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Kurosaka Ichiro | The Humble Fisherman Empty Kurosaka Ichiro | The Humble Fisherman

Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:44 pm
Character Name: Kurosaka Ichiro

Age: 42
Gender: Male
Race: Human – Kyokan
Nationality: Kyokan - Shogunate of Kyokai
Place of Residence: Mibu Village, Fuyuzuki Province, Island of Joushu, Kyokai

Appearance: Lean but well-built due to his work, Ichiro is the picture of a grizzled fisherman. Despite still being on the younger side, his eyes show with age and wariness. His skin is tanned and rough from being outdoors every day, his fingers perpetually calloused. His eyes are a dark gray with hints of green, his hair already turned salt-and-pepper. He wears a full beard as well; not messy, but certainly not always cleanly trimmed.

When not wearing a fisherman’s attire, he may relax in a loosely fitting, patchy, and worn robe.

Background: Ichiro was born into the peasantry, with no real desire to ever leave it. His parents tilled the land and fished the seas until their deaths, many years ago. Following in their footsteps, Ichiro has become quite a skilled fisherman, inheriting his father’s vessel, the Arashihime.

His wife, Yui, wed him when they were only sixteen—not atypical for peasants from the same village. They had two children in the years following their marriage; a boy they named Satoru, and five years later, a girl they named Kana. Presently, his son is fifteen—already becoming just like his father—while his ten year old daughter takes on far more of his wife. Both are his pride and joy in life.

Content within his own bubble, Ichiro has hardly seen any of his own country, preferring the simple life of the woods, the mountains, and the sea, to the hustle and bustle of any of the cities to the north or south. He has heard stories of the political intrigue of the capital, the millions of people milling about the giant walled capital of Eidou. It was a level of excitement he could do well without—indeed, Ichiro felt more comfortable in the company of his loving family. And the only excitement he wished in life, lay far out at sea.
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