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Chapter II: The Gates of Hades

on Mon May 10, 2010 10:28 pm
As the company drew closer to the mountain the terrain changed from green grass and trees to a black rock and dead trees, slowly a cave in between the roots grew visible as they approached the mountain. Alexandros stopped the group at the cave entrance and turned to those that followed him

''My friends, this is the point of no return, once we enter we can not come back till our task is complete,'' he said to them ''I hope you have everything you need because we descend into Hades and down there you will find no happiness, no friendly faces will great us and only death will walk alongside us.''

As he finished a young woman clad in armor and bearing a Xiphos in her right hand and a shields in her left with a bow and a quiver of arrows strapped to her back approached them.

''Zeus said thirty, yet here stand only twenty nine,'' she said ''Do you not trust him Alexandros?''

''Who are you and how do you know so much?'' Alexandros asked reach for his sword

''I am Phoibe, daughter of Artemis and Princess of the Amazons,'' Phoibe replied ''I have come to help you on your quest son of Athena.''

''I see you already know my name and my purpose here, I doubt any of the others will complain about your presence, especially considering who your mother is.''

Phoibe smiled and then turned towards the mountain

''You lead and I'll follow, just don't get me killed because I plan on taking my place on Olympus after this.'' she said with a smile

Alexandros raised his sword and then looked up into the sky.

''For Greece! For Olympus! We may march into Hades itself now but we will prevail and return!''

With these words they turned and entered Hades, what lay ahead was unknown to all and now they could not turn back.


The cave soon turned into a passage carved out of the rock that began to descend rapidly, the only light came from torches along the wall that burned with a sick green flame. Along the walls were carved pictures of people dieing, one scene depicted a single man surrounded by a great host of foes and a rain of arrows descending upon him. Alexandros grimaced at some as he walked past but continued downward. Ahead the tunnel straitened out and revealed a set of double doors made from iron, Alexandros approached the doors and shoved them open. Before them the passage way opened up into a massive hall that was lit by chandeliers of bones hanging form the ceiling, the light revealed eight large statues of warriors that were prepared for battle, the faces of each were hidden by mighty Corinthian Helms and their weapons were held as if they were in battle. Great arches rose from the floor and met each other in the center of the ceiling and great murals of battles long past adorned the walls and at far side a set of double doors could be seen. This was the Hall of the Sentinels, here the life-like giant statues watched all those that entered Hades and nothing escaped their eyes, not even a God could hide themselves from the silent watchers. Alexandros held his hand up and signaled to set up camp at the feet of one of the gargantuan warriors, he leaned back against the base of the statue and sighed. Here he was, in Hades itself and he had no idea where he was going or what he was supposed to do other then stop the Trojans.
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Re: Chapter II: The Gates of Hades

on Wed May 12, 2010 5:58 pm
Obelix walked along with the others silently as they passed many disturbing images. So this is Hades, he thought to himself. It is truly a foul place, welcoming none but he dead. I will not let fear overtake me, though. I will uphold the will of the gods no matter what the cost, even if it is heading through Hades itself.

Obelix peered at the large warrior as they made it to the Hall of the Sentinels, impressed by their extreme height. Though Hades was a horrible place to be, he could not help but to stop and look at some of the interesting architecture that could be found here, as there was nothing like it on the surface world.

He helped set up camp with the others and sat by himself, secluded from everyone else to meditate on what he could see here. The journey ahead would indeed be very treacherous by the looks of it. He would have to keep his wits and persevere if he wanted to make it through alive. All he had to do was trust in the gods and they would guide him through safely. He knew it.
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Re: Chapter II: The Gates of Hades

on Fri May 21, 2010 8:57 pm
Kratos had decided to be the nightly watch for the group. He kept his armor on, and somehow doubted that he would take it off much throughout the journey. Luckily, he wore light robes beneath... In a free hand, he held his spear, the butt driven steadily into the ground. His Hoplon shield of Ares was donned on his opposite arm. He looked Spartan-like as many others, yet an opposing and mighty figure to all.
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Re: Chapter II: The Gates of Hades

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