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Because the game is going so damn slow!

on Sat Apr 17, 2010 2:26 pm
Well, I suppose I can do a massive time warp per se, that will get all of us to a certain part of the story. ATTENTION: After this post, some events shall transpire that will literally change the game completely. All new posts, until the change is completed, will go in here. It does not matter what nation you are currently in, you will soon find out why this happens.

Forgive me, this will most likely be a very long post, but it is VERY necessary to read.


On Sundas, Sun's Height the 16th, in the year RSA: 3, the wars finally ended. The New Temperian Empire, became the dominant nation once again, however the economy nor the peoples itself started to heal. All nations had been subjugated beneath the crown, through a mix of peace and order.

The first to fall, in the first year of the Second Age, was Vurstaria. The war at the sea nation, lasted weeks but was only at the coast of thousands of lives. Vurstaria had finally realized just how corrupt their former government was. Their late King was killed with a blade of justice after admitting that he had isolated not only the nation, but its people from knowledge. A new Republican form of government took its place over the old Monarchy, however remained subservient to the Imperial Crown. The Vurstarian peoples now enjoyed a new life of freedoms and opportunity that they had never known of previously to the Imperial Invasion.

That same year, Anumias, long a close ally of New Tempera, found a rift in their relationship. After the assassination of Polius IV, they had become the only nation that was on the fence in the decision to either follow the other Feudal States and secede from the Empire, or to stay with their ally. The choice was obvious however, safety under the Crown, or turmoil alone against them. Under the quiet threat of the Chancellor of New Tempera, Umaria Otopan, Anumias subjugated itself under their rule once more. They surprisingly began to heal under the old regime, with a bustling economy and a new found security with Imperial forces keeping a strong guard over the nation, as well as training Anumian soldiers in combat.

The next year, a war long anticipated by Ryerdae, came to pass. The Battle at Tamrodiil, who's Elven races always begrudged the Imperials due to their past conflicts through the First Age, finally occurred early in the month of Morningstar. The forces of both sides, being Tamrodiilians and Imperials, numbered at ten thousand strong. However, as long as the siege took place, the Imperials did not get as far into enemy territory due to the diplomatic measures of the great general, Nero Tyerdil. The Tamrodiilian military leader, as well as the leader of the illustrious Lost Guard, Adrianna, agreed to the terms set forth, and in the sixth month of the battle, it ended. The Imperial forces had not gotten too far into the eves of the Tamrodiilian forest border, however they had won the battle through sheer might and horrifying battle tactics. The battle tolled into the thousands, and almost a quarter of the forest eves had burned down completely. In the end, Tamrodiil would join back into the Empire, and the New Temperians would agree to help with reconstruction. All around, the sentiment was the yearning for peace once again, and the new Tamrodiilian belief, although grudgingly made, was that they would soon find such a thing under the Imperial rule.

In the Second Year a bit later than the Tamrodiilian Invasion, the Hyporian War started as well. In the northern realm of Hyporion, the races were long known as being the second most populace nation, as well as being the largest nation in Ryerdae. The vast majority of the peoples there were Nordic, however some Imperials had migrated there, being more inclined for colder temperatures. When the invasion occurred in Sun's Dawn of the Second Year, RSA. It would take over 30,000 Imperial troops to storm a nation of millions. However, the sides were nearly evenly matched. The invasion started that month in the city of Pyrburg, Hyporion. While civilians were evacuated earlier, with the imminent threat of invasion, the wars took on a brutal context. Guerrilla warfare, a Hyporian specialty, took firm roots in every city. Street to street fighting went on for months in every city but the Capital of Hypyrdae, rank and file was nearly gone by the time a battle ended. There were no longer any rules to the fight. By the end of the Siege of Pyrburg, the city was a massive maze of ruined buildings and trenches. Imperial fire and neo-explosives had charred the ground and lay waste to many a home. The casualties were staggering for both sides. Even with the Imperial reinforcements at the end, nearly two thirds of all troops were decimated, the wounded count rose even higher. The nation of Hyporion surrendered in Sun's Dusk, nearly taking a full year to end. Both sides, weary and sorrowed, took on a permanent treaty vowing never to fight again and cause that many deaths to a nation. The war in Hyporion ended on a sour note altogether, but the fighting had stopped.

