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Registration Form!

on Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:42 pm
Here is the registration guide you have all been waiting for! Follow the guidelines and post your character once you are finished. Have fun!







[b]Other Items:[/b]

Name: This one should be easy. Choose whatever name seems fitting for your character.

Age: As long as you aren't unrealistically old, you can be almost any age you want.

Gender: Male? Female? Other?

Appearance: What does your character look like and wear? You can use pictures or use words to explain your character. Using both is best.

Skills: What is your character good at? List everything that they are good at and things that they are bad at, if you wish.

Weapons: You can have almost any melee or ranged weapon. Most of the weapons will be modern weapons that we use today, but more effective, of course. Feel free to customize your weapon as much as you want.

Other Items: List anything else of note here, such as supplies, memoirs, etc.

(A section on you characters history will not be included. Throughout the story you can reveal some of your past or think about it, but it will not be required for you to post a history.)

NOTICE: This next section is about ship creation. Each of our characters has a personal fighter on board our main ship that we can use for dogfights. However, some of you DO NOT have to have a ship if you don't want one. This field below is completely optional. You can easily work it out with me or someone else playing to share a ship if you would like. It'd probably be more fun to have your own ship, but if you really wish to share one, just say something. But, without further ado, this is the ship registration for all of you that are interested.

[b]Ship Name:[/b]




[b]Miscellaneous Details:[/b]

Ship Name: Make whatever name you feel fits your ship.

Appearance: You can just get pictures for this, if you wish. Make sure it isn't anything HUGE, though. All personal ships will be fighters, most likely, and single person ones at that. Feel free to find pictures of ships you like from Star Wars, Star Trek, or whatever else. The ships have to be basic fighters, or Zipcrafts, so be sure to make it something smaller than a large carrier or something.

Attributes: Show your ship's strengths and weaknesses. Is the ship fast but weak? Slow but strong? Etc. You must have a balanced ship. Every craft has its weak points.

Weapons: You can view the various weapons that can be used on ships in the information section on ships.

Miscellaneous Details: (Optional) You can put any extra details in this section that you would like to tell about your ship that weren't covered in the other fields.
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