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Dante De Luca

on Tue Sep 07, 2010 1:09 am
Name: Dante De Luca

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: Looks like this. Dante is 6'3 and around 250lbs. He is very masculine and has two tactoos on both shoulders. One of the Scilian Flag and the other of crest in black with the writings in Italian "Cosa Nostra". He likes to wear long sleeve shirts and polos in dark colors such as black to blood red. He has a pair of aviator glasses that are red tinted. He looks like as if he is going to the bars and sometimes wear his kevlar vest.


The Good

Pistol Marksman - Dante is no question good when it comes firing his two beloved pistols. He practiced his entire life with handguns and is a very good shooter. It is said he was able to shoot a earing off of a women that was 20 feet away with out it hitting the ear (but did make her death).

Interrogator - Dante is a type of man to where he can make a foreign agent confess just because he would use any method to get that person talk. Sometimes its ruthless but majority of the time he just annoys the person until they give up. He can be the nice guy hearing them out or he can humiliate the person until they cried like a baby.

Chef - Dante was taught by his mother who run a Italian Restaurant for decades. He would always say "Italians need to know how to cook or the family might kill each other because alcohol was involved" and thats why he knows how to cook. He usually cooks Italian cuisines and is willing to cook other items unless its simple. If you ask him to make Mac and Cheese he would more likely hit you with the spoon.

The Bad

Cocky - Dante is very cocky because he is proud of his Sicilian heritage and is willing to fight others whose culture is better. He is also known as a douche bag around women because he always thinks he can make that perfect 10 chick in the bar begging for him after 1 night. He is sometimes relaxed and sometimes cocky.

Lazy - Dante is a guy who likes to make money, go to the bar, and train himself. Dante can care less if his room looks like shit and always tries to sneak out of doing the dishes or help around with others.


Dual Bernardelli P-018 - The two pistols are not special and are just regular 9mm handguns. They contain no add ons such as silencers or extended magazines but only have a custom grip that shows the Sicily Flag. In if there is a break out in violence he always have these on him because he considers these two handguns as his "lucky charm". Here includes photo and details of the gun. Click Here

Spectre M4 - This submachine gun contains a silencer and a holographic sight for any bounties he like to kill silently. He uses this if he needs more firepower and is not frequently used in action or even brought doing his job. Here includes photo and details of the gun. Click Here

Gerber Gator Machete - The term "Man with the biggest stick will always win" is one of Dante life lessons. He does not apply it to guns and vehicles but anything that cuts is applied to the term. The machete is 22in long with a diamond cut blade that leaves clean cuts. He uses this if he wants to leave a message, interrogate someone, or just had a bad day. Photo

Other Items:

Phone - Dante carries a phone many times for contacting old friends, that girl he met at the bar, and sometimes uses it as a smacking tool to the captives

MP3 - Dante loves playing his music where ever he goes from the gym, missions, and any other place he goes to.

Lighter - Dante is a smoker and carries a old Zippo lighter from the days when space travel was only a dream.


Ship Name: Prototype Fighter Mk.I aka Nero

Appearance: Look like this. It contains the Sicilian flag on both wings

Attributes: The fighter is able to out run most ships including police ships. The fighter is mainly about stealth and speed and not about fighting, the ship contains one powerful weapon and a simple machine gun system. The fighter is one of its own kind that can compete others.

Weapons: The fighters has two weapons. A gatling gun under the fighter that fires heavy lead rounds. The second weapon is the main weapon which is its rail gun. The rail gun is the two spikes in front of the ship and even though it takes minutes to charge the weapon, it can be powerful.

Miscellaneous Details: The ship is unique because it was a prototype that was proven to be hard to manufacture. Dante's father was the designer of the craft and spent decades working on his design trying to prove militaries that his ship was worth it. But it was to late for Dante's father after dying just one day before he was going to meet and sell the craft to a large company

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Re: Dante De Luca

on Tue Sep 07, 2010 4:34 pm
Sounds very good. Excellent detail, by the way.

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