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A Dose of Diplomacy

on Fri Jan 29, 2010 8:37 pm
All of the various high brow individuals of Vurstaria flooded into the central chambers of their royal palace. Through the halls came a plethora of nobles, bourgeosie, and even the middle classes. The society had become one, thanks to the war, but now more than ever, the people were aware. They were aware of what had happened to the King, they were aware of how he acted in his final moments, they were aware of the events transpiring outside their nation, and they were aware that without a king, their nation would collapse.

The old social rift between the middle class and the nobility had been seamed together through the fright of war. Old domestic wars between individuals and family feuds seemed to have been quelled... and it was all thanks to a enemy that most had forgotten existed. Their neutrality and isolationism had been ended abruptly with the gong of war. But now it seemed, they were in the end, earn a very valuable ally.

But within P'rossara, influential individuals were chosen from each class of people. Military generals and the urban elite all sat around a large table, the discussion was to be obvious... who would take the lead role? Who would be the new Feudal Lord of Vurstaria?
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Re: A Dose of Diplomacy

on Wed Feb 03, 2010 10:20 pm
OOC: sorry for taking forever to post


Teekeeus had finaly woken up from his sleep, but he still felt as tired as before. He sat up from his cot streched and began to walk to check and see what has happend while he was out. As he walked down the hall he met with many of the previously injured soldiers up walking about. Teekeeus was glad many of their wounds have healed wonderfuly and that others have already been sent out of the care of the medics. But he also found out another great detail, the war was over! while taking to a soldier he had proclaimed that the war was settled and the nation was at peace. But a new leader was still to be found to lead the Vurstarians, and that meeting had already been called into order.
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