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The Infected

on Sun Sep 26, 2010 6:18 pm
The "Infected" are not like zombies. They are alive but the difference between human and "infected".

1. The eyes of a infected are black all over. There is no color in there eyes its just black as if there sould dissapeared.

2. Body tempature is well below than humans. For some reason the body temp of the infected is around 60 degrees instead of 97. This helps the SGPS to identify the infected and humans.

3. The skin seems to be degraded. They have the ability to heal but when the wound is closed up the scar is still there.

The infected have to feed on anything with a heart beat because there cell structure requires alot more energy than any other organism. This leaves them into severe starvation where they act like wild beasts with no intelligence. The virus is spreaded in there salvia so if the prey escapes it would shortly go into a coma and it can become a infected or be eaten by a infected.

To kill these things is not hard if you aim right. The most vunerable parts is the head,heart,lungs,knee caps, and the pelvis area. These areas will cause it to bleed out very quickly so it can not heal. When they start to die they scream a loud yell to attract other infected humans. So in order to prevent a army of infected humans you need to shoot the head so it can not communicate.

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