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Aereth Du Léon | The Lone Wolf Thief Empty Aereth Du Léon | The Lone Wolf Thief

Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:43 pm
Character Name: Aereth Du Léon

Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Human – Flamellen
Nationality: Kingdom of Flamelle
Place of Residence: City of Léon, Kingdom of Flamelle

Appearance: Tall and trim of figure, Aereth moves as gracefully as a shadow. Her eyes are a deep brown, her dark hair falls in tumbles about her shoulders.

Typical attire consists of a set of flexible dark leather armor, knee-high boots, and a cloak and hood, perfect for concealing her face when moving through public places.

Aereth Du Léon | The Lone Wolf Thief 0VH7sqZ

Background: Aereth never really knew her parents, but had heard they had died in a fire soon after her birth. Evidently, she was the only child—otherwise, the siblings she once may have had, either died of illness, or had been picked up from the orphanages by other families.

She was never taken though—not that she minded. At first it hurt, but the abuse she endured at the orphanages helped to inform her own opinion that, regardless of where she ended up, life wouldn’t just magically improve either way.

At sixteen, she came to the decision that if she did want a better life, she wouldn’t be handed it by anyone but herself. She escaped the orphanage in the dead of night, taking nothing but the clothes on her back, as she owned no other worldly possessions. Once out in the world beyond the walls of the orphanage, however, she found life was just as hard as she knew it would be.

She resorted to thievery and guile to make her way in life. Keeping to the shadows, Aereth tried to avoid being taken by authorities and sent back to the orphanage—Over time, she became pretty skilled at remaining unseen. Always looking over ones shoulder also tends to aid in such development.

Soon, she received a reputation among the criminal underworld as a skilled thief, and finally found her path in life—she earned her own clients, people of all kinds who all wanted something but just didn’t know how to get it.

But she certainly did, and would provide her services. As long as one has the coin.
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