Nephredil - Noldorian Warrior

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Nephredil - Noldorian Warrior

Post by Luchiaros on Tue Apr 20, 2010 8:48 am

Characters Name: Nephredil

Sex: Female

Age: Unknown but it is known that she is an Elf of the First Age.

Race: Noldor.

Personality: Nephredil is very cheery from her days in the Undying Lands is the heart and soul of the Fellowship of Light. She is always there to make others feel better and can always find something to laugh about in the darkest times.

Appearance: She stands six feet five inches tall, has long raven black hair, gray eyes and fair skin.

History: Nepherdil traveled in the company of Anarion II as he Second and commander of the Noldorian part of the force. She had not been expecting the call to war after the many years spent in the Undying Lands but when she was called upon she took up her armor and sword and joined the company that was setting off. She proved herself to be a good commander and fearless leader and was soon put in charge of the Noldorian Elves. Now she hopes to drive the forces of darkness back and once again see the ancient lands restored.

Clothing/Armor: She has finely crafted Noldorian Armor and green robes.

Weapons: A Noldorian hand-and-half sword named Daercrist and a Noldorian Longbow.

Extra Gear: A Noldorian tower shield like this but with green designs instead of blue, Lembas Bread, a whetstone and a Map of Middle Earth.

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Re: Nephredil - Noldorian Warrior

Post by Kamikaze_X on Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:39 am


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