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Jerry Miles

on Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:43 pm
Name: Jerry Miles

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jerry is about 5'10 in height and is quite slim, though he is fairly strong for his size. He has short, dirty blonde hair and a bit of a stubble that he shaves occasionally. He normally wears a long sleeved, faded white shirt with the sleeves pushed up to his forearms. Over this he wears a black vest along with brown pants on his legs. He has an ammo belt with a holster attached and black combat boots on his feet as well.


The Good
  • Marksmanship - Jerry is an pretty good shot with guns, as he has grown up firing them ever since he was a kid. These years of experience give him an advantage when it comes to fighting with guns. His best weapon is the pistol.
  • Piloting Skills - He is a good pilot, having both intuition and skill to fly an aircraft. He still makes mistakes, but he has pulled off a variety of maneuvers that most pilots would never be able to use effectively.
  • Charisma - Jerry knows how to handle situations with a silver tongue. He can use diplomacy and persuasion to get out of a lot of tight moments. He slips up from time to time, but mostly he can get through to someone.

The Bad
  • Cooking Skills - Jerry is notorious for being a terrible cook. He somehow manages to burn everything he cooks. Jerry doesn't have any experience, so that's a good excuse, but it's not like he's willing to practice it either.
  • Money Skills - When it comes to finances and expenses, Jerry is terrible. He does not have very good insight when spending his money, often causing the crew to run low of food or fuel. Because of this, Jerry usually tries to find someone on his crew to help him out.

  • Smith & Wesson Model 686 Revolver - This revolver is a well balanced and powerful handgun, having a seven shot cylinder and a double action firing system. This is Jerry's preferred weapon for combat, as it can usually take on any foe at an average distance, though it is not exactly a good weapon for long range encounters. Here is a picture and more details on the pistol.
  • Hand to Hand Combat Knowledge - Jerry is a pretty good hand to hand fighter, having some knowledge of boxing and kickboxing alike. He can hold his own against a few opponents unarmed if the situation calls for it.
  • Switchblade - This is an easily concealed stabbing weapon that Jerry has used many times in the past. It is definitely not a weapon of choice for him, but it is very effective for stealth missions. Picture here.

Other Items:
  • Wallet - He has Galactic Dollars, his driving and flying licenses, mercenary license, and a few other pictures and random knick knacks.
  • Phone - He has a phone with the contacts of various hiring agencies, his teammates, and a few other random people from the Mars colony. He often uses this on missions so he can stay in contact with the members of his crew so they can inform each other of the ever changing situations.
  • Keychain - He has the keys to his apartment on Mars, all of his ships, and his own personal money safe on his chain (he doesn't trust banks).


Ship Name: The Valkyrie VII

Appearance: This is generally what it looks like, but the yellow parts are painted red instead.

Attributes: The ship is very agile and fast, even good at dodging heat seeking missiles. However, it does not have very many strong weapons, as it cannot carry as much or it would hinder the speed. The armor on the ship is durable against regular machine guns, but heavy duty weapons can do serious damage on it.

Weapons: On each wing their is a machine gun blaster that shoots at very high rates, though for low damage. In the center parts of each wing there is a missile launcher on each side, equipped with three normal missiles on both side, and one heat seeking on both launcher. The ship can only carry this small amount of missiles, so they are usually last resort. Finally, on the bottom of the ship there is a plasma cannon that extends out a bit, dealing out medium damage. It has to be used sparingly, however, as it uses up a bit of energy. It can still be used plenty of times, but be prepared to dock and get more fuel after the fight.

Miscellaneous Details: The ship is started just like the cars in the past, with an ignition and keys. A lot of ships recently have been getting fingerprint access codes, but Jerry likes to stick with the classic style.

There is also a second seat in the vehicle for a gunner position if anyone else needs to use Jerry's zipcraft along with him. The back seat allows the person to control a rear machine gun that shoots slightly more powerful rounds than the guns in the front. It can essentially move 180 degrees, but upwards and downwards. When no one is there to use the rear gun, Jerry usually takes it out so he doesn't have to carry as much weight in the ship.
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