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Detective Hayate Hazama

on Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:50 pm
Name: Hayate Hazama
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Appearance: Longish smooth hair. He dresses in an odd combination of the styles of the East and West. He wears a standard white kimono and slacks under a trenchcoat and boots, and he also wears a trilby hat.
Personality: Hayate is fairly easygoing around others and is rarely stern or serious.
History: Hayate was a childhood friend of Hiraku Raiden, and during the Bakumatsu, they chose opposing sides, feeling fortunate they never fought one another. After the war, Hayate decided to let go of the Shogunate and instead do all he could to improve the current government. He went on to work as a detective for the police.
Weapon: A simple katana with no crossguard. (Looks somewhat like a bokken when sheathed) He also keeps a revolver, though he prefers not to use it, and a flare gun.
Fighting Style: Hazama Kaze-ryu. Hayate's family style focuses on quick strikes and using the sheath and the body with the sword.
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