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Dante De Luca - The Ex Soldier

on Mon Sep 27, 2010 3:00 pm
Name: Dante De Luca

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance : Looks like this. Dante is 6'3 and around 250lbs. He is very masculine and has two tactoos on both shoulders. One of the Scilian Flag and the other of crest in black with the writings in Italian "Cosa Nostra". He likes to wear long sleeve shirts and polos in dark colors such as black to blood red or wears his uniform when he served in the Army. He has a pair of aviator glasses that are red tinted.


The Good:

•Pistol Accuracy - Dante served in the Army when the world was infected. He fought off the hordes of zombies from West Coast to East Coast in the United States. He was considered the "Ace" in his squad because he was able to shoot a infected 100 ft away in its eyes. He is very good when it comes to pistols and that makes Dante who he is.

•Mechanic - When it comes to cars or guns Dante is the guy for it. He can fix up anything, uprgrade it, and create something new. He helped his father when it came to anything so he knows how to use a wrench.

•Friendly - Dante is a nice guy because he tries to make friends. Hes not about being the leader or the dick of the group. He gives everyone a chance to voice their opinion.

The Bad:

•Drinker - When it comes to booze he loves it. Dante will abuse liquor as if he was OJ Simpson to his wife. When he drinks he can be either two things. One is he can be the rudest person on the planet where he would insult anyone who comes near him and the second thing is he can become worst fighter due to he would just sit back and do nothing.

•Chef - Alright if Mac and Cheese or Top Ramen was not invented then Dante would be dead. He cant even make something microwaveable. So when it comes to whos cooking tonight........dont vote Dante to do it.


•Vektor SP1 Sport - When he was serving the Army to fight off the infected, the Army would allow soldiers to carry any pistols and Dante picks this one because it the same pistol that his brother used to win a national competition for pistol accuracy. This is special to him and its one of his favorite gun and memorbilia. Photo

•Gerber Gator Machete - The machete is 22in long with a diamond cut blade that leaves clean cuts. He uses this if he wants to break into homes, leave his mark on the infected, or just when he ran out of bullets. Photo

Other Items: Pack of ciggarettes,Zippo lighter, Bottle opener
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