. Her flight and tail feathers, by contrast, are a deep crimson; they are barely visible while retracted but create a distinct red border when in flight. She also has straight, white hair, an unusual trait among feathered fairies, which she typically keeps tied in a bun.

She typically carries a somewhat ornate staff with a single, blue gemstone which seems to give off an eternal glow, an instrument to focus her magic powers. While it is a proper staff compared to her height it is only slightly larger than a toothpick for most other races.


Leeta was born to a colony of fairies hidden within a forest on the slopes of the Nathair Beinn mountain range. As with most fairies her companions chose to conceal their presence, relying on a combination of their remote location, a dense forest and illusory magic. Leeta was raised with this same isolationist mentality; their small garden provided everything they needed and anything outside was irrelevant. To Leeta the garden was her whole world; while immersing herself in the study of magic the thought of anything else did not occur to her. Specifically her studies focused on illusory spells, the popular idea being that she would one day be responsible for continuing to conceal their home, as well as telekinesis and healing magic, all three of which she mastered quite readily. She also began to study barriers, more out of curiosity than anything else.

One day a human woman managed to make it through the illusions. It seemed to be by accident, though she immediately took interest. While the inhabitants managed to hide before she saw any of them she could still see signs of their civilization, from the way the trees seemed to grow in deliberate shapes to the illusory patterns ironically put in place to conceal them. Something about this stranger's nature resonated with Leeta; up until then she had never considered the possibility of seeing the outside world, but this visitor piqued her curiosity. Acting on impulse Leeta followed the stranger when she left, traveling higher among the mountains.

Leeta kept her distance for some time, following the stranger on her venture. This adventure led to one amazing sight after another, from a view overlooking most of the continent to the stranger approaching a family of dragons. The experience was overwhelming for her to the point that she neglected to properly conceal herself, quickly being spotted by the stranger. However, she seemed as amazed by the sight of Leeta as Leeta was about the rest of the world, having never seen a fairy in person before. She learned that the stranger's name was Mira and the two quickly became friends. Leeta would go on to join Mira on her dragon expeditions, eager to see as much of the world as she could.
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