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Major Degtyarev

on Fri May 07, 2010 7:43 pm
Character Name: Major Alexander Degtyarev
Gender: Male
Age: mid-30s
Race: Human, Ukrainian
Homeland: Ukraine/Russia
Personality: He is a calm and collected man, naturally curious and observant, even a tad sarcastic.
Appearance: , he is of normal stature, nothing to prominent.
History: Not much is known about Major Degtyarev, but his familiarity with the Zone shows that he was supposedly an experienced Stalker before his official career with the Ukrainian Security Service. When Operation Fairway turned into a climatic disaster and failure, Degtyarev was called in to investigate the invaluable STINGRAY helicopters that had crashed deep within the Zone. Through days of piercing together the puzzles, and aiding stalkers and their respective factions in Zaton and Area around Jupiter, he identified a evacuation location, but no leads to what happened - without any choice, he was forced to gather a team of stalkers to aid him in the incursion of the Underground passage from the Jupiter Power Plant to Pripyat, where the evacuation point it located. After linking up with Military survivors from the crash immediately after exiting the passageway, they were taken to the leader of the survivors, who told Degtyarev what had happened and what needed to be done. After some missions and an emission, they were able to contact the Ukrainian Military, and found a Stalker, known as Strelok, before they were to evacuate.

Once the emission hit, they squad of survivors rushed past zombified stalkers and Monolith forces to get to the helicopters - once most monolith forces were killed and the helicopters arrived, all but Degtyarev left the zone, his reason for not leaving because he wanted to see the Zone to it's fullest. He quickly escaped the area, leaving behind the remnants of the Monolith. His last known location was near Shadovsk, a ruined tanker-turned Stalker camp.
Clothing / Armor: SKAT-9M Military Armored Suit
Weapon(s): "March" USP Compact, FN F2000, and a Hunting Knife
Extra Gear: Binoculars, some bottles of Vodka, Anti-rads, some bandages, med-kits, rations, energy drinks, a PDA, Hand Radio, some bolts,and a Svarog Artefact Detector.
Special Abilities / Powers: Artefacts - Major Degtyarev is a normal human being, he has no specific abilities outside of his training in the USS. Instead, he wears a 4 artifacts on his armor, which upgrades his performance in both battle and mind. (Note that these artifacts have different functions in game, I am only extending there use so that they aid him more)

Compass - a Special artifact, It is an almost legendary artifact, able to lead people out of Space Bubble anomalies. Other than it's function, it grants Degtyarev the ability of elevated sensory and agility, as well some aid to psionic effects, which doesn't help him to well - He is able to perceive and sense direction with almost flawless ability - navigating mazes in half the time even a genius could. Increased Endurance has also been noted in its affects.

Bubble - Outside of nullifying the effect of radiation from his other 3 artefacts and subtly aiding in removing harmful radiation from the wearer, it is next to useless without some sort of radiation present to remove.

Night Star - A rare artefact, the Night Star is very beneficial to the user, as it greatly helps soften the impact of any bullet short of a Sniper Bullet or heavy Rifle Round, partially shield against attacks from claws or other sharp objects, and even help against Electrical, Heat, Gravitational, or even Chemical anomalies.

Snowflake - An equally rare artefact, Snowflake is an artifact known for aiding Health, reducing Bleeding by increasing platelets in the body, faster regeneration of skin and other body parts, increases the bodies overall recovery rate from wounds, and slightly stimulates nervous systems with strange stimulants, which act as a sort of painkiller. It has been the target of myths and rumors that it also aids in fighting off diseases and increasing the bodies immunity to them, but it is still not verified. It is a very peaceful artefact, producing a soft blue/white glow, which is calming to study near the campfire.

Overall Effect : Although it seems like he is superhuman, it isn't as profound - the artifacts don't majorly benefit him, they only aid subtly, meaning although he might be better than most humans or animals, he isn't quite 'superhuman'. Altogether, he is more resist to many things and more adaptive than normal. Other than resistance and aid to his internal functions, the only prominent features to his Artefacts are Elevated Intellect, perception, sensory, and Endurance.
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Re: Major Degtyarev

on Fri May 07, 2010 8:48 pm
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