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Characters !

on Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:33 pm
Okay guys!
There are many different types of characters you could possibly wish to play. I've found that with everyone playing as the party...well it started to drag a bit. Therefore, I'd like to recruit some bad guys as well this time!

Character fractions:
Davenport Tech. Group
Survivors from Outside of Davenport

Tech you can have:
Here's the deal, if you want something you need to provide back story on why you character has it, where it came from, and (if you are in the group of explorers) how your character kept it hidden for so long in the tower.

I haven't had much problem before, but please keep names at a reasonable length Smile

Extra tidbit:
If you decided to make a character who is an Explorer, you have two choices. The character can either be a civilian, or a person who works for Davenport, disagrees with the company/ knows a secret and deemed a threat of the company, and therefore has been sent out to die.

Basically someone screwed up and civilians learned about an open expedition where survivors could claim land for themselves to farm and live on away from the company.
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Re: Characters !

on Wed Aug 11, 2010 3:52 pm
Name: Nathan Carter

Age: 25

Faction: Survivor

Talents: Exceptional wilderness survivor with skills including hunting, tracking, fishing, first aid and how to safely cook just about anything. He is an excellent marksman with rifles, pistols and bows. Life on the ranch has taught him horseback riding. Finally he is good with electronics.

History: Nathan's family was one of the few survivors of the war outside of the bunkers. His father ran a ranch and his mother was a nuclear engineer, a lucky combination which gave them access to their own livestock and haz-mat suits. They had made a decent stockpile of supplies prior to the war and used the suits to get the first picks of salvage in the city.

As it turned out there were other survivors nearby; a small town was lucky enough to escape the blast radius as well as the fallout. Being the only ranchers in the area, the Carter family was able to do fairly well by trading regularly with this town.

However, their luck could not last for long. Nathan's father died when he was fifteen years old in a hunting accident; his mother two years later when she was attacked by another group of survivors, leaving Nathan to fend for himself. He maintained the ranch for some time, though this could not last either; a strong wind brought a cloud of radioactive dust near the ranch, killing most of the animals there. The basement had been reinforced specifically for this type of threat, allowing Nathan to survive there until the wind carried the fallout away, but the damage had already been done. The same cloud had also ravaged the town they once traded with, leaving Nathan alone.

After this he left the ranch with one of the lucky horses, living off the wilderness for some time as he ventured farther away, living off the wilderness and salvage from the cities. One of the Davenport towers caught his attention, though he was wary of this location as he heard of the company's rather shady reputation, to say the least.

Possessions: Some of his possessions were left behind at the ranch; notable items will be listed after the personal inventory.
  • G36: Assault rifle firing 5.56x45mm rounds from a 30-round detachable box magazine. It is equipped with a folding stock and holographic sight. This weapon belonged to Nathan's father but was rarely used; other weapons were generally preferred for hunting.
  • Glock 22: Semiautomatic pistol firing .40 caliber rounds from a 15-round box magazine. This weapon belonged to Nathan's father.
  • Compound Bow: Exceptionally accurate hunting bow used by Nathan's father. It has a built-in rack to hold eight arrows on the side. Nathan carries hunting arrows with triple-blade steel arrowheads which have been re-used several times.
  • Machete: Designed to remove obstructing plants.
  • Leatherman: Portable multi-tool built around a pair of pliers with a straight knife, serrated knife, saw blade, wire cutters, file, screwdriver, can opener and corkscrew.
  • Fishing Kit: Hooks, spinners, fishing line, fillet knife, sinkers, and bobbers stored in a steel box.
  • First Aid Kit: Anesthetic, needle, thread, gauze, bandages, disinfectant, everything needed to patch up wounds.
  • Solar Charger: Solar panel salvaged from Radio Shack after the war and wired to a battery charger designed to handle rechargeable AAs, AAAs, C, D and 9V batteries. He usually rotates the batteries out of his electronics through this.
  • Flashlight: LED flashlight with a metal case built to last forever.
  • Radio: Battery operated radio usually set to monitor every frequency to see if anyone is out there. Salvaged from Radio Shack after the war by Nathan's parents.
  • Geiger counter: Radiation scanner from his father's work. It requires remarkably little power and sounds an alarm whenever radiation levels approach dangerous levels.
  • Climbing Gear: Harness with a 100 foot rope complete with a throwing bag, ascender and rappelling figure eight. Rock climbing was one of his parents' hobbies.
  • Camp Set: Tent, sleeping bag, portable grill, shovel, mosquito net and high capacity lighter.
  • Canteen: Water purification tablets are stored in a side pocket.
  • Food: Supply of non-perishable food kept in reserve in case hunting fails. Usually only brought out when needed and always replenished and added to whenever possible.

