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Anastasia Ivanova

on Thu Apr 15, 2010 10:11 am
Name: Anastasia Ivanova

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Race/Ethnicity: Russian / White

Appearance:Anastasia is young, with long blue hair, and blue eyes. She is 1.90 meters tall. She wears her doctor uniform.

Personality:Anastasia is mostly silent and shy. She is good hearted and nice. She always tries to help people as she considers the human life as holly. When enraged, she is very dangerous.

History: Anastasia was one of the best doctors in Soviet Union before the beasts emerged. The government ordered her to travel with Soviet elite soldiers who were sent to fight the demons. She was taking care for their injuries for two years, but as she trained with them she became an excellent soldier herself. On their last mission her team was slaughtered by a powerful Vampire clan, and she was the only one they spared. Now she seeks a new group that is to help her revenge her fallen comrades.

Weapons:Anastasia uses mostly a Gast Maschine Gun loaded with silver bullets, and syringes filled both with holy water and anthrax.

Miscellaneous Items: First aid box, full of bandages, drugs, well doctor stuff. Bottles of holly water and anthrax. Lots of cosmetics. Ammunition.
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Re: Anastasia Ivanova

on Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:50 pm
I'd prefer a different nationality (since a couple others are Russian) but that is just me. Overall, this looks pretty good, Semum!


Also, as for introducing her and everything, I have an idea. We are on a ship right now, about to depart onto land (America) and you could meet us before we leave (which is soon) and tell us that you saw the whole incident with the Vampire fight and everything and wish to join our cause.

Or, alternately, you could say you are a member of the Dark Symphony (the main company we are part of) and have been sent to help us.

Whichever one of those works, unless you have another idea.
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