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Otoru | Warrior Blacksmith Empty Otoru | Warrior Blacksmith

Tue Mar 27, 2018 1:44 pm
Character Name: Otoru

Age: 41
Gender: Male
Race: Lynel
Nationality: Drakenlloch (Immigrant)
Place of Residence: Coille Mor, Drakenlloch

Appearance: Otoru stands about 9 feet 2 inches tall with a typically muscular build.  He has a golden mane with brown fur along the rest of his body.  He keeps his horns cut short and filed flat, believing they serve little practical purpose other than to frighten people even more than his imposing stance would otherwise.  Several scars can be seen over much of his body, mostly knife or arrow wounds from the various fights he has a tendency to get in to.  He typically wears a saddle originally made for a large horse, though he very rarely actually allows anyone to sit in it, usually using it more to attach the saddle bags.  He also possesses a full set of articulated armor he forged himself, though he ordinarily wears only part of the set for the sake of comfort.  Usually this includes the upper torso armor, partial plates for his lower body and a set of bracers.

Otoru is almost always armed to some extent.  He can almost always be seen carrying a single-edge straight sword with an integrated six-shot revolver on his left side, along with a kite shield slung over his upper back..  When he is expecting trouble, or traveling through unfamiliar territory, he will add a claymore on his left side, halberd and longbow on his right and quiver on his upper back.


Otoru was born and raised in the wilds, living among a pack whose contact with other races was limited primarily to convoy raids.  His parents trained him to fight virtually from birth while teaching him that other races were always the enemy, telling stories of how they were either forced out of their own territory or treated like animals to be used.  However, Otoru saw little evidence to back this up; while he proved to be an exceptional warrior the other lessons fell flat for him.  The only brutality he saw was that of his own people against the traveling merchants that his pack constantly raided for supplies.  While he couldn't bring himself to turn on his own pack he did choose to part ways with them as soon as he came of age, seeking to undo some of the damage done to his people's reputation.

However, this proved more difficult than he expected.  Everywhere he went people were terrified of his appearance.  He managed to get by traveling from town to town, taking up odd jobs to get by, but he didn't seem to be accepted anywhere he traveled.  When he wasn't in town for work or trade he spent most of his time back in the forest.

One day he came across a rather curious sight: A human girl, barely six years old, huddled with a young dragon in the woods.  He scooped up the pair of them and carried them to the nearest town he knew of.  By chance a family was visiting from Drakenlloch at the time.  They gladly took in the child, Mira, becoming her new family.  When it came time for them to return to Drakenlloch they convinced Otoru to travel with them.  He accepted after hearing how all people were accepted there, hoping to finally find a proper home.  When he arrived Drakenlloch did not disappoint.  As with the traveling family he found the locals far more accepting than anyone else he had met before.  He kept in touch with Mira and her new family, starting a career as a blacksmith.

When Drakenlloch got into a conflict with an extremist offshoot of the Trialith Faith the state called for warriors and Otoru gladly answered.  His previous training in the wilds was both a benefit and hindrance; he had already mastered his technique with several weapons and was intimately familiar with navigating rough terrain but was not accustomed to fighting alongside an army.  Still, he was able to re-learn how to fight and became a powerful addition to the invasion force.  He was sent as part of a force to seize the port of Frostblood in response to the Faith's attacks on Drakenlloch's commercial fleet.

Once the campaign was complete and hostilities subsided Otoru returned from Frostblood, now renamed Northport by its new Drakenlloch owners, and returned to his life as a blacksmith, though this time he began working for a rather eccentric alitri inventor by the name of Riccu.  However, this was short-lived, as he was soon recalled to service when the Toshkhat Empire requested Drakenlloch's help in dealing with the Trialith extremists operating out of a stronghold in the Trialith Mountains.
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