The last of the battles, which would take three years, started in the first year of the Second Age, and ended in the third year. At the same time as the Battle of Tamrodiil, the Invasion of Guylos would begin. Forty thousand Imperials would invade from the only entrance into their most vehement enemy, which was the Anumian-Guylosian Bridge. The numbers of their enemy heavily outweighed their own, at ten thousand more. Reinforcements were not expected, as the troops had been distributed to other various nations or tasked in the domestic guard. The advance over the bridge would prove in becoming a quagmire, as the Guylosian forces had defended their end of the bridge quite well. The Imperials would find themselves advancing and pulling back many times over due to the horrible force of the dwarven military, who would lay down a hail of arrows and bolts whenever the Imperials tried to advance. However, after over five months of bridge fighting, the Imperials finally received the hopeful permission from the Imperial City to use "heavy force" on the bridge, a standing landmark to the Imperials who built it so long ago. Flaming projectiles and the force of Imperial Trebuchets would completely drive away all resistance in a period of days, from the enemies side of the bridge. The Imperial forces advanced across the bridge and into the enemy's homeland. The invasion started with the long anticipated Siege of Wroth. The city was taken easily in a week by the veteran soldiers of the Imperial army. Two forces spread across Guylos, invading city by city, first being Sima, then Valewind, and finally all others until the entire remaining population was evacuated into the Capital city of Guylos, Hamberg. The vast underground city, a heavily fortified mountain, would prove in the end to be the most terrifying obstacle in the Imperial's way.

The last of the battles, which would take until the third year, was known as the Rape of Hamberg. As the title suggests, the damage done to the Guylosians and the allies of Anumias and New Tempera were completely overwhelming. By the end of the Second Year, Imperial reinforcements from all over the land would advance on Guylos. Guylos had enacted the dreaded policy of Home Rule, stating that all fit persons from their territories would take up arms and defend the Capital. Over 1,000,000 eager Guylosians would answer the call to arms, heavily outnumbering the Imperials, even when the reinforcements arrived. By the end, the numbers of soldiers and civilians fighting to take or defend, numbered between 700,000 Imperials to 1,000,000 Guylosians. The siege was a literal bloodbath, over 20,000 Guylosian civilians would die before the fighting finally ended, and almost 200,000 soldiers died. The Imperial side was not much different, however it is said that they had even more casualties. The war ended with the Treaty of Hamberg which stated that Guylos would rejoin the Empire, and the Guylosians would pay minimal reparations, while the Imperials would help with reconstruction.

And thus, the three years of constant strife and battle ended at Guylos. The Empire was whole, but divided heavily. The peoples were healed yet hurt. The third year started with mourning for over 1,000,000 Ryerdaen deaths... and the sound agreement between all that the conflicts had to end there. Although old rivalries, and in some cases hatred would not end there, all rejoined the Empire with the hopes that everything would go better. Reconstruction of all cities would range from months to years. Populations would recover of course, but with deep scars. The armies would finally earn a rest, whether it would be short or long, no one could tell. However, a new beginning was at hand, at least governmentally.

In the year after the cataclysms of war ended, the heir to the Imperial Throne, Polius V, finally came of age. Taking up his fathers scepter, and the divine right to rule the land, he sat upon the throne, at the age of nine. Throughout the years before, the Chancellor Otopan, had taught Polius V everything he and his late-father knew of leadership. He was hailed among the Imperials as a child prodigy, showing such a vast capability of progression in politics and advancement. After taking the throne, the Fledgling Emperor, as he would later be called, put to rest all the conflicts that had taken place in every nation, stating the famous words publicly that would travel to all:

"Let the honored dead be at peace, the wars have ended and so should our resentments. A new age has begun in this Third Year, let it be golden."

Months after his speech before millions, which would be called "The Fledglings Flight", Polius V started a campaign, well thought out, in mass reconstruction efforts and a revitalization of the national economies. The people, only just after his inauguration to the Imperial Throne, had stated love for their Emperor. Even those from other nations saw the hope of the future in the young leader. The reconstruction of all nations, at first seen to take at least ten years, started to be taken back. Volunteers numbering well over the millions, traveled far to help others. Statistically, the mending of the nations would only take months.

Homes and buildings were remade. Crops resown. Government corruption was non-existent after a while, as they were heavily monitored by the Imperial Government. In Tamrodiil, the love for their new Emperor sprouted with the growing of new trees in the forest eves at the hands of the Imperial volunteers. Guylos felt the same after 100,000 Imperials and Anumians showed up with tools for the reconstruction of Hamberg and all other cities decimated. Hyporion breathed a sigh of relief when all nations came to mend the broken cities and the hearts of the helpless. The wounded were treated and healed. The dead were honorably buried in pomp and ceremony. And a new Golden Age started under the far reaching and healing hands of a young boy.

