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The Basic Plot

on Sun Sep 26, 2010 6:01 pm
Welcome to the year of 2021

World Infected Population : 6,697,253,050

World Population : Less Than 5,000

2012 : World stands by to see if the Aztecs prediction of the world to end will come true. All media from television to the internet focus on the clock waiting for a new year and see if something happens that has been told in man kind history for thousands of years. When the clock in NY Times reached to 12:00 A.M in the year of 2012, nothing happen. After days of the New Year people realized that the Aztec were wrong.

2013 : The US government started a new project called Project Somnus. The project was design to aid occupational forces where a large bomb would release the S-V1 Virus. The virus was design to be airborne and cause a temporary paralysis in the nervous system. This would help the occupational forces to invade with out firing their weapons.

2015 :The US Army tested the virus in a small town named Tir Pol, Afghanistan. The mission was to stop a arms deal with the Taliban and some Iranian Military Defense Spies. Covert Delta Force order a air-strike to hit the small village. The bomb hit the city spreading the virus. One hour later the soldiers went in and saw mixed results. The civilians of the village had went into a deep sleep including the enemies. The success was relaid to the general in charge of the mission. But a day later the people woke up and started to attack the soldiers. Here is a transmission of the events in Tir Pol

Radio Message Recorded

"We need immediate reinforcements"

SOC "Please identify yourself"

"This is Sergeant George Luca with Squad A Delat Force.......We need reinforcements at Tir Pol........we have a CODE Green

General of SOC "Sergeant what is your status"

Sergeant George Luca "Our squad has four KIA's, seven WIA's and low on ammo

General of SOC "Who is the enemies"

Sergeant George Luca "Everything......everything....they are attacking us head on with no weapons........oh"

General of SOC "What is it"

Sergeant George Luca "They are eating us.......THEY ARE EATING US........WE NEED HELP"

General of SOC "What? What you mean feeding"

Sergeant George Luca "They just got one of the WIA's and eating him like a pack of wild dogs...............WE NEED HELP....AHHHHHHHHHHH"

General of SOC "Can you read me..........CAN YOU READ ME......."

After this transmission two F-22 Raptors drop a payload of bombs on to the little village destroying it off the map. But that did not kill all of the infected.

2016 : The virus spreads into Iran leading it go in all directions hitting Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, and then finally North and South America

2017 : World governments try to fight the infected people by creating a world draft that forced everyone to fight the infection

2018 : Governments all over the world disappear when 75% of the world population is infected. Leaving the world into chaos

There are a few people in the world with two jobs.

1. Kill the infected

2. Survive

In this cruel world you will see the ugly and see the horrors of these monsters but you will not be alone

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Re: The Basic Plot

on Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:55 pm
Hey... wasn't it the Mayan Calander that predicts that this cycle will end in 2012... Not that I believe that bollocks, heck if the Mayans were still around today they'd just make another calender starting from 2013 with a new cycle.
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