Nathan has a horse from the ranch who carries much of his equipment in saddle bags. While he does have a saddle, Nathan usually does not actually ride his horse, thinking his gear is heavy enough without adding his own weight. However, he could hop on the saddle to get somewhere quickly if he needs to.

All of the usual items anyone would expect to find in someone's home are still in the house on the Carter ranch, though it has been abandoned for some time. It is relatively safe from looters due to its location; just finding it without knowing exactly where it is would be very difficult. A pickup truck and a sports car are stored in the garage, both of which would need a gas tank refill, a new battery and some repairs before being used due to disuse. Nathan's father's rather impressive gun collection is also here, locked away in a safe. The house has an emergency generator and roof-mounted solar panels, though the generator has been out of gas for years. There is still a decent supply of non-perishable food stored here, though nowhere near what the family had stockpiled before the war.
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Re: Characters !

on Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:32 pm
Name: Vince Arbor
Age: Mid-30s
Faction: Davenport Tech. Group
Occupation: Field Agent

Biography: My name is Vince Arbor. Believe it or not, but I have served Davenport on two different continents (soon to be three). In my early days in N. America, I was stationed there as a security guard. Long story short, it was when I first heard of an naval expedition to Rio de Janeiro where I would quit such a terrible job and signed up as a supply officer on the first sail-powered fleet to the S. America.

We learned that the Janeiro Crisis in S. America was a conflict based on a struggle for resources. We hoped we could barrage them with enough goods to calm them down, and thus we set out. Who knew what triggered N. America’s interests in humanitarian aid of the S. Americans? I however, saw it as a chance to escape the devastation of N. America.

When we arrived in Brazil, we unloaded our vast amounts of technology and resources onto the S. Americans. As chief supply officer, I oversaw the distribution of them, and all was good again. Everyone went back to their respective Towers, and the fleet sailed back to N. America. Of course, seeing how deteriorating the Davenport Branches were in S. America, I decided to stay behind and help those who were more in need.

I spent most of my time there with their engineers, and were able to assist in the construction of more efficient generators and filters. In a short amount of years, I could say that the quality of life in the "inferior" S. American civilization met up with the N. American standard, if that's worth anything.

It appeared that other Davenport branches were jealous at the progress south of the equator, despite the Eurasians being the more "powerful." Unknown agents from Europe forcibly transferred some of the finest engineers in S. America to help develop their branch. They were planning some sort of grand expansionary project. Considering that I was one of the chief architects for the major turnarounds of the S. American civilization, a European Branch one day insisted that I would oversee the beginning phases of the exploration. Before I would ever make my decision, I blacked out and woke up inside one of the European Towers. Apparently, I was hired.

After being debriefed through a speaker by a masked voice, I was escorted into a conference room. My job? Recruiting and interviewing people who are fit to join this exploration, and keeping a close eye on those suspicious. Of course, I knew I was just a pawn. It appeared that Davenport North did not trust their own agents with a project this big, so they grabbed a foreign employee with no ties or allegiances except to the masked voice. I was the stranger with no way to get back home, and only one thing to do that isn't considered treason.

So in the conference room was where I sat, suit and all, waiting for the first person to arrive.

