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The Guylosian Campaign

on Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:10 pm
War hadn't come to their lands in the form of nationalized armies since RFA 380. That war was locally called, in Guylos at least, "The Five Years War". It did indeed last five years, and tolled about 200,000 Guylosians' deaths at the hands of their mortal enemy, New Tempera. The Imperials were ruthless in their campaigns, they always had been. The Guylosians now faced the same thread again, but this time, they would be ready.. prepared for the imminent strike at the hands of the Imperial forces. Guylosian military efforts had been enacted from that moment forward. All troops were mobilized, and recruits were taken in en masse. The only thing that concerned Guylosian generals were the numbers. They had no idea what kind of force that the Imperials would be shipping over.

Since the "Re-education of Anumias" is it was publicly called in local tabloids, was quite successful by New Tempera, Guylos knew now that the Imperial forces were clear to cross the New Temperian - Anumias Bridge, thus able to close in on Guylos. A Imperial Navy was also expected to make a debut. Guylosian Generals strained themselves to make a solid defense of their mountain dwellings, and to guard the coast as best they could. A giant barricade was currently being erected on the Anumian - Guylos Bridge, thus making it more troublesome for the Imperials to cross the bridge. For now, a total of 50,000 soldiers were mobilized in Guylos, ready to defend their country to the last breath.


The resounding footsteps of fourty-thousand Imperial boots stormed across the New Temperian - Anumian Bridge. Meeting them at that end were 7,000 Anumian Troops, 5,000 of which could be classified as Heavy Calvary. The troops mingled and soon started their march toward a city in Anumias for rest until the next day. It was already getting dark out, and the Imperials had been marching all day since mobilized in the morning. After two hours of marching, the troops made it to the large Anumian city of Rokxbry. The Anumian government had already announced mandatory Quartering for as long as the troops were in the city.

Thus, the Imperial and Anumian troops found themselves places to stay for the night, and prepared for the days ahead.. and finally, a Campaign fit to end a nation.
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