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Cythelu Republics [WIP]

on Mon Jul 05, 2010 12:32 am
Government Name: The Cythelu Republics
Race name: Cythelu/Sycrians
Sector: Lambda

Homeworld: Sycria, a carbon-based garden world, is home to the Cythelu race, sometimes called the Sycrians; their Capital is named Naryant. Lush forests and Jungles untouched by great bustling tower-cities make up a large portion of the planet, with climates differing in much the same way Earth does; however, gravity in Sycria is lighter and weaker.


Faction: Interstellar Commonwealth

Military Overview: The Cythelu Republics have invested more in newer technology rather than large armies, and because of this have one of the most high-tech, yet smaller-than-most military in their sector, even going as far to say in the Milky Way. The Cythelu have long been known by others as excellent Air and Space Combatants, with generally astounding inventions that lean towards Air and Space Combat. However, Land and Naval Combat tend to be a general weakness of the Cythelu - the slow pace of a land battle has made the Cythelu use Generally weak, yet rather advanced Droids controlled by a Central SI for Land and Naval combat. Other than their Speciality in Air and Space Tactics, Cythelu generally use and encourage hit and run, guerrilla tactics when fighting in general, be it Ground, Naval, Air, or Space Combat. The Cythelu Republic's Military is split into 6 major Branches - the CRGF, The Cythelu Republic Ground Forces; the CRN, the Cythelu Republic Navy; the CRSO, the Cythelu Republic Space Operations; the CRAF, the Cythelu Republic Air-force; the CRIRRC, the Intelligence, Research, and Reconnaissance Command; and the CRSO, the Special Operations, known as Spectre.

Government Style: Consensus Democracy

Society: The Cythelu Republics is a Society full of peaceful beings that generally revolve around technology and Fast pace. Although general Cythelu live around 300 years, they have an unusual taste for speed. Generally Structures on Sycria's surface are aimed at simulating being high above, with ground levels being for maintenance and Engineering, with most of the Cythelu Residents living in the higher levels. As well, 'Skycities' are available for residence - large Floating Cities, literally floating above the ground via Superconductors.


Other Information:

Main Characters:

Theme Song/Race Anthem: 30 seconds to Mars - This is War
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