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Onora Van Helsing

on Tue Jan 04, 2011 11:51 pm
Name: Onora Van Helsing

Gender Female

Age: Nineteen

Race/Ethnicity: Irish German

Appearance: Onora is about five feet seven inches tall, her skin is on the pale side and she has a petite form. Her orange hair almost reaches her waist but she keeps it up most of the time, her eyes are the same dark green as most women in her family and she has a Celtic knot tattooed on her right wrist. She wears whatever would best fit the weather they are in

Personality: Onora is very shy around anyone other then her brother, Gabriel, and is easily scared by many things.

Weapons: She has a ornate dagger and a small pistol, she also has a hidden blade used by all of the Irish Hunters.

Miscellaneous Items: She carries with her a few vials of God's Tears, a special holy water that has been blessed by the Pope, a satchel full of supplies and her diary.

History: Onora was born and raised in Ireland under the belief that the Irish were the only hunters in the worlds. She spent her younger years learning to read and write and as she grew older she began to be taught how to fight. She tried to avoid it at first but soon she was left with no choice, it was either become a hunter or be removed from the family. It took some time at first but she finally accepted what she was and did her best to learn. During these years her best friend was her older brother, Gabriel, Gabriel would sit with her and talk to her about the different creatures and how to kill them. Onora loved to talk with him and when it came time for his initiation she broke into tears and refused to stop until he returned. Four years later when it was her turn she was nowhere to be found, finally after hours of searching they found her but she refused to come until Gabriel came and told her that he would be with her on the trip. When they caught up to the vampire they were hunting Onora was unable to bring herself to killing and Gabriel had to step in before it broke free. The elders were reluctant to allow her to join their ranks but once again, Gabriel stepped in on her behalf, he told them he would help her become a true hunter. And so when he was called upon for a very important task, one that required him to leave Ireland, Onora went with him. Together the brother and sister made their way to the Dark Symphony's headquarters to try and mend the broken relations between Ireland and the rest of the hunters.

The Van Helsing's of Ireland have a tattered past, they broke all ties with the rest of their family after a disagreement between two brothers and since then they have kept to themselves. They created their own rules and operated outside of the Dark Symphony and even went as far as declaring themselves a separate group. For years there was no hope of reuniting the two groups but a recent change in leaders has started an attempt at reunification.
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Re: Onora Van Helsing

on Tue Jan 04, 2011 11:55 pm
Very nice, very nice. You're character is...

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