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A Future Endeavor [SIC]

on Thu Aug 18, 2011 2:44 pm
Dated: December 12th, 1571

The balance of power, though slowly, is shifting. The competition between nations of the world has begun with the toll of war and diplomacy between Heads of State. Though our Bakumatsu persists here in my own lands, it would be folly to fall behind the rest. The Bakufu would have me compete in our own way, and I for one see the reasons clearly.

The Empire of Tyskland continues to lie off of our eastern shores, a future threat to our existence. Though they have yet to make a move, diplomacy between our nations has recently been cut off. Why? I can only assume that they plan their own expansion. What other reason might one have to cut off all deals and relations with another land? I can only see that they consider Kyokai a future enemy. As Shogun, it is my duty to protect my people, to ensure Kyokai's longevity. I will make the first move as soon as necessary.

I have begun plans myself, soon to be discussed with my Regent of War and my top generals. Call this a preemptive strategy for war. Of course, war within my realm must be dealt with prior to any act of aggression over seas, therefore I aim to end this Bakumatsu with the next battle. Tenken was a mistake, despite the success in assassinating the corrupted Emperor. I will not make such a mistake again.

I will firstly go on the attack, Fushima is the Ishin-shishi's capital, their home base. If I can successfully siege the city and take the head of my enemy's leader, I can end this bloodshed before anything else occurs to impede such progress. It is folly to continue a war longer than needed. Morale already sags as it is, the Bakumatsu has been carrying on for a full year... everything started with Tsukishima in January...

Once all is over, and the war criminals are brought before their trial, plans must be made for the eventual invasion of Tyskland. Kyokai has been on the defense for far too long, it is rather unbefitting of such a great nation as this. One might call this expansionism, however I doubt that the Empire of Tyskland will call for a surrender against us - I know they want a fight too. I will bring it to them before they bring it to me.

Thankfully, I am not as paranoid as my ancestor who came before as Shogun. I am not merely assuming that Tyskland intends to attack me, I know for a fact that they intend to strike at some point down the road. Shogunal spies not only lie in the Ishin-shishi's camp, but in the camps of our neighboring countries. Intelligence is sound, my spies swear by it for they heard it straight from the lips of several High Officials in the Tyskland Court. It would be a catastrophe should anyone seek to eradicate Kyokai, not for my own people, but the people of the world.

In conclusion, next year with be the year of Kyokai. Plans for war will begin in earnest on March 1st, 1572. For the sake of Kyokai, I do hope we have the support of others in my pursuits - at least in spirit is all I can hope to ask for.

Until my next entry then,

Ieyasu Torunaga - 家康-徹ナガ


OOC: Sorry MR.RPG, you are never on anymore, so I'm taking my own liberties and taking you over. Cheers bro. XD If you end up coming back, make a new nation or something. So, in light of these circumstances, assume I rolled for effect when it comes to Tyskland's plans of attack against Kyokai and got a full blown 20/20.

EDIT - RPG, if you somehow get back online BEFORE my civil war is finished, I will revoke this attack preparations and Tyskland will be safe.

ALSO, if anyone wanted to know, this is an entry from the Shogun's Journal. So, it is entirely private, hence the [SIC] notation at the title.
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Re: A Future Endeavor [SIC]

on Sun Aug 21, 2011 12:53 pm
OOC: If we ever get to that stage, once Kyokai's civil war is over, assuming Kaie is where we're aiming to get him by that stage, maybe he could help lead an attack or something? Lol.
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