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Shoichi Hayashi

on Sun Jun 26, 2011 8:44 pm
Character Name: Shoichi Hayashi

Race: Soul Reaper

Rank: Captain of Squad 9

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Personality: Shoichi is a very relaxed person and would rather spend his days taking naps and smoking cigarettes. With a calm personality and great knowledge Shoichi has another side during war. When theirs a battle going on he becomes very eager to fight. Depending on his opponents he might not even use his Zanpakutō but his bare hands. Of coarse when the opponent is strong he would use his Zanpakutō. He sorta acts like captain of squad 11 Kenpachi Zaraki without the insanity. But if Shoichi gets mad which is rare he becomes very destructive and would even fight God himself if it crosses him.

Appearance: He a tall man around 6ft and 7in, 250 pounds, and very muscular. Looking at him his eyes looks deep blue with a little of ice white. He has a deep scar on his left cheek that came from a hollow. He has a brand on his left hand that shows the number 13. He has brown hair with a little bit of blond highlights that when the sun shines you can see both colors.

As for clothing he wears the standard Shihakusho but with no sleeves with a gold color belt. He wears a black cowboy hat that has the Gotei 13 symbol stitched into it. Captain's haori jacket, bears the number "9" in Kanji on the back and the interior of it is gold color.

History: When he arrived in the soul society he was only a young kid with no memories in the world of the living. He was a troublesome kid where he spent his days stealing anything in the Ruckon District. When he got older he realized he had spirit energy and started to train himself for a year out in the middle of nowhere. He joined the Soul Reaper Academy and passed the exam after he failed two times. When he was done with the Academy he joined squad 13 and then later in squad 2 both serving as a seat position. During the Ichigo's invasion he was practicing his powers by trying to learn Bankai. He was successful but when he finish the battles were over. He took the Captains Exam and passed it. He became officially Captain for Squad 9 after the Aizen war was over.

Power / Zanpakutō:

Name: Ten No Rakka (Heavens Fall)

Shikai Mode

Shikai Command: Purify My Soul


When the sword changes into Shikai its sealed form explodes and creates two small swords into each hand. The twin blades have one attack called - Sonikku-fū (Sonic Wind)

Sonikku-fū is activated when the two blades are hold together forming the letter "X" and a burst of wind shoots out like a bullet fired from a gun. This attack sends a ball of air to the opponent at super sonic speeds.

Shikai mode affects Shoichi speed and power when he fights without using Sonikku-fū. The attack has no name but Shoichi would call it - Ketsui (Determination). He fights with out using the Zanpakutō wind attack and just fights normally with the two blades.

Bankai Mode

Bankai Name : Tenshi Raizu, Ten No Rakka (Angels Rise, Heavens Fall)

Ten No Rakka Bankai is activated when the Zanpakutō is in Shikai mode. It cannot transform into Bankai mode. When Bankai is activated the two swords form a huge white light around Shoichi and a few seconds the sword is no longer separated but join to make a 6ft long dual blade sword. It also changes the Shihakusho order of color. Instead of black/white it reverses it into white/black. It also changes the Captains Jacket color to black. The only clothing that is not changed is the cowboy hat.


Tenshi No Buresu (Angels Breath) - This is a defense move where when the sword cuts a circle into the air it forms a wall of wind that blocks attack. But when Ten No Rakka cuts the wind wall it the wall gets suck in the middle of Ten No Rakka and starts to make a tornado. It launches the tornado and its controlled by the movements of the sword.

Akuma (Evil Angel) - This attack is the most destructive. Shoichi spirit pressure turns into black and forms angel wings on his back increasing his speed. His sword is engulfed in black spirit pressure a 180 degree swing it launches a golden blades called Sourukurenzu at any selected targets (Soul Cleanse).

Powers: Shoichi mastered Shunpo when he was in Squad 2 and knows how to mask his spirit energy. He also mastered in Zanjutsu when he was in Squad 13.

He is average in Kido where he is great at Bakudo but not so much at Hado

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