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on Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:08 am

[b]Government Name:[/b]
[b]Race name:[/b]
[b]Military Overview:[/b]
[b]Government Style:[/b]
[b]Other Information:[/b]
[b]Main Characters:[/b]
[b]Theme Song/Race Anthem:[/b]

Government Name : Self Explanatory, E.I. Terran Alliance, Juriok Confederacy, etc.
Be original.

Race Name : What is the name of your race? E.I. Humans, Juriok, Cthylek, etc.

Sector : Which sector in the Milky Way are they? Omega, Alpha, Lambda, or Delta?

Homeworld : Where did your race begin? What was the Homeworld like? Capital might be good to add to.

Technology : What does your race use? It should be detailed, provide information
about what they used in Ground Warfare, Naval, Space, Air, and just about anything
that your race has come up with that makes it unique - Civilian or Trading vehicles
of inventions are also allowed, just about anything.

Faction : Who are you allied with? The Interstellar Commonwealth or the Front for

Military Overview : What is your military good and bad at? Tactics they like,
Strengths in Warfare types (I.E. Naval, Space, Air Combat, Ground), and what
weaknesses they have, try to balance.

Government Style : I.E. Communist State, Democratic, Federal Socialist Republic,
Military Dictatorship, etc.

Society : What is your race like? Peaceful, War-addicted? Try to balance between
flaws and redeeming features in your society.

History : Remember, all races were uplifted to a Galactic Level by the Prodromus. Who
were they like before and after, what happened before and after the Prodromus? Give
us some history of your Race and its government.

Other Information : Anything else we should know about your race that isn't already

Main Characters : Who will you be using in your ventures? List people like your
leader(s), Government officials, Military Generals, etc.

Theme Song / Race Anthem : Have some fun! What is your Race's Anthem, or what is a
song you believe describes them?
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