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Huang Xun Wu

on Sun Sep 12, 2010 3:07 pm
Name: Huang Xun Wu

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Appearance: Huang has short black hair and a black mustache. His face is normally fairly kind looking, though unremarkable for the most part. He is about 5'7 in height and fairly well built, though he has been getting a chubby belly recently, as most chef's attain. He used to be quite lean in his former years, but now the peaceful living has finally caught up with him. He wears a white chef's coat like this and wears black pants and hardly wears shoes.

Personality: Huang is a very kind person, treating everyone as equally important no matter what they have done or how they act. He does not believe in solving problems with violence, though he will not hesitate to protect the things he loves with his martial arts that he has trained for. Huang loves the company of others and is often trying to make new friends rather than enemies.

History: Huang was born in the country of China, growing up in a poor environment. His father's school of the Xun Wu Style was quickly going out of business, though he kept teaching his son the various combat techniques. Soon enough, Huang's father became a rival with another school that wanted to put the Xun Wu Style to rest. In a match between the teacher of the other school and Huang's father, his father was defeated and crippled as a result due to the dangerous style he was up against. Huang ran away from home for a short while, street fighting and getting into dangerous activities, such as alcohol. This drinking of alcohol eventually led Huang to practicing the Drunken Boxing style, which made his movements unpredictable and strong in fights. For a few years he carried on like this, getting himself in trouble with the authorities until his father found him and changed his ways once more. Huang's father died soon after this and he was left alone with his mother, wanting nothing to do with combat now. He ended up learning the art of cooking with his mother and opened his own restaurant in China, which went relatively well. For quite a few years he worked at the restaurant until his mother's death came around, as she was very weak to begin with. Huang decided to move away from China after these incidents, as it reminded him too much of his past mistakes and his parents. He decided to travel to China and open his restaurant there, mixing both Japanese and Chinese cooking styles into one cuisine. He wished to spread some of the culture of China in Japan, though now things were starting to look quite grim. The modernization of Japan was causing many uproars and violent outbursts. It wasn't the safest place to be in at the time. Nonetheless, Huang continues his work with a smile, ready to defend his restaurant if he has to.

Weapon: His main weapons are his fists, but when things get too dangerous, he has a secondary option. Haung's melee weapon of choice is his bo staff, which is made of both iron and wood, able to deflect most swords, though it will not stand against heavy weapons. A picture of it is shown here.

Fighting Style: Xun Wu Style - This is a family style that uses many mixed martial arts techniques, such as techniques from the Five Animals (snake, crane, leopard, tiger, monkey) and many others. The style mostly deals with using speed and counters to defeat an opponent, though using full power is always an option depending on the situation.

He also knows the Drunken Boxing style, though he hasn't used it since his younger years. He is much more effective in combat with this style, but he fears that he'd get himself into the bad habit of drinking once again if he tried to use it once more.
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Re: Huang Xun Wu

on Sun Sep 12, 2010 3:11 pm
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