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Victor Callistus Blaze

on Thu Apr 08, 2010 7:48 pm
Name: Victor Callistus Blaze

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Order: Devil Hunter

Appearance: He is quite tall and slim. He has messy jet black hair and a clean shaven face. He wears black dress pants and a black overcoat. He has a blood red button down shirt underneath the overcoat and has a red headband covering his mutilated eyes.

Personality: He is a very strange individual with a diverse personality. He is mostly kind and welcoming to other Devil Hunters or Templars, but when he sees an enemy he deals no mercy to them, often enjoying the combat and blood. Oftentimes he is grinning to himself because of his own thoughts.

History: Victor Blaze was born in Romania, living there for the most part of his childhood until troubles with another family occurred until actual blood was being shed due to affiliations with gangs. One dark night when Victor was a child, assassins from the other family came into his house and killed all his brothers and sisters in front of him while he feigned sleeping. When they were about to kill him, his father threw a knife just in time to kill the assassin attacking him and he fended off the other assassins, killing them all but becoming mortally wounded. Victor came to his father but it was too late. With his last breath, his father gave him a passport to America so he could escape from the violence with his mother.

Thus Victor Blaze immigrated into America with his mother and moved into Rhode Island and settled down, barely making a living. When Victor was finally an adult, his mother passed away from sickness and he was forced to live on his own. One day, when the demon's finally awoke from their slumber, he encountered a demon in the shape of a dog. A hell-hound. It attacked him, slashing at his eyes and blinding him completely. Victor slipped out his father's knife as it pounced on him and stabbed it through the heart, killing it.

What happened next was strange. On the hell-hound appeared a harness with a leash on it that was set in Victor's hand. His own Pandora Crux: Unholy Exitium. Now he controlled the hound. It's senses were his own and though he could not see out of his torn eyes, he could now see out of the dog's. After this event, Victor became a Devil Hunter, trying to prevent the destruction of the world due to those hellish beasts.

Pandora Crux: Unholy Exitium. It is an evil sword that is in the shape of a katana, but instead of a sheer blade, it is spiked like a saw, though just as sharp and cut-worthy. The sword, though a katana, is about twice as thick as a normal blade and the hilt is much larger, with an eye in the center of it that seems to be living. It grants the wielder much power and cutting force. The saw like blades are said to be the actual teeth of the hell-hound and with each kill it feeds on the blood and soul of its enemy.

It takes the shape of a hell-hound that he defeated in order to gain his Pandora Crux. The hound is his guide-dog, as he cannot see, and is capable in combat by itself. He is connected mentally to the hound, so he can see through its eyes and control it for the most part.

Other Weapons and Items: He has hidden shotgun that looks like a cane. The trigger is on the handle and it fires out the end. It is an automatic shotgun and can be reloaded by twisting the shaft of the cane near the handle, revealing a slot for ammo.

Powers and Skills: His senses are heightened greatly due to his Pandora Crux and his blindness. He can sense almost anything that tries to sneak up on him and can hear very well. Because of his strange connection with the hell-hound, he can also sense the presence of Fiends nearby.

He is also a fairly skilled swordsman, mainly good because of his love of battle.
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Re: Victor Callistus Blaze

on Thu Apr 08, 2010 9:15 pm
Alright, looks awesome enough.

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