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Matthias Wulframn - Medic

on Tue Sep 28, 2010 6:21 pm
Name: Matthias "Arzt" Wulframn
Age: 32
Gender: Male

He normally wears dark denim jeans and casual sneakers along with the shirt, along with a brown flatcap. He has a Camoflauge messanger bag to carry various equipment in.


The Good -

Medic - Before the outbreak of the infection, Matthias was an exceptionally famous Physician, and was rewarded for his work with a good paycheck. Because of his profession he is a quite skilled doctor and medic to have on hand, and can treat just about any wounds given the time and equipment.

Swordsmanship - He is always sparring and fencing on his spare time, and if you add his time outside the hospital for swords training, he can be considered an expert swordsman. Because of this, he has been known to collect swords, as he is rather intrigued by them, as well knowing how to use one.

Chef - Give him a military ration and he'll cook you a full gourmet. Along with his skill in Swordsmanship, the man is a profoundly excellent cook, and has been known to cook fine meals when he isn't helping patients.

The Bad -

Stubborn - he might be Calm and rational, but he's as stubborn as a rock. His headstrong attitude makes him a problem for managers of his, and most likely will annoy his squadmates. He has a tendency to disregard others.

stoic - He is stoic to the bone, and seems to think of his patients as puzzles rather than humans, which has lead to major conflicts with colleagues. Along with this, he tends to act with disregard to others' feelings.

Marksmanship - Sure, he can fire a weapon, he's not that stupid. However, as for actually hitting the target, he has some problems. Don't trust him with a machine gun, you have been warned.

And the Ugly...

Weapons: A carries with him a Kukri and Katana.

Other Items: Any Medical equipment he can find, along with other basics for survival. The rest gets sold.
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Re: Matthias Wulframn - Medic

on Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:43 pm
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