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Technology of 2071

on Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:41 pm
The technology in this era is much like modern day technology, aside from a few things that have made life easier, including hyperspace travel. Modern weapons are still being used in this age, obviously better tuned and equipped. Most mercenaries carry weapons used in the past and present, modified to their liking.

As for ships, that is a different matter. Machine guns, plasma cannon, blaster lasers, and missiles are the basic spacecraft weapons. Spacecrafts themselves are very durable, but when hit with these, it can cause some serious damage. To make these damages happen less frequently, most ships have a shield generator somewhere in the craft that generates and energy shield to protect a ship from heavy impacts. It doesn't make the ship invincible, as all shields fail eventually, but it definitely helps. These generators are usually only seen on heavy duty ships, as it can slow a ship down quite a bit. Smaller crafts, known as Zipcrafts, almost never have these shields, as they rely mostly on speed.

All of these new technologies for weapons and spacecrafts are very advanced, but one piece of technology outshines them all: Warp Gates.

Warp Gates are circular structures floating in space that allow ships to enter hyperspace upon entering. Once inside, the gate acts almost like a wormhole, putting the ship in another dimension where they will not hit any ships or other objects while in hyperspace. Most Warp Gates are connected to another gate so that the ship can come out that end safely. There are also other gates called Dark Gates, which are used and created by criminals. The creation of personal Warp Gates is illegal, thus making them Dark Gates. These are usually deactivated if found by officials.
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