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The No More Hero

on Thu May 13, 2010 10:32 pm
Character Name: Travis Touchdown
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Race: Human-American
Homeland: Santa Destroy, California
Personality: Travis is a stereotypical otaku with a passion for anime and lucha libre. He acts crass and punkish, but it covers a surprisingly acute mind. Travis is clever and a quick learner, and is almost poetic when it comes to morals like a fighter's honor.
Spiked black hair, orange tinted sunglasses, a leather jacket, jeans, and his Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly t-shirt.
History: Travis lives in the No More Heroes motel, the only motel in Santa Destroy. He bought a beam katana in an online auction, and when he found he was broke, he took a job to kill Helter-Skelter, aka “The Drifter,” who turned out to be the eleventh ranked assassin in the United Assassins Association. He went on to climb his way up the rankings to Number One.

Three years later, Travis was challenged by the Drifter's revenge-seeking brother, Skelter-Helter. Travis killed him and was brought back into the rankings, this time at number 51. He began his climb up the ranks once again, but this time with a personal drive for revenge against the Number One killer for the death of his best friend. Once again Travis conquered the ranks, this time developing disdain for the rankings and resolving to destroy the UAA.
Clothing / Armor: Just the above mentioned clothes.
Weapon(s): Beam Katanas

Blood Berry:
Travis' first beam katana, it's fairly balanced and reliable.

Tsubaki Mk-III:
A green beam katana with a curved blade. Based on Travis' mentor, Thunder Ryu's beam katana, the D.O.S., it's quite fast.

A red beam katana wielded with two hands, the Peony is incredibly powerful but rather slow and unwieldly. The size of the Peony's blade changes based on Travis' ki.

Rose Nasty:
Red dual beam katanas acquired by Travis from his friend Bishop, Rose Nasty is lightning fast, but not as powerful as the other weapons.
Extra Gear: Nope
Special Abilities / Powers: Apart from his swordsmanship, Travis is also skilled at various wrestling moves.

Dark Side Mode: After defeating enemies, Travis sometimes enters a trance that gives him superhuman abilities after shouting the name of one of the special attacks from Bizarre Jelly.

Strawberry on the Shortcake: Grants Travis superhuman speed.

Blueberry Cheese Brownie: Travis is able to hurl waves of energy.

Cranberry Chocolate Sundae: Travis gives off a power that causes foes to cower in fear from him and he quickly dispatches them.

Anarchy in the Galaxy: A massive energy wave is released around Travis, damaging all surrounding enemies.
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Re: The No More Hero

on Thu May 13, 2010 10:36 pm

Little side note my profile picture is Travis.
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