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Ian Gray

on Mon Jan 03, 2011 3:06 am
Name: Ian Gray

Gender Male

Age: 42

Race/Ethnicity: American


Ian is a fairly tall and well built man, having dirty blonde hair and a beard that never leaves. His face is mostly sunburnt and tanned from the hot sun, and he always seems to have a cold stare, though he is, in fact, not a bad man. He often wears his usual attire, consisting of a wide brimmed hat, a long sleeved button down shirt and vest, some rough pants, boots, and a poncho over it. Even in his clothing, Ian tries to keep the old culture of his country alive.

Personality: Ian is a normally kind person, always using reason instead of emotion as a judge. He is known to be very forgiving, despite his cold and calculating looks. He is a very thoughtful person, often thinking of situations in ways that are surprising to hear. Ian has close ties to his roots at home that he doesn't want to let go of, and is very fervent in keeping it alive. In battle he is quick in his actions, always trying to keep a calm face, though deep inside he is always screaming. It will never change, but Ian will never let anyone see that unless something truly terrible occurs.

Weapons: A revolver shotgun, having the length of a double barreled shotgun, but using a cylindrical loading system that can load five shots at a time. It is quite powerful, and normally uses shells with bits of silver inserted in them. He also has a pistol repeating crossbow that can fire up to seven shots before a reloading a pack of bolts. These bolts are excellent against vampiric creatures, as they can be used as stakes and are often dipped into holy water beforehand. On his side he has a cavalry blade, remade with a silver blade. It's great for close quarters combat in many situations.

Miscellaneous Items: A canteen of holy water, money, a crucifix, a harmonica, some old books, and a pack.

Other Information: Ian is one of the last remnants of the slowly dying Wild West of America. He has deep roots due to his father and likes to hang on to a lot of the culture. He has met some action back in America, though mostly things he regretted. After an attack on his family by vampiric forces, Ian had many questions, and they were answered by the Dark Symphony, which he joined shortly afterwards. He is of fairly high rank, and is very dedicated to his job, though he has a few doubts on the way the Dark Symphony works.
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