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Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:43 pm
OK. So, everyone who still comes to LS --

I'm thinking about (yet another) jumpstart for the forums. Honestly, I'm sick and tired of trying to revive the site... and yet my love for LS, and the amount of work I have put into it, completely outweigh my disgruntled feelings. So, even when people tell me to just scrap LS, to leave it in the dust, here's what I say to you.

FUCK THAT! How about you try making a site for the fifth / sixth try, but this time on your own. Now, contact all of your online friends and form the site's beginning population. If you're lucky, you will start off with a good twenty / thirty people within a few days, and posting will be abundant.

Now, fast-forward a few months. Site activity has essentially become a constant number, whom I would venture to name "the loyal". Anyway, obviously the number of people online at one time is not as much as when it first began - the heyday period - and yet you should hope for the best.

LS has been up since 2009 - that's three + years everyone. It has had its ups and downs, yes, but I still have hope. We are lucky enough to be part of an online continuum, filled to the brim with dedicated, awesome individuals. I have seen the issue here: like a vicious circle, members "migrate" from site to site depending on popularity. It almost seems natural, and yet in that migrations wake is arid desert. Why does it have to be so? Why must one site prosper, while another falls dead and dry in the wake of yet another move?

LS has experienced this migratory desertification several times. It's both sad and extremely frustrating, especially to the admin / founder, and hopefully some of the members of this site feel the same way. I took the time to see this site flourish and grow, and sometimes what you get in response to the effort is less than satisfactory.

Yet, I would like to venture an explanation. People are naturally busy. People have lives outside of the Internets (I am included among the many). People have school, and work, and family-life that must be addressed. Therefore, because of all of this, people will go inactive for periods of time. And yet, even so, there are consistencies. Some people are loyal to their site of choice and regularly are online, post, and RP for what it's worth. Regularly, in this case, is subject to personal scheduling... just a note.

ANYWAY, the frustrating thing to me, is that we sites are part of a Continuum - Legacy Society, Game Jaunt, Creative Freedom, and lastly RPGF. It's easy to know when one site is deserted simply because the next one is practically brimming with excitement. Here's a sign, remember when Game Jaunt first went up? Both LS and RPGF went completely dead for a long while. Now, GJ is dead and LS has remained inactive ever since - with the exception of a few members whom I shall not mention. RPGF, is currently, regaining activity. I totally applaud them for this, for their luck and good graces, and whatever else goes into retaining their existence within this cold dimension called the Internet!

But many of the loyal members from GJ, were the loyal members of LS. Many of the loyal members of RPGF are the loyal members from GJ. Many of the loyal members of LS are the loyal members of both sites, and vice versa. We're all so connected, and it's thanks to the Continuum that we have created that we can stay connected. Though it wasn't explicitly stated in its foundation, I always viewed the Continuum as a sort of aid system. I always wanted one site to help another in its time of need... or perhaps this isn't the case for Creative Freedom. They seem to be self-sustaining... and out of the other three members in this Continuum, are by far the most successful in keeping member population at an increasing growth. I don't know what they do, but I want some of the water of life that they continue to fountain.

Our issue is that we cycle between LS, GJ, and RPGF. Games die, games are born - and thus it continues on. I don't expect a helping hand (although I would love one). I don't expect every member to start coming to LS from RPGF, or CF, or GJ, or anywhere else. But I would just like a bit of equality... or sympathy... or something. Why can we not remain active at ALL sites? I did for a while, but again, I'm one of the sheep and am caught up in the migration cycle of doom. And I don't think I can stop it.

If I can't stop the cycle, so be it. I'll continue to come to LS and post when I can, and keep some hope that people may return one day and help me breath life back into a somewhat lifeless corpse. I've only come to the fact that I needed to get my frustrations off my chest when I noticed that new members still continue to [slowly] gather at LS. Though my ideas are probably scattered and incomplete here, I do so hope my rant went out to everyone here and it was somewhat understood.

Thanks for reading this if you did, I appreciate your time.

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