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Keiichi Akimoto

on Mon Jun 27, 2011 12:44 am
Character Name: Keiichi Akimoto

Race: Shinigami

Age: 418

Gender: Male

Appearance: Keiichi Akimoto is tall, and fit. His blue eyes are in stark contrast to the rest of his sharp features. His hair is kept no longer than shoulder length, and is black with a blue tinge. One section of this hair is completely white, from an accident while experimenting with Kido. Along with this, he wears as all of the other soul reapers do, a kimono, but covered with the Squad 3 Haori, denoting him as a captain. Often found with his sword tied into his sash, he rarely goes anywhere without it.

Similar to this guy:

History: Keiichi Akimoto was a nobody up until the day he tested to enter the Sei Rei Tei and the ranks of the Shinigami. Having lived in the Rukongai's eighth district until the age of fifteen, his life had been a lot of running from those who wished him harm. Upon his entrance examination, he was found to be extremely proficient in Kido, and almost immediately accepted. Training hard gained him fifth seat within four years of study. He was a prodigy of sorts, learning all he could about the Kido. This interest in Kido, learning all of the incantations as well as rhythms to their casting had earned him the nickname Kido Keiichi, which he refused to acknowledge.

It wasn't until the disruption within the Sei Rei Tei that his true abilities were seen. Upon the intrusion into the Sei Rei Tei of Aizen's planning, Keiichi had battled his hardest ever to stop the proceedings of Aizen's plan. Failing this, his squad was left without Gin Ichimaru, their captain. Although he was fifth seat at the time, he was highly respected and trusted by the members of his squad lower than him because of his Kido abilities. He had been a teacher at times, willing to help those who needed it with their own abilities. The squad had decided to come forward and ask him to be their interim Squad Captain.

Upon confirmation of this by a vote of the squad, he was raised to Captain of the Third Division. However, it was up to a general assembly of the leaders of the other squads to decide upon this. It was a near unanimous that he be instated as the Squad Leader of Squad 3. To this day, he holds that honor above all else, and is there for the members of his squad who need him.

Rank: Captain, 3rd Squad, Gotei 13


Name: Shinkanrashi - Silent Storm [Kido Based]

Release: "Raiken, Shinkanrashi."

Within the Shikai form, Shinkanrashi allows for the manifestation and control of lightning in all of its forms, as well as all of its properties. As such, the wielder of Shinkanrashi can allow the lightning to take on any shape, along with changing its physical characteristics to form explosions or extreme pressure on contact (from both the wind and fire properties of lightning). With the control of lightning, the wielder also gains a faster Shunpo, allowing it to be drastically increased in speed.

Bankai: Shunikari Shinkanrashi - Flash of Rage Silent Storm

Involuntary Effects: The fully released form of Shinkanrashi, or Shunikari, Shinkanrashi. The effects that aren't directly controlled by Keiichi are those which allow another additional boost to his Shunpo, as well as increased power of all the Kido available to him. Increases defense using lightning to form a shield on his left wrist that expands when needed. Generates a lightning effect around the hands. When in Bankai, Shinkanrashi summons all water moisture in an area to surround and dampen the fighting area around Keiishi. In the Bankai State, Shunikari Shinkanrashi appears as a Cestus, or a Myrmex (These). The wielder also retains full control over the lightning capabilities of the unsealed version.

Sairento-Ken: Raikou Dengeki (Silent Fists: Lightning Blitz) - This attack comprises the use of Shunpo along with a devastating hail of barrages of lightning from all around the enemy. Some of these attacks are full on lightning conducted through water, and some are simply strikes of the fists hammered into the opponent

Sairento-ken: Hantei no arashi (Silent Fists: Judgement Storm) - This attack calls forth the direct fury of lightning from a gathering storm cloud. It creates so much electricity that it instantly vaporizes the water within the dampness around the battlers into its elemental components, and then goes one step further: It ignites the cloud's hydrogen, which consumes the cloud's oxygen. This is Shunikari Shinkanrashi's ultimate attack.

Power: Having a Kido-based weapon since his beginning as a soul reaper, Keiichi has had time and patience to learn and command most of the Kido available to the shinigami. He wields complete command over the Hado up to Hado no Hachijuu Hachi (Hado 88 Dragon-Striking Heaven-Shaking Thunder Cannon), and up to Bakudo Hachijuu Ichi (Bakudo 81, Splitting Void). Adept with Shunpo.
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Re: Keiichi Akimoto

on Mon Jun 27, 2011 9:43 am
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