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An Important Letter [ATTN: WERL]

on Fri Jul 29, 2011 5:02 pm
Sent Per Will of President Antony Lassale of the Capuan Republic;
To Be Received by His Majesty the King Samual III of Alba.
Dated 30 June 1571.
Greetings, Your Majesty.

Attached to this letter is a copy of my declaration of this morning. Good timing has ensured, I hope, that the declaration finds your eyes at the same time it is issued publicly. If today is 30 June, my aides have succeeded in this.

Regardless, attached to the page you hold is a declaration of war upon Solaris by the Republic. Though I am not aware of any particular ties between your nation and the Solarians, and a cursory examination of the international political climate gives me little reason to believe you would march to the aid of the fascists, I must ask that we confirm our friendship.

The Republic is prosecuting this war for its own safety and the safety of other free peoples on the Continent. The Albans, being free, are but a part of our cause, and we would appreciate your assistance in our struggle. A less powerful Solaris benefits your realm as much as my Republic. But, failing this, should politics conspire to make assistance impossible, all that my government asks is that the Albans remain staunchly neutral. I would remind your Majesty that neutrality will be respected absolutely by the Republic and that taking such a path will not harm Republic-Alba relations in any way.

Only support of the Solarians would awaken the ire of the Capuan people. This much you are already aware of--our response in the event of economic or military support of the Fascists would be distinctly unfavourable to Alba.

Antony Lassale
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Re: An Important Letter [ATTN: WERL]

on Mon Aug 01, 2011 4:37 am
OOC: sorry for being late. have been busy lately.

Dated July 31st 1571

As I agree that a less powerful Solaris would benefit both of us greatly, you have full support of the Alban military. I have set forth my highest ranked General to help you best use our resources.

The Alban military is best known for our ability to move quickly. The only guns we use are cannons.

OOC: would have written more but I'm in the middle of another game at the moment.
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