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War Epicton

on Sun Apr 11, 2010 4:08 pm
Name: War Epicton
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Order: Templar

He is around 5"11' and is a average male weight. He has short black hair with a stubble of a full beard. War is always seen wearing a white buisness shirt under a black peacoat with a black tie on, has some black slacks, black socks, black shoes, and a diamond studded earing in each ear.


War has a kind personality to him making his name seem very ironic, but when he comes into battle then that is exactly what he is, Pure War. He has no mercy to his enemies and will rip up every single part of them. Tearing them limb to limb, going so far as to one time he made 1 million pieces of their body and piled it up into a tower that could be seen 1000 feet away from the scene.


War was born basically into the templar as his parents were templars and just decided to keep him in the family line as a Templar. As a templar in training he had always been studying and training in hand to hand combat in order to make it has a Templar, but that's when the day came for him to get his Pandora Crux.

This was something he was not prepared for. During the meditation he had an odd thought go through his head one of......death. It was something that had never gotten him before, but this was now. This single thought was the final thought during the making of his Pandora Crux. It changed everything about the Pandora Crux instead of being completely white it was now black as night. It also made it that whenever he used it his whole personality will change to the thought of death.

Pandora Crux:

Perfecto, such a subtle name is it not, well the weapon is an very odd one. When in it's normal form it appears as a suitcase that makes him look like a buisness man, but when it is in use for battle it becomes a normal sized umbrella. Except the tip of the umbrella is a sharp spike the skeleton of it on the tips are spikes also and the cloth part is made of titanium an blunt. The cloth looking part is black along with the wooden handle at the bottom. The skeleton of it is silver.

Other Weapons and Items:


Powers and Skills:

He is one of the most hand to hand combat skilled Templars.

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Re: War Epicton

on Sun Apr 11, 2010 4:41 pm
Ok, looks good.

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