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The Erynnen Archipelago

on Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:48 pm
Name of Country: Erynnen Archipelago

Nickname: The Isles

Race: Elves

Motto: Sailing for Serasse's glory.

Flag: A white albatross on a circle of waves, set on a blue field.

Location (on map): A small island between Solaris and Kyokai.

Various Symbols: The general heraldic symbol used for the Isles is their flag's albatross.

Leader Title: High Captain

Leader Name: Ciltesse

Capital: Erynnen, a huge port city that spans most of the largest island.

State Religion: The people of the Isles worship the sea-goddess Serasse.

Political Overview: Any captain with their own ship is counted as a nobleman or woman of the Isles. The wealthier captains hold more political power, but those who have proven themselves in battle have the most influence. Many work as privateers, furling their house standards when attacking ships of other countries.

Economic Overview: Most of the Isles' income comes from trading, acting as transport ships for the goods of other countries. All captains must pay a tithe of their profits to the High Captain. Although the isle of Eryn is mostly dominated by the city of the same name, the other islands have terraced farms that provide the supplies that keep the city-isle running.

National History: The Erynnen Isles were founded by a group of elven mariners fleeing a disaster that drove them from their home in the west. Although the disaster's exact circumstances have not been preserved, most scholars agree it had something to do with the rise of Capua and Solaris. Regardless of the cause, the elves discovered the Isles and fortified them against further threats. They have always kept a strong navy in preparation for the time when their enemies follow them across the sea.

Political Systems: The Council of Eryn manages the day-to-day affairs in the islands, but their jurisdiction does not extend beyond the shores. The council of Captains manages military, trade, and naval affairs, and both councils have equal power in the Isles.

Economic Systems: The only real economic system in the Isles is trade, although piracy is an unofficial second. Erynnen ships are the fastest in the seas, and many merchants elsewhere would gladly pay the fees to make sure that they quickly and safely transport their goods.

Important Resources: Manpower is the main resource of the Isles, with ships sometimes hiring themselves out as mercenary fleets or trade transports. However, a captain of the Isles will never fight against another fleet from the homeland, and many warlords who have tried to order this have found themsleves at the bottom of the sea.

Significant Figures: There have been twelve High Captains since the Isles were founded. The first, Maldor the Mariner, established the system of government and trade still used in the present. The seventh High Captain, Laithiel the Fair, was famous for causing a civil war by making a careless comment in the presence of two of her suitors. She was deposed and executed three years into the war, and her body displayed at the harbor mouth as a warning to her supporters.

Societal Overview: The Captains of ships each establish what is thought of as their own noble house, and the sailors and soldiers under their command act as retainers. The only common folk are the islanders, mostly either wealthy landowners or the farmers and fishermen working for them. Although the High Captain has a palace on the island, most have preferred to conduct their business on a magnificent flagship.

Geographical Overview: The Isles are volcanic, meaning that conventional farming is virtually nonexistent. Instead, the farmers of the islands ut terraces into the side of the mountains in order to grow their crops. Most of the islands are within a few hours' sail of each other.

Climate Overview: The climate of the Isles is mostly tropical, with heavy rains during the winter. Storms from the sea are usually devestating to the lower classes, who do not have the money to build in stone and therefore find a great deal of their posessions destroyed. However, during the spring and summer, and into the early fall, the weather is warm and visitors find it to be a cheerful place.

Technological Overview: The Erynnen are masters of the sea craft, and have the finest shipwrights in the world. However, their isolation means that many innovations have passed them by, and they are always eager to trade for knowledge.

Military Overview: The military of the Isles consists mostly of marines, masters at fighting between ships. A single Erynnen ship can take on two from another country with relative ease, so skiled are the maritime soldiers. However, once on land, the Erynnen lose much of their advantage. Their defense plans mainly concentrate on keeping their enemies off the shore and dealing with them there.
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Re: The Erynnen Archipelago

on Mon Jul 04, 2011 1:30 pm
Very good job, this should be interesting.

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Re: The Erynnen Archipelago

on Wed Jul 13, 2011 3:54 am
Looks awesome. Making plans. XD
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Re: The Erynnen Archipelago

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