*DTG Geographic Mapper (x1): Standard issued, square-shaped device used to map the surrounding area and elevations. 10-20 minutes are required to map a mile radius, and the data is stored internally. Placed stationary onto the ground for maximum effect.
*DTG EVM-Scanner (x2): Standard issued, short ranged device used for reading any traces of hazardous substances in the air, ground, or water. Sample required for analysis.
*DTG Atmospheric Filter (x4): Standard issued, mouth piece used to assist in breathing whist in a hazardous envirorment. Daily cleaning and maintenance is required.
*DTG SW Communicator (x2): Standard issue, used to receive incoming transmissions and relay back to Davenport HQ. It is solar powered, and fairly unreliable.
*Portable Transmitters (x20): Standard issued, thin, retractable antennas that are to be spiked into the ground and enhance long ranged communications with HQ. To be passed out and carried by all members in case of need in emergencies.
*P229 Compact Pistol (x1): Standard issued, concealed firearm for the purpose of "enforcing jurisdiction" when needed.
*KT SUB-2000 Carbine (x1): Standard issued, concealed firearm for the purpose of "enforcing jurisdiction" when needed.
Backpack(x1): Used for carrying supplies, tools, consumables, and essentials.

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Re: Characters !

on Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:59 pm
Name: Caitlin McTraven

Age: Twenty seven

Faction: Davenport Tech. Group

Occupation: Undercover Field Agent

Appearance: She is five feet and nine inches tall, has long golden-blonde hair with some brown streaks, hazel eyes, a Celtic cross tattoo on her upper right arm and a Celtic knot on her left shoulder.

History: Caitlin was born to family that has worked for Davenport for years, she followed in her parents footsteps and began to work for Davenport. She now is a field agent posing as a civilian that is going with the group out into the world to keep an eye on the others.

Skills: She is trained in hand-to-hand combat and knife fighting along with basic first aid and marksmanship.

Possessions: She has backpack with a first aid kit, a canteen of water, trail rations and a sleeping bag, she also has to knives and a handgun.
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Re: Characters !

on Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:48 pm
Name: Nikolai Melor Oskov
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Faction: Explorer

Appearance: This. Although, he has a Backpack that holds some of his equipment and other possessions.

Biography: Nikolai was born the son of a former Spetsnaz Alfa Operative and a normal Russian Mother, who had moved to America to experience a new life. His family beign one of the last to be moved to a Davenport center, he luckily was born inside the Tower, and has been in the tower ever since. Although, because of his father, he was taught most of the things his father was taught inside the tower. He has chosen to become an Explorer to get some time out of the vault - to see what all there was to do and what there once was beyond the tower.

Abilities: A Crackshot with a Sniper and a skilled gunslinger, the man resembles both a Sniper and a Cowboy. However, he does have a soft spot for some Martial Arts he knows and a certain Kukri... He's also known as something of a skilled engineer and mechanic.

- VSS Vintorez : A Specializied Silent Sniper Rifle that his father owned, he uses it often and takes it with him everywhere he goes, no exceptions. It chambers the 9x39mm SP-5 Sub Sonic Round, and so he is somewhat limited on ammunition causing him to be very ammo savvy when faced with actually using the weapon.
- USP45 CT : The USP .45 ACP Combat Tactical is one of his most prized pistols, given to him by his father as a personal self defense weapon in general. It comes with a Under-barrel Flashlight and an adjustable silencer if he ever needs stealthy methods of killing in any given situation.
- Kukri : Not much to say, it's a Kukri, think of a Curvy Machete, can't be that hard. Anyways, it has a Black Polymer Hand Guard and the Blade is a Polished Stainless Steel.
- Light Kevlar Vest : Stops bullets effectively and without injury. Safely underneath all his clothing.
- Gasmask : Can be used to keep hazardous things such as, well, GAS away.

- R48 Geiger Counter : Ignore the R48, it's just the model number. Otherwise, just a normal Geiger Counter, absolutely required in any radioactive environment.
- Swiss Army Knife : Now in Orange! He doesn't consider the thing a weapon, but damn the thing is useful.
- Rations : A man's gotta eat. Food and Water.
- Canteen : For holding water, what do you think?
- Weapon cleaning Kit : He uses it pretty often.
- Lighter : Normally to light his Marijuana, but a little creativity can go a long ways...
- Compass : Ever heard of one? Hopefully.
- Map : Well, SOMEONE has to do it.
- Marijuana Box - A small box full of hand-made Marijuana... What? No more civilizations = Not illegal anymore. Anyways, better than smoking cigarettes.
- Extra ammunition and Magazines : Ammo doesn't come from thin air, ya' know.
- Binoculars : Used to search for enemies (And women) at a safe distance.
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Re: Characters !

on Mon Aug 16, 2010 6:03 pm
Name: Seth Black

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Faction: Explorer

Appearance: Seth is a tall and thin man, about 6'2 in height, and has medium length gray hair. He has heavy bags under his eyes and has a usually pale, worn, and tired looking face, due to some insomnia problems. He wears a blood red, long sleeved button down shirt with a black tie loose on his neck and sports black pants and dark leather shoes. Over his shirt he has a very dark green (basically black) overcoat with gold colored trim on the tail. Basically, he looks like this, but with a few differences that I mentioned above.

