Anarion II - Numenorean Soldier

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Anarion II - Numenorean Soldier

Post by Kamikaze_X on Tue Apr 20, 2010 12:30 am

Characters Name: Anarion II

Sex: Male

Age: Sailed from Undying Lands... is VERY old.

Race: Numenorean - Man

Personality: Anarion is a very proud individual and will never hesitate to fight for his own, or a higher cause. He is usually very calm and speaks only when spoken too, unless he has a great point to bring up. With friends, he is very open and will stick out for them if need be. He also has a strong sense of honor.

Appearance: Anarion has long dark black hair that goes down to his shoulders, sometimes it will be tied back into a ponytail. He sports a short beard and mustache as most Numenorians did. He is tall at 6'5'' and weighs around 250lbs. His eyes are grayish green and he is rather muscular but lean.

History: Anarion sailed from the Undying Lands, hearing the calls of fate to save Middle Earth, his first home. He is one of the few pure blooded Numenorians who survived and escaped the fateful sinking of their land in the First Age. Now, with blessed long life, he and his other followers have sailed back to Middle Earth to destroy the evil that had plagued their homeland so long ago, and is currently plaguing Middle Earth and it's hopeless peoples. He plans to take up the great flag of Numenor once more to help those less fortunate peoples in their hour of need. With him on his voyage across the seas, he has also taken a number of other volunteers, from Noldorin elves to Arnorian warriors. The Ancients shall show again, their might!

Clothing/Armor: Numenorean Armor (Helmet, Shield, Grieves, Pauldrons, Cuirass, Bracers), Lush cape

Weapons: Enchanted Numenorian Longsword (Named Bêlzagra, which in Adunaic means
Brightblade), Numenorean Curved Dagger

Extra Gear: Water Skin, Map of Middle Earth, Whet Stone, Fire Kindling, Lembas Bread

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