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Yoshito Kiken ( The Grim Reaper )

on Tue May 11, 2010 7:37 pm
Yoshito Kiken
Theme Song: The Annihilation of Monsteropolis
Nickname: Grim
Age: 29
Sex: Male

He stands at about 6"0 and is a very light weight. His facial expression is usually calm, but does change to certain degrees of emotion. Long gray hair that seemed to be soft, but came in spikes, a long thin white scarf that seemed to come down to the ground, a dust gray cloak that came down to his knees without a hood, a sleeveless training shirt that folds over the one side and comes down to about the middle of the thighs that is the same dusty gray color, a pair of movement assisting pants that come down to the middle of the shins, a pair of sandels that cover the front of the toes and the back heel.


Like his facial expression usually appears as he is a very calm person and never really breaks character too often. He usually always trys to come to the aid of people who are in danger and cannot protect themselves. He always will stand up for the little guy on most occasions, though sometimes the little guys are the bad guys. So usually he just lets his gut feeling take him through life.


Yoshito Kiken a young adult who was brought up in a stern family who wanted to have the traditional ways of a warrior alway showing him what he did wrong, perfecting him with every step of his life. They constantly were on him making him become a disiplined Samurai. Throughtout his childhood he learned the ways of Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu, which is the style of two blades. They trained him in this manner making him a very powerful fighter. Then when his training was finished he left his home to become a Vigilanty.

The reason for becoming a Vigilanty is that he believed that people were becoming corrupt in this world and that someone needed to stand up for the people who couldn't fight. So he became a defender of justice saving the small frys from the big men who thought they were cool for beating up on defensless people. Over the course of being a Vigilanty he had gained a few followers who had given him the nickname of Grim.

Why Grim, the man who brought death. It was taken in a different sort of terms not meaning death for the people, but death of evil. Taking something bad and making it good in a sort of way. The people saw him as a man of justice making him become well known, but with fame sometimes come despair.

One day after getting back from helping someone out, he came back to find that someone had murdered all of his friends it was horrifiying to Grim, all of his friends slaughtered there on the floor a blood stained floor. The murder weapon was blades. The blades then made everyone suspicious and they began to blame it on Grim himself. Saying that he went crazy, all the power went to his head, he gained the trust of people so he could attempt to commit a crime such as this. Anything you could think of they had it in the story for Grim.

He left the town that he had been helping for so long and began to walk searching for the murderer of his friends. With the intent of revenge.

Is a master of the sword style Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu, which is the style of twin swords.
Invader Gene: Has none.
Gear: A canteen with water.

A blade named Redemption in japanese, named after the Redemption he wishes to seek for his friends. It is a 2"7' blade that is about an inch wide. The crossguard of the blade has a somewhat of a talon coming out of the back casting over the users wrist. The hilt is brownish in color, but has two cylindar bumps coming out of it that are tannish color. The hilt is connected with the crossguard. It is the one of his back and held in his left hand.

A blade named Divine in Japanese, named for the Divine souls that his friends have as a rememberance of them. This blade is 3"0 long and about inch and a half wide. The crossguard has a swastika on it to represent peace to his friends. The hilt is a white color with a golden cloth wrapped around a bit of it to give it more grip. It is the one sheathed to his left side, thus meaning being held in his right hand.

Other Items: None
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