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Viktor "Strelok" Arkadi

on Wed Sep 08, 2010 10:45 pm
Name: Viktor "Strelok" Arkadi

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Appearance: This. Except that the Pants are black, and the Jacket is Darker Blue.


The Good

Although short, his time with an undisclosed Military - particularly a Marksman program, has gained him outstanding marksmanship with an assortment of weapons, mostly Assault Rifles, Pistols, and Sniper Rifles. Sniper training has gained him the ability to use a Sniper Rifle like an expert Sniper, and knows how to perfectly take out a target.

Again, his experience in the army has taught him how to treat injuries. Although he isn't a surgeon or highly acclaimed doctor, he's a good man to have in a pinch if a doc isn't nearby.

Martial Arts
Viktor has extensive knowledge in the Arts of well, MARTIAL Arts. he can battle quite elegantly and practices such every day in the ship.

The Bad

Social Skills
He's absolutely horrible when it comes to speaking with people, even worse when it comes to persuasion.

Although not clumsy, the irony that he is accident-prone, although he is a medic is still rather strange. He is rather calm and prominently prone to throwing himself into situations, although that doesn't mean he's a bad tactician.


SIG Sauer P250 - DAO .45ACP 15 round Pistol with detachable silencer and Laser Sight. He carries it around with him just about everywhere due to it's small size and ability to be concealed within his Jacket, allowing him to draw in just about any situation. The Silencer comes easily attachable just in case.

FN SCAR-LX Mk. 20 Battle Rifle - The Prototype Light SCAR BR, designed to use the 5.56x45mm NATO round, and a new, modified 7.4x52mm FN-X. The SCAR-LX works in 3 modes, Long Barrel (LB), Standart (Std), and Close Quarters Combat (CQC). The LB mode requires the exchange of the Lower Receiver, Barrel, and the Bullet type, while the Std and CQC modes use the 5.56x45mm NATO. He exchanges a Holographic Sight and Sniper Rifle Sight when in different modes; he utilizes an assortment of gear for different modes, including a Bipod for LB, Hand Guard and Handle in Std and CQC, along with an attachable Laser Sight and Grenade Launcher for Std and CQC.

Kukri - A Black Polymer Grip and Stainless Steel Blade. Uses it jsut about anywhere, although not exactly concealable.

Other Items: First Aid Kits, a Cell Phone, Wallet, Keys, and a PDA.

Ship Name: Kodiak OVF-68l Mk.III Assault Zipcraft

Appearance: Looks like this.

Attributes: The Kodiak Mk.III is a Space Fighter built to balance both Firepower and versatility, boosting both a decent armament of weaponry and high speeds. The Kodiak is more armored than most, as it is an outdated Military Spacecraft, allowing it to take some damage from most weaponry. However, Plasma Cannons can cause a good sum of damage.

Weapons: The Kodiak has a load out of a x10 Salvo of Missiles, with 5 on each side of Zipcraft, with 2 being Homing Missiles on each side. On each side of the Cockpit there are Machine Guns, which although have a low rate of fire, make up in the lack of RPM with high damage. In front of the Aircfart, right below the cockpit is a Magnetic Accelerator, which is normally used when not much left is available.

Miscellaneous Details: The Ship isn't really meant for Atmospheric flight, but Viktor has tweaked it to be capable of such, although it's not exactly maneuverable.

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Re: Viktor "Strelok" Arkadi

on Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:05 pm
Sounds awesome. You are....

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