In the sixth year of the Golden Reign, as it was called, Polius V called to order a meeting of all national leaders. This time, called the [u]Congregation of the Big Six
, was viewed with tension. A meeting like this, had not happened since the First Age when the Great Assimilation occurred. However, it's purposes would soon be seen in being completely different. All monarchs and leaders gathered into the grand Imperial City at the Palace. In the Meeting Hall, the Emperor, Polius V called to order the leaders. The leaders are as followed: Guylosian King Galien. Anumian King Argo the Great, Hyporian King Skyro Hurnste, Tamrodiilian King Ellessar, and finally the new Republican leader of Vurstaria, Gre'vies Temer.

Polius V sat in the high Throne at a large circular table, which featured all leaders whom sat around. Silence took place after the young boy raised a hand. Standing, he looked to each great leader, a keen smile upon his shining face. And thus, started what would be a giant turning point in Ryerdaen History.[/i]

"My Lords, thank you for joining this congregation. It is of great importance in the reason you are all here. As we all know, a meeting of such a caliber hasn't been called in 187 years since the Great Assimilation. My reasoning behind this grouping however is quite different. The land is no longer split, the wars have ended, and relations between our nations are greater than ever. Altogether, I think we can all agree that the title of a Golden Age is quite true. However, I have recognized one major fault in this time that must be mended quickly, or else I fear that this peace shan't last so long. It is not that I fear our nations willfully going back to war again with each other, in fact, I fear something else. The unknown..." Polius stopped there, seeing the anticipating faces of his Lords. "My point is this, my lords... why did the conflicts happen in the first place? It wasn't due to the fact that the Empire was crumbling. It wasn't due to the fact that relations were strained between nations. And it wasn't Imperial or national aggressions. My Lords, think long and hard on the real reason we fought. I doubt many would find the answer until they do one thing. Look to Ryerdae's past. Something disappeared from our lives that was long held sacred. You all know what I speak of..." Polius said.

The eyes of every leader glanced from one to another with alarm. A major point was given by the Fledgling Emperor, a point that had gone overlooked for a hundred years. Looking outside, one would see the Red Moon and the hue it cast over the land. Every curious face was no turned to Polius, wanting answers.

"My Lords, I fear that the disappearance of a rather important artifact has caused much strife to all. I speak of the Oracles Mandate. It was retrieved by my forefather, Polius I in the Zero Age from whom we call the Ayleids. The artifact, though not known until later to hold such great power, was what brought balance to the world. It's disappearance in the year 729 of the First Age is what has caused all of our sorrows! And yet, no one had tried to find it... I fear that without the Mandate in our possession once more, this land shall never heal. But what disturbs me even more so than that... is what MIGHT happen if we don't have it. We all know what happened before the Mandate was taken... we all know what transpired before my fathers death. The very thing I fear the most, brought the once great Empire to its knees." Polius stated.

The room now held such a anticipation and frightening silence that one dared not speak. The leaders eyed each other with mutual fear. The realization of the importance of the Oracles Mandate had hit them all like a lead weight. None had thought that it could be the cause of such long strife. After a great while of quietness, the Anumian Lord finally spoke.

"Your highness... what do you suggest we do. The Empire is whole now, as is every one of your allies. We stand with you, and no longer against." Argo said.

"Indeed, none are enemies any longer. You have all our support I guarantee for what is about to transpire." King Ellessar stated, standing proudly from his own throne.

The other leaders stood as well, pledging their allegiance to the Empire and to the young boy. Polius kindly asked them all to sit and looked to each with a serious acknowledgment. From his lush robes, which were of the blue and gold color of the Imperials, he withdrew a blank parchment. With a quill, he dipped into a glass bottle of ink and etched his name at the top. He slid the the page to the center of the table.

"This is where I finish, my lords. I propose one thing, one simple suggestion. It would hopefully mean the everlasting peace to the nation if all goes well, however nothing is certain for our future. I hereby ask, nay.. beg of all of you to sigh this document and gather your greatest heroes from the nation, and bring them here. I ask that we form a join coalition, a group of our finest warriors, adventurers, and professionals. Their mission shall be simple, yet the most significant. They will be tasked to find the Oracles Mandate at all costs with the backing of the Empire. I fear, that if this group is not formed.. the darkness shall encroach upon us in the end. The Oracles Mandate must be found! This coalition is our last hope for eternal peace. Do you all agree!?" Polius cried with passion.

The answer was inevitable. All leaders roared acceptance of what would be called, The Order of the Oracle and signed the document. From that time forward, the fate of Ryerdae would be placed upon the shoulders of the few. In ten days time, the leaders would choose three to four figures in their nation to join the Order of the Oracle. All would soon travel to the Imperial City, to congregate and receive their divine mission from Polius V. They are indeed humanity's last hope of peace and survival.
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