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Eruanno Alcarohtar

on Wed Apr 21, 2010 11:30 pm
Characters Name: Eruanno Alcarohtar

Sex: Male

Age: Very old. Has lived mostly in the Undying Lands for most of his life and lost track.

Race: Noldorin

Personality: He is a very proud person, though he does not act higher up that others. He is friendly to most good minded people he meets and is very fierce in combat due to his fighting spirit.

Appearance: Eruanno has long black hair and a pale face. He is about six feet in height and very fit. He wears regular elven garb whenever out of battle and when engaged in combat he wears his great Noldorin armor.

History: Eruanno has lived in the Undying Lands peacefully for most of his life, enjoying the matromoney, but always wondering how the situation boded with Middle Earth. One day, they were notified that reinforcements were needed and people from the Undying Lands would be sailing over to Middle Earth to answer the call and aid their kin. Eruanno took the oppurtunity to join in the first chance he could find, joining the company of many Noldor and Numenorians, led by Anarion II. Darkness was taking over in the east, and they would answer the calls to help defeat Sauron and his forces of evil.

Clothing/Armor: He has Noldorin armor and robes, much like this.

Weapons: Hatalion, a great spear that he uses with deadly proficiency. It has an elegant appearance about it, the blade engraved with many words in Quenya.

Extra Gear: He has lembas bread, a few maps, and a few water skins.
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Re: Eruanno Alcarohtar

on Thu Apr 22, 2010 12:02 am
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