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The Atlas IV ~ Our Beloved Ship

on Tue Sep 07, 2010 5:25 pm
The Atlas IV

The Atlas IV is a large spacecraft mainly used for exploration and carrying other ships across the galaxies. It is known for being very resilient and tough, though it almost has no offensive capabilities at all, other than the plasma cannon on its roof. This ship has been bought and restored by Jerry Miles, and is now used for bounty missions, carrying all the ships of his comrades. This craft will be used by us throughout Space Dogs as a carrier and a meeting place, essentially.

The Atlas is a rather infamous ship throughout the galaxy, wanted by a lot of bounty hunters. This is the fourth model of the original ship, and by far the most useful one. Although it is not good at attacking, it can deploy several other ships to aid its defense as compensation. The ship can fly both in space and on planets, also having the ability to be used as a boat on water (in fact, most of the time it is docked on water).

The ship is quite large, but is nothing compared to some large scale battleships created by the military forces. It consists of two decks. The top deck only consists of the hangar (or garage, if you prefer) and a piloting room. The hangar is quite large, having enough space for the ships of each crew member. It is, of course, a tight fit, but it still works. The ships can leave the hangar and go into space by opening the large gate (essentially acting as a garage door). Oxygen is maintained in the hangar by an energy field in the opening of the gateway that lets objects pass through, but keeps oxygen in. The idea is not revolutionary and is being used quite often today, but it is rather unique for a mercenary ship to have an energy field like this. Outside the gate there is a long part of the ship remaining, forming somewhat of a runway. This isn't very useful in space, but it can help when on planets.

The piloting section is right next to the hangar, in the back of the ship. It has controls for almost everything on the ship and an optional AI to use in case things are getting too hard to manage. A large terminal and holographic screen that can be used for viewing almost every angle of the ship from the outside and receiving video transmissions.

On the lower deck there are four sections. The first section consists of cabins for the crew. There is one cabin for each member and a few extra ones, as they are quite small. The second section is the mess hall, which acts both as a meeting room, an entertainment room, and a place to eat. There is a kitchen in this section filled with a variety of ingredients. Then there is a an area with a few couches, chairs, and a television set, an area where the crew usually spends most of their time talking and looking up more hits. The third section consists of bathrooms and and a couple showers, as even a crew of mercenaries has to stay clean. The fourth and final section is the engineering area, consisting of many things keeping this ship alive. It is rarely visited unless there are problems being experienced on board.

There's not much more than that to the Atlas IV. Here are a couple other pictures for your conveniences:

(Note: the ship itself is a little bigger than the one in the pictures, but overall has the same look)
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