Personality: Seth has a cold and calculating personality, often disregarding others that seem of no use to him. He does not follow many morals when it comes to anything, though he still knows a few limits. He certainly isn't evil, he just has a different way of approaching things. Seth is mostly putting his life on the line for himself only, though sometimes he will go out of the way for others.

History: Seth Black was born in Japan under a Japanese father and an American mother. His parents were both members of the Davenport company, so they were protected by anything going on in the outside world. He only lived in the Japan area for a few years, as his parents were relocated to America, where he would spent a majority of his life. Growing up, his father taught him many things about the culture of Japan and America, even training him in kendo in his free time, as he felt it was good for discipline and taught him a few rules of self defense. Seth enjoyed the kendo practice more than anything, and trained hard. He was terrible at first, but after a few years, he began to get the hang of things. Once he was in his teen years, his parents started talking about him helping out with the Davenport group. Seth accepted the offer, and began to help do field work with the team in America, not having too much trouble at first. After a while, though, he began to notice the corrupt and vile means that the Davenport group used to succeed. After being sent on a mission where he helped kill an innocent civilian because they knew too much, Seth ran away into the wasteland, sickened with the group. He only took survival supplies that he would need, his father's pistol, and the family katana with him. Years in the wasteland changed Seth, making him cold hearted and insensible. He knew that the Davenport company would always be after him, as he had encountered a few agents he had to dispose of already. He was on the run, seeking something to do with his life, and if anyone from that corrupted company wanted to stop him, he would kill them.

Skills: Seth is excellent at close quarters combat, as his sword skills are very good, though he cannot do much about long distance fighting. His accuracy with his pistol is good enough, though it doesn't pack as strong of a punch as most weapons. Overall, he is well suited for fighting at close or medium ranges, but long range is his falling point. In combat, he is also very good at hiding and setting up ambushes, as it is almost required for him when using his katana. Aside from combat, Seth has good survival skills, whether in a civilized community or the wilderness.

  • Jericho 941 - The Jericho is a semi-automatic pistol that Seth has grown to like over the years. He's used the same model for almost a decade, as it has never failed him. The accuracy of the weapon is very good and it packs a bit of a punch, though not being overpowered. The use of this pistol is very versatile, and can be used in almost any situation. Along with the pistol, Seth also has a silencer attachment that can muffles the noise from his shots, though it makes it a little less accurate. The pistol is holstered inside his coat for quick access and concealment.
  • Family Katana - Along with his pistol, Seth carries his sword, a single edged katana. It is made of refined steel, polished and free of any damage, as it is tended to regularly. This is Seth's preferred weapon, though do to modern firearms he cannot use it as much as he'd like.

Other Items:
  • Light Backpack - This is a very essential item for traveling. He holds many of his items in this pack.
  • Binoculars - A very useful item that Seth acquired in his travels. The left lens is a little cracked, but it is still possible to see.
  • Flashlight - Seth does not use this item very often, as batteries for it are rare, but it can be useful in certain situations.
  • Compass - When traveling, the compass is essential for survival.
  • Maps - He carries a few maps he grabbed from his parents' belongings after he left the Davenport company. He updates them every so often so he can backtrack.
  • Canteen - Thirst is what kills most in the wastes, so Seth regularly fills this with any good water he can find.
  • Gieger Counter - This is one of Seth's most important belongings. He stole this from the Davenport company when he ran away, and has used it to stay away from heavily irradiated places and drinking sources.
  • Medical Supplies - He has a few disinfectants, but nothing majorly useful.
  • Whet Stone - This stone is used for sharpening his blade whenever the need arises.
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Re: Characters !

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