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Gûlghâsh, more commonly known as Scourge - The Redeemed Cargul

on Tue Apr 20, 2010 8:53 am
Characters Name: Gûlghâsh, more commonly known as Scourge

Sex: Male

Age: 159

Race: Cargul

Personality: Gûlghâsh seldom speaks and when he does it is usually to issue a command or taunt his foe.

Appearance: He wears dark red robes to give him a visible form.

Like that but darker red.

History: Gûlghâsh's true name is unknown and his life before being turned into a Cargul is unknown, what is known is that he was once a Dunedain Ranger. After the return of Sauron as the Great Eye Gûlghâsh led armies against the Free Peoples in the north and soon he was feared by Man, Elf and Dwarf alike. They called him the Scourge of Angmar and after Sauron's victory at the Black Gates he led the siege against Anuminas. During the battle he wounded the Ranger Calenglad and slew many others and then finally he drove the Free People from the ancient city. Until the arrival of the Fellowship of Light he ruled Anuminas and the surrounding lands with an iron fist under orders from the Witch King of Angmar. After his defeat he realized all he had done was wrong and called out for mercy and Eru saw in him the ability to do good and allowed him to live on as Cargul but to aid the forces of light and throw away his vows to the Witch King.

Clothing/Armor: He wears a dark red robe and some armor.

Weapons: A hand-and-half sword and his ring Gashnazg.

Extra Gear: None
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Re: Gûlghâsh, more commonly known as Scourge - The Redeemed Cargul

on Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:46 am
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