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The Umprians

on Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:28 pm
The Umprians

Singular: Umprian
Plural: Umprians
Lifespan: 350-500 years

For the Umprian who wishes to be known there are two paths, the paths of the soldier and the path of the mage. Due to Umpria's militaristic background many of its citizens aspire to be soldiers, however not all can become part of the Black Legions. The training that is required to join the army is intense and most recruits drop out before their first year is over, those that stay will end up becoming some of the finest warriors in all of Entaria. The military might of Umpria has long been common knowledge, after three-four years of training a recruit is given his basic gear and dispatched to one of the infamous Black Legions. Upon reaching their post they are instructed in the daily lives of a Legionnare and after about four years as a basic they may or may not promote. Those who make up in the ranks to Captain or higher are held in high esteem, once you have become and officer your expected to lead your troops with honor and glory, if you fail to do so then you may be demoted for failure to serve your kingdom. Those lucky enough to be gifted with arcane abilities are taken to the nearest Mages Guild at the young age of four for training, since the arcane gift is rare in Umpria all of those with it become mages. A mage lives to serve his or her king, they are dispatched to fight with the Legions when needed or sent to defend towns. It take about fifty years for a Umprian apprentice to become a mage, once they do they are given a Travel Book which can be used to communicate with other Travel Books. However some craftsmen and merchants have become well known throughout Umpria, blacksmiths and tanners are greatly needed by the Legions. If a blacksmith or tanner was hired to craft armor or weapons for a Legion then then pay would be great,other craftsmen such as bowers are also wanted by the army and payed extremely well.

Male Umprians are usually 6-7 feet tall with hair colors ranging anywhere from black to brown while the female Umprians range form 5-6 feet tall with hair colors ranging from black to silver, most Umprians have blue, gray or green eyes but black and brown eyes are not unheard of.


Umprians have been known to worship three gods, Kalos the god of war, Nictar the god of victory and Evral the goddess of wisdom. Other then those three the Umprians believe that gods are of no importance which has caused great strife to be brought upon them, in the recent years the Umprians have began to pay homage to the other gods.

Important Figures:
Emperor Brenoth - Current Ruler
Emperor Umpreth II or Umpreth the Wise
Emperor Thelgir I or Thelgir the Peace bringer
Emperor Thelgir VI or Thelgir the Heroic
General Valkren – First Leader of the Black legion
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