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The Premise

on Mon Sep 06, 2010 9:43 pm
It is the year 2071.

Space travel has now evolved due to the invention of warp gates, which put ships into hyperspace for extremely fast travel that can make a year long journey end in a couple hours. Colonies have been made on Mars and a few other planets, and even massive space stations have been constructed, holding entire civilizations. The new age of space travel has finally come around the corner, and modern societies are growing accustomed to it even at this moment.

However, not all goes well. Earth is a pit of death and ruin due to the destruction of the moon because of a warp gate malfunction. This incident has caused massive meteors from the destroyed moon to rain upon the Earth's surface, destroying much of the land and making it nearly unlivable. This has caused humans to make a push in space, making colonization on other planets even faster. With this event, even more problems rushed after it.

Criminal activity has risen higher than ever before, following this new introduction into space. Crime lords have now taken their rings to a galactic level and are causing troubles for everyone, as even the law's hand cannot reach across the whole galaxy. This beckoned the return of the bounty hunters, called Space Dogs by many. These fearless and brave people do anything as long as the pay is good. Can these scoundrels make a difference in the galaxy with their activities? That's up to the size of the wallets they are being payed with.
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