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Kazuki Isamu ~ The Businessman

on Sun Sep 26, 2010 6:48 pm
Name: Kazuki Isamu

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kazuki is an average looking Japanese male, sporting short black hair and a clean shaven face. He is about 5'10 in height and is quite thin, having only a little muscle. Most of the time he wears his work clothes, which consist of dark blue pants and a long sleeved white shirt with a blue tie. Now that the infection came about, he has his sleeves rolled up and his tie looser, a flap of his shirt hanging out of his pants, which is normally tucked in. This is generally what he looks like.


The Good:
  • Negotiation Skills - Kazuki is fairly good at negotiating with relatively sane people (not zombies, of course). He can usually worm himself out of bad situations that seem almost bound to draw blood, and tends to pack more of a punch with his words than his guns.
  • Pistol Accuracy and Proficiency - Kazuki is quite good with semiautomatic pistols, quick to aim and quick to fire. He definitely isn't a professional gunman, but he knows enough to take down plenty of the infected. When it comes to guns, Kazuki can say his boss's favorite quote without any doubts: "Never mess with a Japanese businessman."
  • Conversationalist - Kazuki is proficient with many languages, mainly Japanese, English, and Spanish. He is also good at picking up small talk and using it to boost morale or the spirits of people, though he is still quite capable of doing the opposite.

The Bad:
  • Endurance - Kazuki was never born to run. During his whole entire life he has never exercised seriously or joined any major sports. He did participate in some baseball while in Japan as a kid, but he was always the last to be chosen for teams. He can run for long periods of time if he has to, but he'll be panting and tripping the whole way.
  • Strength - Physical power is something that Kazuki lacks. He is probably one of the weaker survivors out there, not safe unless he has a gun in his hands. He can handle weapons with a blade just fine, as they slice through "zombies" easier, but blunt and heavy weapons are a no go.
  • Mental Insecurity - Kazuki has a very dynamic personality. He is often one who does more bluffing than acting. In tight situations he tends to get worried more easily and does rasher things, though if the situation is right, he can overcome these feelings. His mental insecurity in these situations is usually unexpected, and the severity of it is as random as a dice roll.

  • Mauser C96 - The Mauser is a gun that is normally never used in modern days. The pistol used to belong to his father, who was a collector of these sorts of things, even though it wasn't entirely legal to do so in Japan. Kazuki was always fond of the weapon because of its sheer stopping power and force. Once the infection came around, this gun was the first thing he grabbed. It has a wooden stock that can also be used as a holster. The gun is not always reliable because of its age, occasionally causing it to jam.
  • Combat Knife - This is a slightly dulled, but reliable, knife. It's made of steel, though it's slightly rusting a bit on one part. He can use it for various things, such as fighting and other miscellaneous tasks. He has a sheath for it on his belt.

Other Items: He has one carton of cigarettes, a lighter, a flashlight with spare batteries, and one med kit.
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Re: Kazuki Isamu ~ The Businessman

on Sun Sep 26, 2010 6:51 pm
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Welcome man and good detail
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