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Thalmir - Arnorian Dunedain

on Tue Apr 20, 2010 12:44 am
Characters Name: Thalmir

Sex: Male

Age: Very Old (Came from the Undying Lands)

Race: Arnorian - Man

Personality: Thalmir is usually always quiet, much like his close friend, Anarion. He never speaks unless spoken to. As a Dunedain Ranger, he tends to be drawn to wooded, forested environments. He is very disciplined and fanatically loyal to his friends even if it could be his undoing.

Appearance: Thalmir is around 6 feet and 230lbs. He has short dark brown hair and a matching goatee. His eyes are aquamarine. His complexion is just lighter than tanned. He is lean, but not too muscular.

History: Thalmir was a Dunedain of old who decided to travel with the rest of his clan to the Undying Lands after the tyranny of Angmar in the First and Second Ages. In the Undying Lands, he met Anarion, a Numenorian, and struck a good friendship. When news traveled from the last ship over in the late Third Age of Saurons ultimate victory at the Black Gates of Mordor, Anarion told Thalmir of his wish to go and help the peoples of Middle Earth. Thalmir agreed with his decision and gathered some other Arnorian Dunedain to accompany them of the long voyage to Middle Earth.

Clothing/Armor: Thalmir wears a set of leather armor beneath a dark green cloak and hood.

Weapons: Arnorian Steel Shortsword Yew Bow and arrows

Extra Gear: Whet Stone, Extra Arrows (in quiver), Medicinal Herbs, Tobacco and Long Pipe
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