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The Member Appreciation Thread [for the whole continuum] Empty The Member Appreciation Thread [for the whole continuum]

Sun Oct 09, 2011 3:41 pm
So, this is essentially an up-to-date version of the older thread we had here that has long since been archived. It also had some disrespectful shit in it due to the asshattery of past members that came here. So, here it is, and every other member here and abroad over the continuum, please get involved here and show some people your appreciation. After all, we're one big happy community!


In the spoiler tags is essentially the older, out-of-date version of the Appreciation Thread, below shall be the new version. Enjoy reading if you wish!



Spec / Durandal: I'm putting you first because I forgot to add you to the old list (probably because I didn't know you in 2009 at the time). Spec, for these past two years, we've been friends I'd say, and I'm glad to have you around here at LS and RPGF. Though you tend to be a bit sarcastic over MSN chats, I'm okay with that, you brighten up the conversation and continue to add valued input. I couldn't imagine a set of forums without you around, I think it'd be boring and without as much character as it could have. Keep being yourself and never let life get you down.

Redcoat: Of course you'd be up here on the appreciation list. Pfft, goes to show us all just how much of a [negative] impact you have on all our lives. But in all seriousness, there's a reason that even during your absence I never took you down as our Co-Administrator here. I always value your opinions and judgements, no matter how far they are from my own beliefs. Of course, sometimes I may rage quit on you, or we might not agree on something, but I think perhaps that has made us closer as friends. I've known you for probably... three/four years and have had a lot of fun - I hope that there's more in store as well. Red, please continue to anglophile-it-up and whatever else you do there in Canada - LS and the Continuum wouldn't be the same without all of it.

Nowe: As of late, we haven't talked a whole hell of a lot - we both are busy with our own things I think. However, I'd just like to say that I respect you a lot, especially for the lengths to which you would go to see RPGF stay online. Your rantings toward me during the issues that seemed to plague that part of the continuum opened my eyes - I hope you show up again at some point so we can all chat again. I need more people to talk about anime with too, and Shadow of Oblivion has been a bit lonely without you! I hope you're doing well!

Khamul / Madden / Joe: Joe, I've known you since the dawn of my life on the Pandemic Studios Forums - you're a great guy and I hope you continue to shop up around here and get a bit more involved. Our MSN chats have been fun and I hope they continue for a long time more. So, for all of our sakes, continue to bring your witty Scottish humor around the Continuum.

Vith / Vithar: You're about as silent as a ninja, and I think you probably have about as much wrath and cunning as one. It's always a pleasure to speak with you when I can, and our conversations on Japanese history and culture are always fun. For once, I hope we're in the same RP again, TftS was fun on RPGF (all three times) - maybe another one is in store?

Canterbury: I wish you were online a bit more - alongside Vith, you're a bit of a sage to the forums - especially here at LS. Though it is largely not commented on, when you do post, I'm always pleased to say it is something interesting / profound, or otherwise amusing. I only wished that you made a bit of effort and joined up in an RP, or even better, you made an RP. With your wise demeanor, I'm sure you could create something great! Perhaps a psychological thriller type? I suppose one can only hope....

Killamanhunter: You're online consistently, and I'm glad that you're one of the loyal Pandemites that continue to visit. I don't know what happened to all the other (are they all still at Alastor's site??). Anyway, I hope you also start to join in on some of the games around here or the Continuum - I for one remember the games you participated in with me at Pandy. I hope to see you around more often Killa!

Armos: I've recently started to get to know you. Although relatively new around here, you have made the obvious effort to become "one of us", and truly you have pulled it off. Perhaps you're about as insane as the rest of us now. I suppose time can only tell. Thank you for joining up in EPICivilizations and all the other games over the Continuum - and most of all, thank you for putting up with, or participating in, all of our crazed shenanigans.

Maik / Maikuolan: Other than the fact that you might very well be a genius in the making, and I respect you highly as a member and friend - you're Australian, and that counts for something! I couldn't imagine the forums without you around - that month that you were gone was painfully slow for all of us I think - the game activity seemed to reflect that, about as much as MSN chats. I hope you're doing well and the bug you caught from Vietnam is fading away! I hope to see you soon around here Maik!

Desertback: You never get the credit that you deserve Desert, so I for one shall do that just now. You are one of the loyal Pandemites that continue to show up around here, and for that I'm grateful. Also, you consistently join or attempt to create new and interesting games, and also bring the creativity and imagination in your posts. You're learning constantly, I can see it just as clearly as anyone here that you have improved immensely in the RP section - perhaps there are a few spelling / grammatical errors about in some posts, but what's important is that the effort you give for each one is evident. Thank you for showing up Desert, and I hope you continue to do so!

Ducky / Duckling: You haven't been on in a while, obviously due to your involvement with college and thus always busy ( a bit like myself really ), but I'm always happy to see you when you're logged in on online on MSN - even if just for a little bit. Honestly, I miss Weathersfield, and all of your cheeky and fun posts around here. I also miss the massive conversations we have had in the past on MSN and the SGS Chatbox - those were hilarious. Maybe I'll see you around more often after a while - I hope college is going well for you and hope everything is going well!

Archer / John Archer: I wish we talked more often on MSN and at RPGF because your knowledge in engineering and aerodynamics simply baffles me. You'll go far... realllly realllly far. Those ten page long posts you make on logistical information is enough to confirm such a thing. Perhaps someday you'll join another game I'm in - I'll look forward to the day, I've heard you're quite the RPer.

Tonyiommi: Remember the good ole' days on Pandy? Same here, and I remember you being a good RPer, at least in iNations II: Revolutions - as you mentioned with nostalgia below. You've been quiet, despite the fact that you continue to come to these forums - I hope one day you end up joining an RP here or over the Continuum at RPGF or GJ. I'd love to have another vet to play a game with again.

Chef: Much like Spec, you can be a bit sarcastic sometimes, but I think that's what makes you awesome. Trolling others and chatting with you on MSN is always somewhat of a joy, and it's even better when it all translated into a good RP. Having you as a fellow GM for a game is always fun, even when some of our games fell to inactivity... whatever. Choosing you as an admin here, I think, was one of the best moves I have made here at LS - thanks for sticking around and putting up with my (and Red's) bullshit.

WIP, but here it is so far. Enjoy the read.

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The Member Appreciation Thread [for the whole continuum] Empty Re: The Member Appreciation Thread [for the whole continuum]

Sun Oct 09, 2011 8:02 pm
Oh man, I forgot how fun iNations 2 was back on Pandemic.
*Nostalgic thoughts*
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The Member Appreciation Thread [for the whole continuum] Empty Re: The Member Appreciation Thread [for the whole continuum]

Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:23 pm
A good time is always had on MSN no matter who is involved, especially those in the large chats.
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The Member Appreciation Thread [for the whole continuum] Empty Re: The Member Appreciation Thread [for the whole continuum]

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